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A Full Service Logistics Provider. LMJ International Logistics is committed to providing world-class Air, Ground, and Ocean freight forwarding and distribution.

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1 A Full Service Logistics Provider

2 LMJ International Logistics is committed to providing world-class Air, Ground, and Ocean freight forwarding and distribution services to each of our customers. Our workforce and partners are empowered to deliver and sustain logistics excellence which puts the world within your reach.

3  Offices located in both New Jersey and Texas.  Our company’s extensive global network gives us the advantage to conduct business worldwide.  LMJ has Over 30 years of experience in the Logistics industry, and skilled, experienced staff that value integrity and provide highly personalized customer service At LMJ, our business is to be your Logistics Management Solution, Our Core Competences include:  Freight Services  Global Services  Supply Chain Consulting

4  Airfreight means priority on-time delivery to your customer LMJ provides the most efficient and competent Airfreight Service as well as real time tracking capabilities via  Licensed IATA, CASS  CNA Certified Member  Expedited Door to Door service nationwide via TSA approved Agent network  Large domestic air capacity with reliable air carriers  Air Cargo Insurance  Airfreight quotes within an hour. Domestic  Shipping and pricing options available on all lanes  Reliable network of agents and offices, expedited Door to Door service  Complete Import/Export Documentation including AES filing  Temperature controlled transport service. Envirotainer, Ice cooler and Unicooler containers.  24/7 on call expert air logistics team  Air Charters International

5  Ability to ship from any U.S domestic port  Ramp & Barge servicing central America  Timely Pre-alerts, Confirmations & POD’s  Full Containers, LCL and Ro-Ro transport capabilities  Cargo Insurance, Doc Prep & Electronic AES Filing  An extended reliable network of agents and offices worldwide  Hazmat Packaging and Labeling LMJ is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) bonded and licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. Ocean Freight Services

6  Total Trucking solution in Canada,U.S and Mexico for LTL, FTL, and special equipment freight  Bonded and fully insured transports for your cargo  Contracted great rates with all major carriers and Line Haulers  Overnight service within 700 mile radius  Team Drivers for Expedited Cross Country Deliveries  POD’s provided as SOP  Real time tracking & Tracing  Expedited Border Crossings via “Pars/Paps” process  NAFTA Compliance Intermodal/Rail Road  Available in lieu of Over the road transport when necessary  Reliable service and constant tracking available  Extremely low rate offering

7 LMJ provides cost effective distribution and secure warehousing services to clients worldwide.  Able to supply clients with complete visibility to their inventory via our online warehouse interface  Repacking and Labeling, Distribution Consolidation services at all our hubs  Assembly, Pick/Pack, Fulfillment and Cross Docking Services  Fully bonded and TSA approved warehousing available  All domestic facilities have security & surveillance procedures as prescribed by the TSA

8 At LMJ we pride ourselves on being Customs compliant. Our highly trained and professional staff ensure your shipments are imported and exported within all CBP laws and regulations.  RLF – Remote Location Filing (RLF) available from any entry ports.  Freight is always cleared 5 days prior to Vessel arrival on ocean shipments and the same day for airfreight.  Customer Notification, Pick up, Vessel loading, Arrival & delay notice, Delivery appointmen ts and Real time release.  FDA Compliant and No Cost 10+2 Import Security Filings.

9 Staff Training  Hazmat Certification  Import/Export Documentation  Harmonized Tariff Classifications  TSA/Customs Compliance Auditing  Commercial Invoices  Post audit for Freight Bills  Classification & Duty accuracy  Customs Entry Review Revenue Recovery for Post Audit  Overpayment Recovery Onsite Coordinators  We offer onsite Personnel Benchmarking For Best Market Value  Freight Rates  Cargo Insurance Process Review  In Depth Analysis of current processes  Network Optimization Help  Efficiency Recommendations

10 LMJ International Logistics manages all its customers  Our purpose is to assist companies to improve quality of service while reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.  This is achieved through the delivery of award-winning ediEnterprise - a highly modular, enterprise-class system that streamlines the operations, accounts and management, NVOCCs, customs brokers, depots, container freight stations, warehouses, trucking companies and ships agency.ediEnterprise  Our highly flexible design means processes and reports can be tailored to suit individual companies and even individual jobs while still saving overhead cost.


12  Port of Brownsville – Deep sea port  Rail & truck access to Northern Mexico  SPI International Airport (BRO) Brownsville Borderplex  Save TIME and MONEY  The most important FTZ on the U.S./Mexico Border  Faster containerized/bulk cargo loading/unloading services  Transportation Access, Warehousing  Liquid Bulk Handling, Foreign Trade Zone  Intracoastal Waterway, Excellent Facilities  Commodities Handling, World Class port  Efficient & Reliable Railroad Services  United Airlines (Copa Air)  American Airlines  Aero Mexico Airlines  International Cargo Logistics

13 Our Vision Yesterday… It’s Conception Today… Your Satisfaction Always.

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