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Physical Features of North America

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1 Physical Features of North America

2 Georgia Performance Standard
SS4G1a. Locate major physical features of the United States to include Atlantic Coastal Plain, Great Plains, Continental Divide, The Great Basin, Death Valley, Gulf of Mexico, St. Lawrence River, and The Great Lakes.

3 Georgia Performance Standard
SS4G1b. Locate major man-made features; include New York City, NY; Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA; and Erie Canal.

4 Atlantic Coastal Plain
This lowland area borders the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part of the United States.

5 Great Plains The Interior Plains are a flat area in the middle of the United States. This is east of the Rocky Mountains. It consists of grasslands with no trees, and you can see for miles.

6 Continental Divide This high peak of the Rocky Mountains form an imaginary line in the United States known as the Continental Divide. It is also called the “backbone of North America.”

7 The Great Basin This area is west of the Rocky Mountains. There are a lot of different elevations in the Great Basin.

8 Death Valley Death Valley is the LOWEST point in North America.

9 Gulf of Mexico This body of water is between the eastern coast of Mexico and the western coast of Florida. It has warmer water than the Atlantic Ocean.

10 St. Lawrence River It is a major transportation route for large ships bringing goods into Canada and the United States.

11 The Great Lakes These FIVE lakes are located in the northern part of the United States between the U.S. and Canada. They are the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

12 New York City This is the largest city in the United States. New York City is located on a large harbor that helped it grow as a trade center.

13 Boston, MA This city is the capital of Massachusetts. It is located on a harbor at the mouth of Charles River. Boston is the largest city in the New England region.

14 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia is known as the “birthplace of the nation.”Both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written there.

15 Erie Canal This man-made waterway links Lake Erie with the Hudson River in New York. The Erie Canal allowed goods to be transported easily along the Great Lakes and then further west.

16 SS4G1- Geographical Understandings
Locate important physical features in the United States

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