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What I know or Want to Know Select 4 people/terms write a statement or question about each. People  Roman gods/goddesses  Patricians  Plebeians  Hannibal.

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2 What I know or Want to Know Select 4 people/terms write a statement or question about each. People  Roman gods/goddesses  Patricians  Plebeians  Hannibal  Julius Caesar  Augustus Caesar  Emperor Constantine Terms and Places  Republic  Pax Romana  The Twelve Tables  Byzantine Empire  Alps  Roman Architecture

3 Geographically  Surrounded by other peoples  The Far North: The Gauls  To the North: The Etruscans  To the South: The Greeks

4 Etruscan Ideas  Engineering:  The Science of Building  The arch – a half circle of wedged stones  Cuniculus – underground trench used for irrigation

5 Etruscan Ideas  Sporting Events:  Slave fighting during funerals  Later became gladiators  Chariot races in a hippodrome

6 Greek Influence  Architecture:  Temples built to the gods  Romans used columns  Improved concrete led to larger structures

7 Greek Influence  Writing:  The alphabet was adapted from the Greek language  Romans wrote important information on buildings  Roman poetry and myths were inspired by the Greeks

8 Greek Influence  Art:  Romans copied the Greek pottery making technique  Monuments built in the Greek style  More realistic figures than the Greeks

9 Greek Influence  Mythology:  Polytheistic practices  Adopted the Greek gods but gave them Roman names  More concerned with ritual than stories

10 Punic Wars - A Series of wars between Carthage and Ancient Rome Alps - A mountain range near the northern part of the Italian Peninsula Etruscans - Empire to the North of Early Rome Hannibal - A Carthaginian General who attempted to attack Rome through the Alps Republic - A Form of Government with elected leaders Consul - One of two leaders of the Roman Army Patrician - A Wealthy Landowner in Ancient Rome Arch - An Etruscan architectural influence Tiber River - Waterway used by the city of Rome Column - A Greek Architectural Influence Senate - A law making body of 300 Patricians Veto - Overrule an Action Tribune - A Plebian in an advisory role to the Senate Romulus - The first king of Rome ( have have been raised by wolves and killed his brother) Plebeian - A lower-class citizen in Ancient Rome

11 Response to the Simulation (in complete sentences) 1.What was the simulation? 2.Did your group succeed at the task? 3.What was your role in the simulation? 4.What social class did you represent? 5.What is the other social class? 6.What was the most difficult part for you in the task? 7.What are dangers in a society designed this way?


13 The Aeneid  Written by Virgil  Follows the Hero Aeneas  He left the city of Troy upon urging from one of the gods  Some gods helps and other gods hurt Aeneas  He is finally able to defeat the rulers and gain control

14 Romulus and Remus  The Legend of the founding of Rome  Twins and sons of the God Mars  Raised by wolves and men  Found the city of Ancient Rome  Remus is killed in a fight  Romulus becomes the first king

15 Borrowed ideas  Etruscan influence:  Arch  Sports  Slave fighting  Greek Influence  Column  Writing  Art  Mythology

16 Classes Patricians  Born into wealth and power  Ruling members of society  Formed the Senate  Led the army as generals Plebeians  The lower class  Carried out wishes of the patricians  Unable to move up in the society  Served as soldiers in the army

17 Early Rome Kings/ Patricians Plebeians Early Etruscan Kings had power and shared it with the patricians (wealthy upper class). The Plebeians had little power.

18 The Republic Patricians Plebeians The Patricians overthrew the Etruscan Kings. They took power and ruled through the Senate. The Plebeians had little to no power.

19 Rebellion Patricians Plebeians The Plebeians were tired of being taken advantage of. The Plebeians rebelled and seized control of the army demanding equality.

20 Political Equality Patricians Plebeians The Twelve Tables were laws written to provide equality for the classes. Plebeians gained representation in the law making process.

21 Rome the Republic  Rome is located in the center of the Peninsula  Rome formed a treaty with surrounding Latin city- states  The Twelve Table gave the citizens of Rome freedom under the law  Rome began to conquer north and south

22 Your group will receive a writing about one of the people groups in the early Roman Empire. Please read, discuss, and fill in the chart regarding your text. Answer the following questions: What happened to your people when Rome expanded? Did your people have the rights to the Twelve Tables?


24 Return to your group. On the provided post-it notes write your name and answer the following questions: 1 Green: Which people group benefited the most from the expansion of Rome? How was their life better? 1 Yellow: Which people group suffered the most from the expansion of Rome? How was their life worse?

25 Hannibal and Caesar Column  On your column write Hannibal at the top and Julius Caesar at the bottom  Make sure your name and period are on the back  Use pages 328-331 in your History Alive book 1.Draw a picture of one of Hannibal’s achievements in the top. 2.Write a sentence describing that achievement 3.Draw a picture of one of Julius Caesar’s achievements 4.Write a sentence describing that achievement

26 Julius Caesar  Read the Reader’s Theater play Kidnapped  Answer the following questions in 1 paragraph:  Was Caesar cruel or kind? Give 1 reason from the play for your choice.  Would you like to have lived in ancient Roman times? Explain your answer.

27 Julius Caesar  Raised from a patrician family  Became a well known general  Conquered much of Gaul  Defeated his rival Pompey  Became dictator for life  Passed reforms to help the poor of Rome

28 The Ides of March - DEATH

29 Caesar Augustus  Julius Caesar’s adopted son  First official emperor of Rome  Created a period of Order in Rome  Expanded the control of Rome  Added the months of July and August to the calendar  Ushered in the Pax Romana, a period of 200 years of peace

30 Roman Emperor Rating  What was this emperor’s greatest achievement?  What are two other things this emperor is remembered for?  Was there opposition to this emperor? If so, explain why?  Give this emperor a rating on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) of greatness. Support your rating.

31 PSSA Energizers Select two of the following you would like to repeat.  Four Corners  Zombie Tag  Geography Race  Team Spelling  Spell-out  Team Shapes  Buzz (Number Game)  A New Activity

32 Journal Response Response in 2-3 Sentences  What is your average day really like?

33 Journal Response Response in 2-3 Sentences  What would your perfect day look like?  What is your day really like?

34 Daily Life 1.Select a trivia question 2.Find the answer 3.Select the guided notes 4.Answer 1 and 2 5.Find the Station and complete the picture

35 Why would a Roman put a little clay foot by a statue at a temple?

36 Create an Acrostic Poem In an acrostic poem, the first letters in each line spell the topic of the poem. Today your task will be to create an Acrostic Poem spelling Roman Empire. Each line must consist of at least four words and relates to the Roman Empire you may include culture, locations, rulers, achievements, military power, etc.

37 What is needed for a seed to grow?

38 How is a belief like that seed?

39 True or False Abraham moved from Mesopotamia to Canaan David built the first temple in Jerusalem According to the Torah 8 plagues were unleashed on Egypt According to the Torah: the Exodus is the Hebrew people leaving Egypt The stories of Abraham and Moses are found in the Torah Judaism is a polytheistic religion. Yohannan Ben Zaccai preserved Judaism by faking his death

40 Christianity Setting  Roman province called Judea  Judaism is the major belief  Caesar Augustus was the Roman Emperor  1 Century C.E.  Modern day Israel

41 Christianity  Main Text: The Holy Bible  Monotheistic Religion  Jesus of Nazareth  Christ is Greek for Messiah  According to Christian writings:  Jesus was miraculously born  John the Baptist proclaimed Jesus as a savior  Jesus taught in synagogues  Taught some traditional Jewish beliefs emphasizing love and mercy

42 Christianity  According to Christian writings:  Jesus did supernatural works  Jesus claimed to be equal with God  He was accused of being a rebel and killed  On Sunday, Jesus came back to life

43 Jewish Antiquities by Josephus bk 18 ch 3 p 3 About this time there lived Jesus, a wise man, if indeed one ought to call him a man. For he was one who performed surprising deeds and was a teacher of such people as accept the truth gladly. He won over many Jews and many of the Greeks. He was the so-called Messiah. And when, upon the accusation of the principal men among us, Pilate had condemned him to a cross, those who had first come to love him did not cease. He appeared to them spending a third day restored to life, for the prophets of God had foretold these things and a thousand other marvels about him. And the tribe of the Christians, so called after him, has still to this day not disappeared.

44 Roman Reaction  Christians refused to admit that the emperor was a god  It was made illegal and Christians were killed  Christianity held the promise of a better life after death  By 300 C.E. there were 5 million Christians  By the year 392, Christianity was the official religion of the empire

45 How is Christianity like a seed?  The seed is like …  The person who planted the seed is like …  The water is like …  The ground is like …  The sun is like …  The plant growth is like …


47 Journal Response  Respond in 1-2 Sentences: Who is winning the fight? What strategies are being used? Who won in the end? How? What was the villain’s biggest flaw?

48 The Fall of Rome  Time period – about 450 C.E.  No one is entirely sure of the cause  Most believe Rome fell for a variety of reasons  Edward Gibbon is the most famous historian to write on the fall of Rome

49 The Fall of Rome  Cultural Division  Christianity – took power from the emperor  Conflicting views with most Romans  East and West held different values  Barbarian Attacks  Germanic tribes put Rome under siege  Attila the Hun requested great tribute  Lost North Africa  City of Rome conquered

50 The Fall of Rome  Economic  Inflation – the price of everything went up  Some people hoarded their money (refused to spend)  Poor management of Empire funds  Decay and poison  The Army was not well supplied and poorly trained  Corruption in government became more common  Possible lead poisoning from drinking water

51 Take out your notebook and pen/pencil Write down post-apocalyptic movies and books. What was the goal in these pieces of art? If you could only save one thing from our culture, what would that be?

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