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Parents: Are You Ready For Middle School? Silver Spring International Middle School Parent Summer Orientation 2010-2011.

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1 Parents: Are You Ready For Middle School? Silver Spring International Middle School Parent Summer Orientation 2010-2011

2 AGENDA Welcome Icebreaker Scheduling Requirements & Expectations Communication Attendance Counseling and other school resources Important Dates

3 ICEBREAKER: The Company You Keep

4 SCHEDULING 8 period schedule odd days - 1, 3, 5, & 7 even days – 2, 4, 6, & 8 School starts at 7:55 a.m. Classes last approximately 1.5 hours All students take English, world studies, science, math, physical education/health

5 SCHEDULING Foreign Language/GT English –Placement based on 5 th grade teacher recommendation –MSA scores and other assessment criteria are considered in placement decision –Student must be identified in Grade 5 as working above grade level in English and Reading to take a Foreign Language or to take GT English –Foreign Language Classes are high school credited courses

6 SCHEDULING Schedule distribution process –Given to everyone on the first day of school –Given to 6 th graders who attend the August 26 th orientation Schedule changes –Criteria - meet with teacher, discuss with grade level counselor, consult with resource teacher –NOT ALL CHANGES ARE POSSIBLE –1 st choice electives don’t always fit into schedule

7 REQUIREMENTS – Preparing For Middle School Summer Reading and Math packets –All students in grades 6, 7, and 8 –Both packets are due the first week of school –Both packets count as a portion of your child’s first quarter grade –Available online –Not used to determine placement

8 REQUIREMENTS - SSL Student Service Learning Hours –75 hours minimum are required for all students to graduate from high school –Summer hours must be turned in by September 30 th to earn credit –Middle School courses in which hours are automatically earned if class is passed: Grade 6 Science, Grade 7 English, and Grade 8 Social Studies –Ms. Cindy Mannix is the Student Service Learning Coordinator

9 EXPECTATIONS - Academics Academics –Write down all homework assignments in the planner –Bring planner to each class every day –Planner is also used as a hall pass –Check Edline often –Take advantage of extra support during and/or after school –Complete class work and homework in a timely manner –Come to school prepared with materials

10 EXPECTATIONS – Student Attire Attire –Girls: no spaghetti straps on a shirt or dress; no off the shoulder tops, no shorts or skirts that are shorter than finger tip length; no low cut tops; no sheer blouses or t-shirts –Boys: no pants hanging low enough for underwear to be seen –Everyone: NO pajama pants; no bedroom shoes

11 EXPECTATIONS – Student Attire Attire: Students who come to school dressed inappropriately are asked to change clothes immediately; students who repeatedly have to be told that their clothing is inappropriate will receive detention or other disciplinary action as appropriate.

12 EXPECTATIONS - Electronics Cell phone use –No phones should be on during the school day; no exceptions –Confiscated phones are turned in to security and will be released to the parent only –Students who repeatedly violate the rules for cell phone use will be given a disciplinary action

13 EXPECTATIONS - Behavior Discipline Policy –Infractions and their consequences are printed in the student planner –No loitering after school: must be in a sponsored after school activity to remain on school property AFTER the school day has ended –PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

14 COMMUNICATION Edline –Parents AND students have separate Edline accounts –Updated bi-weekly by teachers –Accounts for parents are given at Back To School Night

15 COMMUNICATION Interims and Report Cards -All interims are mailed home in the middle of the marking period -Report card distribution: given to students (Quarter 4 mailed home) -Report card distribution dates on MCPS calendar -Questions about a specific grade earned or assignment should be directed to your child’s teacher -November 11: Parent conference night/1 st quarter report card distributed to parents

16 Staying connected with your middle school Contact the attendance secretary if your child will be absent or late to school Notify the counseling department if your family changes residence at any time during the school year Monitor homework Stay in touch with the school regarding your child’s academic and personal needs

17 COMMUNICATION Getting in touch with your child’s teacher or other staff member Kid Day meetings/parent conferences Silver Spring International Middle School website and MCPS website

18 WEBSITES Edline: Montgomery County Public Schools: www.montgomeryschools www.montgomeryschools Silver Spring International Middle School: www.montgomeryschools www.montgomeryschools

19 ATTENDANCE School hours: 7:55 AM – 2:40 PM Excused absences –Requesting missed work Unexcused absences Tardiness –3 tardies to any class = detention (during lunch or after school) –Tardy to school = after school detention

20 COUNSELING & OTHER SCHOOL RESOURCES Counseling Department Linkages to Learning Parent and Community Outreach Coordinator IEP Team School psychologist Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)

21 IMPORTANT DATES Back to School Night: September 16 th Parent Conference Night: November 11 th County-wide new student orientation: August 26 th Outdoor Education: Week of November 15 th

22 Any questions?

23 Middle Years Programme (MYP) What is it? –Signature program for grades 6- 10 developed by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) –The program encourages research, the acquisition and application of critical thinking skills, and the study of a second language. –All students at SSI are automatically enrolled in MYP

24 What will be required of my child? There is nothing additional that will be required for your student to complete as part of MYP All components of MYP are aligned with MCPS objectives Example – In 6 th grade science classes students will examine Sligo Creek under the microscope literally and figuratively as students bring their study of the effects of human actions on the Chesapeake Bay watershed by measuring levels of pollution, oxygen, nutrients and viable life forms in the waterway that flows past our doorstep.

25 What courses participate in MYP? –ALL courses How will I know how my student is progressing according to MYP? –All students complete MYP assessments. These assessments are graded based on criteria set by IBO. –All MYP assessment grades are entered on Edline as “ungraded assessment”

26 How does MYP make SSI different from other MCPS schools? MYP organize their units around a central theme and connect all of the students’ learning experiences, inside and outside of the classroom to that theme. The themes for MYP units are drawn from authentic issues, ideas and events that provide relevance to our students For more information on MYP see our school website

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