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INT League Amateur Water Sports Tour West Virginia Phil Knuckles.

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1 INT League Amateur Water Sports Tour West Virginia Phil Knuckles

2 Who is INT? The INT League is a Not For Profit Organization started in Washington in 1993. INT works to grow the water sports community by providing family friendly water sports competitions. INT State Coordinators to host events on local lakes. INT culminates the season with National and Regional Events, participants can qualify by competing the West Virginia Tour. INT is the official grassroots development program for the Water Sports Industry Association and the World Wakeboard Association.

3 Mission Statement To promote, organize and execute a consistent grass roots program hosting water sports events on a national spectrum. Individuals can enjoy the fun and challenges of competition in a non-intimidating environment like the “Little League” which has been loved by many for years. These events are designed to encourage men, women and children of all ages to challenge their abilities at non-intimidating, fun events. We are committed to attracting water sports enthusiasts and to giving families and friends the opportunity to spend quality time together at a professionally run event.

4 INT Grows in West Virginia INT Offers a Professional and Nationally Consistent Program West Virginia joins many other states in this effort to grow watersports.

5 Objective Host an amateur waterski wakeboard kneeboard and wake skate event on ___lake Date Park Times

6 Target Audience Recreational riders and skiers; anyone who is competitive and loves being on the water. Water sports enthusiasts with discretionary funds. Beginner through advanced level skiers and riders. Competitions are open to the public to enter.

7 Demographics Face Book

8 Benefits to the City and Park Parking Revenue Tourist revenue for local businesses – Grocery stores – Restaurants – Hotels & Campgrounds – Gas Stations – Marias – Opportunities to Sponsor the INT League Tour Bring some excitement to the city A fun family activity during the summer – Opportunities to host other festivals and activities in conjunction with the on-water competition. Potential for economic growth in West Virginia – Currently WV has no boat dealerships or water sports proshops. This is an industry that could provide growth and jobs to our local economy.

9 Requests from the Park We will be putting up a banner line with sponsor banners. We will set up tents for Registration A PA System will be used for music and announcing. Additional Porta-Potties will be placed on shore. Spectators will be viewing from the shore or on boats floating at a safe distance from the course.

10 Site Set-up

11 Waterway Requirements In order to provide safe conditions, the waterway must be shut down. – Public boaters may not go over idle speed while they are within 100 yards during the competition. A temporary slalom course will be set up for the weekend of the tournament. Boaters are welcome to float at a safe distance from the course to watch the event. INT will use our official tow boats to pull the competition.


13 Risk Management Every Participant must purchase a WWA Membership which provides them with $25,000 Additional Medical Insurance. A $2 million dollar event general liability insurance policy will cover the event. Every Participant signs a waiver acknowledging the risk of skiing and riding. Participants are required to wear a life jacket during competition. State Coordinators are trained in First Aid and CPR, and have completed the INT Safety Program. All boat drivers are NASBLA certified.

14 Local Marketing Posters in all local sporting goods shops should have information on the event. The WV INT Tour has been advertised at the local boat shows.

15 Post Card Flyer & Email Marketing

16 Media Exposure The INT League is gaining momentum in the media. INT participants have been the focus of numerous articles in local newspapers and broadcast. Industry magazines, online forums, and local press are taking notice of INT events, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Our message is simple, have fun and come compete in a non-intimidating, family friendly environment.

17 Example of Success Heber Wake Fest in Heber Spring Arkansas INT held a Wake Fest in conjunction with a city festival at a public park. They charged $10 for parking and camping onsite, there were over 150 cars parked at the park. The city estimated that there was over 1,000 boats that came into the cove to watch the event. The mayor’s office donated $18,000 for the pro wakeboard purse, 18 pro wakeboarders entered the contest and pulled in a huge crowd. The event was a major success for the marina and city of Heber Springs.

18 Thank You For Your Time Can we count on your support to host a professionally run, family friendly, water sports event? For more information visit Phil Knuckles Phone

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