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Mitchell Fiene & Zach Fiene COMPLEMENT.  Zach Fiene & Mitchell Fiene ◦ Co-founders of DMZ Marketing ◦ Goal: Marketing for Agribusiness  Coops, Independent.

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Presentation on theme: "Mitchell Fiene & Zach Fiene COMPLEMENT.  Zach Fiene & Mitchell Fiene ◦ Co-founders of DMZ Marketing ◦ Goal: Marketing for Agribusiness  Coops, Independent."— Presentation transcript:

1 Mitchell Fiene & Zach Fiene COMPLEMENT

2  Zach Fiene & Mitchell Fiene ◦ Co-founders of DMZ Marketing ◦ Goal: Marketing for Agribusiness  Coops, Independent Retailers, etc.  Websites, Promotional Material, etc.  DMZ ◦ Ag Tech Consulting Firm  UAV’s – AIMQ Scouting Series  Data Management - Yield Link  Biotechnology - Complement

3  AIMQ Scouting Series ◦ Version 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0 UAV’s ◦ Utilization of industry-leading tech ◦ Custom modifications for Agriculture  Hobbyist Platforms  Regulatory Implications  Systems Flying in 15 states & Canada  USDA Top 10 and Top 100 Cooperatives  Largest Ag Distributors in the Country  Equipment Dealers  Working on Distribution

4  Yield Link o Cloud-Enabled Flash Drive o Yield Information from the Monitor to the Cloud o Leads to Better Fertilizer Management o VRT Maps from Yield Maps o Currently being tested on Yield Monitors in U.S.

5 COMPLEMENT  Complement ◦ Bio-Stimulant ◦ Side-by-Side Trials 2013 ◦ 10,000 gallons ◦ Corn – 7.5 to 40 bu. Advantage  Platteville, WI - 10.5 bu. higher  Central WI -18 bu. higher  Elkhorn, WI - 7 bu. Higher  3 Time NCGA Champion ◦ Gene Stieger ◦ Winning/Treated Entries  312 bu., 322 bu., 315 bu. ◦ Untreated Trials  None over 275 bu.

6 The Future of Precision Agriculture?

7  UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ◦ "uncrewed reconnaissance vehicle” ◦ Common term relating to the specific vehicle ◦ Slowly be phased out  Industry and Regulators adopting UAS ◦ UAS stands for Unmanned Aerial System ◦ Term transition due to increasing complexity ◦ “Encompasses all aspects of deploying these aircraft and not just the platform itself.” -Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

8  Multi-Rotor ◦ Advantages  Stability/Increase Control  Ease of Flight  Stationary Imagery  Dynamic Flight Maneuvers  Fixed-Wing ◦ Advantages  Battery Life  Subsequent Flight Distance

9  Semi-Autonomous ◦ User Control ◦ Autopilot/Flight Control  Autonomous ◦ Computer Control ◦ Pre-Programmed Route

10  AUVSI Economic Report - ◦ “precision agriculture and public safety are the most promising commercial and civil markets” ◦ 80% of total UAS market will be concentrated in Ag ◦ Value of Ag UAS market will be at least 10X that of Public Safety

11  Crop Scouting w/ HD Imagery and Georeferencing ◦ Nutrient Deficiency, Insect Pressure, Plant Disease, Population Counts, etc.  Crop Management via Multispectral Imagery ◦ NDVI  Data Collection via wifi or Bluetooth ◦ Soil Probe Data sent a couple hundred feet cheaply  Instant data ◦ Live Feed footage, Demand Scheduling (No wk wait)  Waterway/Ditch Management  Cattle Counts and Management  Facility maintenance ◦ Buildings, Irrigation systems, etc.

12  Crop Management via Multispectral Imagery ◦ NDVI ◦ Infrared

13  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index  NIR: Near Infrared Light  Red: Sometimes notated as VIS or Visible Light





18 NIR Filter



21  Measurement Contamination ◦ Thin clouds ◦ Cloud shadows  Leads to incorrect interpretations  Errors minimized by forming composite images from daily or near-daily images. ◦ Expensive with Satellite Imagery ◦ Not offered with bi-weekly satellite programs ◦ UAV’s can be deployed daily

22  Stationed UAS on the farm  Weather Station  Pre-programmed Route  Inductive Charging  Secure Housing  Data Transfer to the Cloud  Daily Deployment and Information Upload  Interpretation & Analysis using strike points and red flags via text or email

23 Discovery, Diagnosis, Documentation

24  AIMQ 2.0 Pilot Programs ◦ USDA Top 10 and Top 100 Retailers ◦ Large North American Distributors ◦ Larry Fiene – Business Manager for Winfield  Operators are using the 3D Analysis Scouting Procedure ◦ Discovery ◦ Diagnosis ◦ Documentation

25  1 st Step in 3D Analysis  Goal… ◦ To discover anomalies in the field quickly. ◦ Anomalies can be good or bad.  Ex. Side by side trials showing performance over competitors.  Ex. Discolored splotches suggesting nutrient deficiency.  Accomplished by… ◦ Flying about 200-400 feet above the crop. ◦ Altitude allows for expanded field of view  Hundreds of acres  Looking for… ◦ Discoloration ◦ Low populations ◦ Swaths of plant damage or disease

26  Farmer in Northern IL drew an X in one of their large fields advertising their nutrient package.  Great example of Discovery Phase.

27  Another great example of the Discovery Phase.  Video Link ◦ ◦ At 1:48 mark 3 dark green stripes ◦ Striping is caused by side by side stimulant trials ◦ Crop was 1 ft. taller in treated stripes ◦ Product has produced significant yield increases in diverse grouping of crops.  Corn Trials – 7.5 to 40 bu advantage over untreated checks.

28  2 nd Step in 3D Analysis  Goal… ◦ To get a closer look at anomalies in the field. ◦ Anomalies can be good or bad.  Ex. Plant height or girth in side by side comparisons.  Ex. Damage to leaf tissue caused by disease.  Ex. Insect damage to leaf tissue or crop fruit.  Accomplished by… ◦ Flying several feet above the crop or right above canopy. ◦ Altitude allows for pinpoint views in anomaly area.  With Ultra-HD resolution, zoom into 25% of picture and still viewing 1080p  Looking for… ◦ Leaf Tissue Damage ◦ Specific Disease Characteristics  Ex. Size, shape, color of the tissue lesions ◦ Specific Bug Identification and/or Indicators  Ex. Large insect identification  Ex. Pattern of leaf tissue damage

29  Great example of the Diagnosis Phase.  Zoom in to see insect larvae.

30  Another example flying right over the canopy.

31  3 rd Step in 3D Analysis  Goal… ◦ To get the grower the best, most up-to-date, and safest information.  Birds-Eye-View of the field.  Pictures and Videos can be viewed instantly.  Saving to the Cloud (Google Drive as an example), keeps information saved and viewable from anywhere with an internet connection. ◦ To establish a better relationship with the Grower.  Receives a multimedia presentation of scouting.  Who wants to write or read a long scouting report?  Instead, do a 5-8 minute flyover and overlay some sound of what you see.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

32  All data is saved to a Micro SD Card. ◦ Upload Straight Video OR Perform Minor Editing ◦ Document the data with the Grower


34  Huge pressure from Corporate America and Entrepreneurs to speed up integration.  FedEx Example ◦ Goal: To lower International Shipping Costs by 10X ◦ No Pilots, no support staff, no living space, more efficiency

35  (Sec. 332) Requires development of a plan to accelerate the integration of UAV’s into the NAS by September 30, 2015.  (Sec. 334) Requires the expedited creation of a certification process and work with the appropriate government agencies to simplify the process.  (Sec. 336) Prohibits the FAA Administrator from promulgating rules or regulations on model aircraft flown strictly for hobby or recreational purposes and meeting certain other criteria.

36  Below 400 Feet – To avoid manned aircraft.  Over Unpopulated Areas – To maintain privacy.  Within Line of Sight – To promote safety.  “Non-Commercial Use” – To maintain hobby status. Boeing ScanEagleAeroVironment Puma

37  Chief Executive of Volt Aerial Robotics ◦ "The FAA doesn't have inspectors running around the heartland looking for people with UAVs.“  FAA Spokesman – Les Dorr ◦ "We really would only pursue a civil penalty if someone was operating an unmanned aircraft in a reckless manner," -FAA spokesman Les Dorr.

38  “Farmers may operate an unmanned aircraft over their own property for personal use … Guidelines for the operation of model aircraft, such as those published by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, may be used by farmers as reference for safe model UAS operations.”

39  Prohibits operation of drones with a “lethal payload” by agencies including; ◦ Law enforcement ◦ Corporations ◦ Foreign governments.  Law enforcement may not gather evidence with drones except with a warrant or for active training purposes.  Evidence collected without a waiver is not admissible in court.


41 “Canada is at the Vanguard of UAV Regulations.” “Canada is Number 1 in North America.” - DIY Drones

42  Amateur/Hobbyist/Non-Commercial Status ◦ Classification – Operating Model Aircraft ◦ Model Aircraft operate outside UAV regulations ◦ Regulatory Body – None  Professional/Profiting/Commercial Status ◦ Classification – Operating a non-Model Aircraft ◦ UAV is no longer a model aircraft when:  Over 35 Kg  Owned by a company not an individual  Used for profit ◦ Regulatory Body – Transport Canada

43  When Model Aircraft becomes a UAV ◦ Transport Canada Requires:  Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)  Need a SFOC every time you fly in Canadian Airspace  Obtaining Certificate is Free and Common  SAFETY HAZARD OR IMPEDIMENT TO REGULAR AIR TRAFFIC?

44  Reviewed by Transport CA – Regional Offices ◦ Due 20 days prior to flights  Required Information ◦ Name & Address & Contact Information  Applicant, Operation Manager, Ground Supervisor ◦ Purposes of Operation ◦ Dates and Times of Operation ◦ Pertinent Flight Data ◦ Emergency/Contingency/Safety Plans ◦ Area to be flown  Satellite Image, Topographical Map, Aerial Photograph, etc. ◦ Altitudes & Routes of Operation

45  May 18th to September 28th 2012 ◦ Every Friday between 9am and 11pm  Alternative date - Friday between 4pm and 6pm  Alternative date - Saturday between 8am and 6pm  Description of the craft  Farmer note indicating safety of flights  Aerial/satellite photo for area of operation ◦ Takeoff and landing zones marked ◦ Notation of obstacles ◦ Indication of operating boundaries ◦ Projected flight path marked  Transport Canada may also request a demonstration of you/your craft.

46  Video Links ◦ Project Answer Plot  ◦ Over 200 videos under keywords:  AIMQ II  AIMQ 2.0


48  What are Bio Stimulants? ◦ Products or organisms that impact growth and development, or the defense of plants. ◦ In the U.S. the primary bio stimulants sold are:  Beneficial microbes  Mycorrhizae, pinicillium bilaii, rhyozbactor, or bacillus stubillus  Plant extracts  Seaweed extract, plant teas, and syrups.

49  Bio-Stimulants operate in the rhizosphere & rhizoplane. ◦ The rhizosphere is the volume of soil surrounding, and under the influence of plant roots. ◦ The rhizoplane is the plant root surfaces, and strongly adhering soil particles.

50  Improves Soil Biology ◦ Healthy Soil Is…  Rich in nutrients necessary for plant nutrition.  Contains sufficient minerals for plant nutrition.  (ex. B, S, Zn).  Contains organic matter that improves soil structure.  Soil pH is at a level optimal for crop.  Contains microorganisms that support plant growth.

51  Most soil biologists say that Midwest soils contain less than 5% of the origin beneficial microbe populations. ◦ Partial list of products that kill beneficial microbes:  Potash (chloride), UAN (ammonia), Anhydrous (ammonia), Instinct, N-Serve, Agrotain, Bifenthrin, Terbophos, Acetochlor, Metoalochlor, Headline, Quadris, Quilt, Stratego, Acceleron, and glyphosate.

52  Yes…  Soils contain a tremendous diversity of microflora, and enzymes that breakdown toxic substances and return a natural balance to soil ◦ Substances that promote beneficial microbes:  A. Plant extracts and decaying organic mater, manure, lime, starches, sugar, water, B-Vitamins, natural fats like glycerol, proteins, and amino acids, organic nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, boron, phosphorus, sulfur.

53  Supply substances that offset the antagonism of fertilizers, and crop protection products giving the Beneficial's a chance to re- establish in the rhizosphere.

54  Our introductory product will be called Complement ◦ Complement contains plant extracts to re-establish beneficial micro organisms in the soil after fertilizer and crop protection chemicals have sterilized or greatly reduced their numbers.  Complement Contains: ◦ Plant extracts, starches, sugar, B-Vitamins, natural glycerol, proteins, and amino acids, cytokines, IBA, GA3, IAA, organic nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, boron, phosphorus, sulfur.

55  Objective is to feed the soil microbes and re-establish the naturally occurring Beneficial's, while supplying badly needed boron earlier in the life cycle.

56 28% UAN applied with SureStart and Complement 28% UAN applied with SureStart alone

57 Untreated Soil Soil Treated with YieldEDGE BioBoron

58 Untreated Soil Soil Treated with Complement

59 Complement applied to Gene Stieger's Winning NCGA Plot in 2013  Results ◦ Treated trials  312, 315 and 322 bu. ◦ Untreated  275 bu. 3-Time NCGA Champion

60  Based on historical experience growers could become financially challenged and reduce their input purchases over the next few years.  Complement will provide growers with a biological nutrient source that can enhance yields at low costs to the grower.  Complement-B can be applied with UAN to re-establish beneficial microbe activity.

61 Complement o Promotes Nutrient Uptake o Fewer Crop Inputs Needed o Naturally Occurring Nutrients o Fewer Mineral-Based Nutrient Needs o Improved Water Quality Abroad o Promotes Soil Biology o Helps w/ Soil Retention o Lower Water Usage by Plants o Prevents Leaching o Improves Water Quality

62  Video Links ◦ Beans w/ Biological Stimulant Application  ◦ Over 200 videos under keywords:  AIMQ II  AIMQ 2.0


64  Cloud-Enabled Flash Drive ◦ Captures Data from the Monitor and sends to cloud.  Cloud: DMZ Server housed in Madison, WI.  Brand Independent ◦ For Use In;  CASE IH/New Holland  John Deere  Caterpillar  Ag Leader  Trimble  Etc.

65  Crop Intelligence for the Farmer ◦ Saved online - Avoids pitfalls of physical storage media. ◦ VRT Mapping for Next Year.  Business Intelligence for the Farmer ◦ Yield Information shows ROI  Year to year comparisons  On Demand Comparisons  Online access anytime, anywhere with internet connection.  Collaborative Decision-Making ◦ Information can be shared instantly with trusted advisors.  Agronomist, Seed Dealer, Crop Consultant, etc.  Near Real-Time

66  Decisions can be made on data rather than guesses. ◦ Hybrids, Seed Treatments, Tillage, Biological Stimulants, etc.

67  On/Off Switch ◦ Unit is always running when plugged in. ◦ On – Prompts Yield Link to act like flash drive.  Asks farmer on yield monitor if he wishes to save. ◦ Off – Prompts Yield Link to auto-save.

68  VRT Mapping  Hybrid Selection  Nutrient Inputs  Seed Treatments  Biological Stimulants  Business Intelligence  Commodity Trading ◦ Near RT Information ◦ Cumulative Information

69  Inexpensive Soil Probe ◦ Goal $150-$250 ◦ More Data Points ◦ Soil Moisture ◦ pH Level ◦ Soil Temperature ◦ WIFI Enabled ◦ Data Transfer to Yield Link ◦ Data Transfer to Phone

70  Cloud Computing ◦ Drone ◦ Combine

71  Video Links ◦ Project Answer Plot  ◦ Over 200 videos under keywords:  AIMQ II  AIMQ 2.0

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