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World History Unit 1A Absolutism and Scientific Revolution Ch.5 and 6.1.

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1 World History Unit 1A Absolutism and Scientific Revolution Ch.5 and 6.1

2 5.1 Absolutism every aspect Divine Right- represent God Why? Decline of feudalism World was crazy Fear of God

3 Spain Isabella & Ferdinand Spanish Inquisition United Spain Charles V (Hapsburg) Grandson Germany (Holy Roman Empire) Catholic Phillip II Crazy Catholic El Escorial Spanish Armada

4 Spain Art El Greco- Catholic Faith Velazquez- Monarchy Miguel de Cervantes- Don Quixote Modern European Novel

5 Spain Problems Economic- inflation tax on poor Dutch- Revolt Protestant vs. Catholic William of Orange Flood Gates United Provinces of Netherlands (Republic) England Defeat of Armada Tried to kill Elizabeth I

6 France Bourbon Family Henry IV- Henry of Navarre Protestant “Paris is Worth a Mass” Louis XIII & Cardinal Richelieu (minister) 30 Year War (won) Weakened Nobles Edict of Nantes

7 France Louis XIV & Cardinal Mazarin 5yr old, “Boy King” The Fronde The “Sun King” “I am the State” Got rid of Edict of Nantes Weakened Nobles Debt, Abuse of Power Lost War of Spanish Succession (Eng/HRE)

8 Versailles Lavish Gold Fountains Apollo Gardens Spy on Nobles Glorify King

9 Austria Hapsburgs Maria Theresa (Charles VI daughter) War of Austrian Succession (Silesia) Prussia attacked, won war lost Silesia Increase Army Catholic Decrease power of Nobility 7 years War- lost

10 Prussia Hohenzallerns Frederick William I Great Elector Standing Army Permanent tax Soldier King Military Society Junkers-land owning nobility

11 Prussia Frederick II (The Great) practical atheist religious tolerance legal reform foreign affairs

12 Russia Ivan IV (The Terrible) 1533 Csar/Tsar (Ceasar) added land code of laws boyars secret police

13 Russia Peter the Great (Romanov) Grand Embassy Church under state westernize army navy lower class loyal reduced landowners power St. Petersburg Clothes Education Potato Waterway for trade newspaper

14 Russia Catherine the Great school for girls increase size of Russia

15 England Elizabeth I Renaissance Restored Anglican Church Debt James I (Cousin, King of Scotland)

16 Charles I *James I son *Asked parliament for $ *NO *Got rid of parliament *Recalled parliament *Petition of Rights – Due cause – No quartering of soldiers – Signed it, got money, then ignored it * Forced Anglican Church on Puritans *Presbyterians (Scotland) got army

17 Civil War Charles fled Royalists (Cavaliers) support King Roundheads, Parliament, Puritans wanted King out Oliver Cromwell led Roundheads and won Beheaded Charles I Cromwell became dictator Got rid of fun, killed Irish Died

18 The Restoration of Charles II 1660 Fun Habeas Corpus Heir was a Catholic= James, brother 1 st political parties emerge Whigs – no blood line Tories – James and blood line James becomes King

19 The Glorious Revolution James was Catholic King Had Protestant daughter, Mary Mary was married to William of Orange from the Netherlands Parliament brought W & M to England Bloodless overthrow of James James left It was “Glorious” to have a Protestant King & Queen back

20 Constitutional Monarchy Laws limit the monarch’s power English Bill of Rights Cabinet Prime Minister- Robert Walpole

21 30 Years War Religious Conflict Increased power of France Weakening of Spain & Austria Devastation of Germany (HRE) Religion, land and power among ruling families

22 Scientific Revolution Heliocentric- Copernicus Francis Bacon- reason from abstract theories Isaac Newton-gravity, clock Scientific Method-Observe, question, hypothesis, experimentation, conclusion Improvements in medicine and scientific instruments

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