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GIS at Mazoon Electricity Company By Winnico Verano Jr. Salalah, Dhofar Governorate, Oman August 27, 2012.

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1 GIS at Mazoon Electricity Company By Winnico Verano Jr. Salalah, Dhofar Governorate, Oman August 27, 2012

2 About MZEC Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC (MZEC) is a closed Omani joint stock company registered under the Commercial Companies Law of Oman. The establishment and operations of the company are governed by the provisions of the Law for Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector (the Sector Law) promulgated by the Royal Decree 78/2004.

3 About MZEC The company is primarily undertaking regulated distribution and supply of electricity in Dakiliya, Sharqiya and South AL Batinah regions under a license issued by the Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman (AER).

4 Mazoon’s Mission and Vision VISION MZEC to be One Of The Leading Electricity Distribution And Supply Companies In The Region By 2016 MISSION Deliver Electricity To Customers Safely, Reliably and Economically In Accordance To The License

5 Strategic Projects MZEC has identified a number of strategic projects to help realise its vision:  IT Infrastructure  SCADA  GIS  CRM  AMI  AMS

6 Mazoon GIS Business Targets  Accurate Network Assets Information  Decision Support Tool for Planning, Operation, Management and Customer Services  Integration with 3 rd Party Tools (CRM, SCADA, Asset Management, etc…)

7 Aims to gather and develop the spatial database (or Geodatabase) for all of the electrical networks and their related components starting from 33 kV up to customer connections in South Batinah based on ArcGIS Server, ArcFM and Oracle. Duration: 15 months Started: August 1, 2009 End: October 26, 2010 This project served as a benchmark for other data collection projects in other regions South Batinah GIS Project Overview


9  Modeling of GRID/ Primary and Distribution Substations  Survey of HV Networks (33 & 11 kV)  Survey of LV Network (415 V) and Customer Connections  Procedures and tools for Standardizing As-Built Drawings (update mechanism)  GeoDatabase development, migration & configuration (ArcFM, ArcGIS Server & Oracle)  Backlog Management  GIS Training

10 Steering Committee Technical Committee GIS Team Other Departments Project Manager



13  Infrastructure Network connectivity: between branches and the Head Office Hardware: servers for new enterprise Geodatabase and applications Software: GIS software for various users at different branches Data Challenges No digital data for as built drawings Availability of data Consistency of standards between various data sources and accuracy of data  Human Resource Resistance to change New skills required for new roles  Working Environment No standard workflow for data update Decision making is difficult without accurate information

14 Infrastructure Network connectivity: established via MPLS (Omantel) Hardware: acquisition of new blade server to host ArcGIS Server and MZEC’s enterprise Geodatabase Software: acquisition and installation of ArcGIS licenses for users at various branches Data Challenges Digital data: impose submission of digital data by contractors according to MZEC’s GIS data standards Availability of data: collaboration with various agencies on landbase data Consistency of standards and Accuracy of data: MZEC defined its standards: (MZEC GIS standards for as built, 30cm accuracy or better)

15 Human Resource Resistance to change: MZEC staff attended conferences, seminars and workshops on GIS and related technologies New skills required for new roles GIS training courses GPS training courses Working Environment No standard workflow for data update Define new workflow for GIS data update mechanism Visited other companies to learn best practices Decision making is difficult without accurate information Management can rely on automated reports and tools using GIS

16 The Five Pillars of GIS Data People Software Hardware Applications

17 Determine the platform:  Most common format used in the country  Level of expertise is available on the market  Availability of Support  The number of possible users in the organizations  Map out the functions versus the users roles in the organization  Determine the kind of outputs wanted by the users  Determine the network connectivity and speed  Determine whether to centralize or to decentralize data Determining the platform Software

18 Acquired by Mazoon  1 ArcGIS Server Standard in Qurum  1 ArcGIS Server Basic (ArcSDE only) in Rustaq  1 Image Server  1 ArcInfo  10 ArcView  5 ArcEditor  11 ArcFM Viewer  5 ArcFM Editor  1 ArcSchematic  5 ArcPad  5 GPS Correct extension for ArcPad  4 TerraSync licenses  4 GPS Pathfinder  1 GPS Analyst extension Software

19 MZEC has recruited the following staff for GIS in Rustaq:  1 GIS Engineer  2 GIS Surveyors  2 GIS Associates While in the GIS Section we already have :  1 Head of GIS Section  1 Geodatabase Associate  1 GIS Application Developer  1 Cartographer People Software People

20 Training Course NameNo. of Trainees Introduction to the Multi-user Geodatabase6 Managing Editing Workflows in a Multi-user Geodatabase 6 ArcGIS Server Enterprise Configuration and Tuning for Oracle 5 Working with ArcFM – Electric10 Configuring ArcFM5 ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS15 ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality16 ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflow and Analysis5 Introduction to ArcGIS Server4 Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server using.NET 33 Provided Users Training, Workshops and Seminars The following are the GIS Courses given to trainees: People

21  A kick off meeting seminar was done in Al Sawadi Beach hotel for 30 staffs from (MZEC) South Batinah  A seminar was held at the Golden Tulip hotel on 24th October 2009 for more than 60 people for the contractor to talk about GIS Introduction, GIS in Electrical Utilities, and GIS at MZEC.  On November 9, 2009, members of GIS Team and Technical Committee went to Bahrain, to attend the Middle East GIS Users Conference  On February 7, 2010, the Technical Committee went to Bahrain to visit EWA (Electricity and Water Authority) upon EWA’s invitation.  On July 11 th, 2010 the GIS in Charge visited the ESRI User’s Conference in California, USA  On October 24 th, 2010 the executives and members of the GIS Team visited the Esri Europe, Middle East, and Africa User Conference (EMEA UC) in Rome, Italy. Seminars and Workshops People

22 Acquired by Mazoon Hardware  Four (4) servers  The seven (7) laptops (workstations)  Two (2) new underground cable detectors  Five (5) GPS units  Two (2) Heavy duty plotters  Four (4) more GPS units, this time with OmniStar

23 Hardware

24 Network Connectivity Hardware

25 Update and Backup Copy geodatabase feature classes ArcGIS Server Looks at this data Web Viewer Application Geodatabase in Oracle ArcSDE Server in Rustaq Hardware

26 Update and Backup Plans for the Future Test Server Dakhliya North and South Sharqiyah South Batinah Enterprise Geodatabase Server Enterprise Geodatabase Server post and reconcile Update changes Serve the latest updates Through Web Viewer Intranet users Hardware

27 The Area Covered so far Data South Batinah Region Where there are about 91, 274 (as of 2011)


29 The Concept of Update Mechanism Capture Edits Database Capture Edits Data

30 New Way of Working Capture All Data Updates Enterprise Geodatabase Data

31 Method for Updating GIS Data In Coming Cases District Office Projects Data Network Modifications CAD data from Contractors GIS Data Update Customer Data Enterprise Geodatabase

32 The Web Viewer Applications

33 The Web Viewer Applications

34 The Web Viewer Applications

35 Sample Outputs from Desktop Applications

36 The Web Viewer Applications

37 The Web Viewer Applications

38 Integration with CRM Applications  With CRM :  We can view all new customers and get their customer records through CRM  In CRM, a map can be launched by selecting a customer

39 Future Applications Applications  More integration:  With CRM  With Asset Management System  With Outage Management System

40  Provide MZEC a Single Repository of its network data  Easier and faster decision making  Easier to query assets and other linked information  Provide better statistics of network devices  Be able to trace customers to its nearest transformer  Be able to trace a feeder from a substation  Engineers may not need to go out to verify a device  Provides a powerful analysis tool in problem solving … and many more The Benefits of GIS for MZEC

41 Thank you very much! MAZOON ELECTRICITY COMPANY

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