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Objective  Describe the colonial activities of Europeans in North America.

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2 Objective  Describe the colonial activities of Europeans in North America.

3 Competing Claims in North America  Spain claimed the western route to Asia – around tip of South America  “Strait of Magellan”  Treaty of Tordesilla (1494) – line that divided Spain and Portugal’s claims. Portugal got west of the line, which included most of the Americas, Portugal got land to the east, which included parts of modern-day Brazil  Other European nations get jealous (England, France, Netherlands)  GOAL: find a northern route, which would make the western route to Asia much easier than the Spanish route  Fail…so they spend their time and effort doing what?


5 NEW FRANCENEW FRANCE  What is their reason for exploration?  What is the general location of French settlement?  Who are the significant French explorers?

6 Giovanni de VerrazanoGiovanni de Verrazano  Italian in service of France  1524  Modern-day New York Harbor

7 Jacques CartierJacques Cartier  " discover certain islands and lands where it is said that a great quantity of gold and other precious things are to be found ”  First to document the name “Canada,” from the Native’s word “kanata”  St. Lawrence River  Three voyages

8 SIGNIFICANCE: Having already located the entrance to the St. Lawrence on his first voyage, he opened up the greatest waterway for the European penetration of North America.

9 Samuel de ChamplainSamuel de Champlain  1608  Founded Quebec & New France  “The Father of New France”  1 st accurate map of the Canadian coast

10 Jacques Marquette & Louis Joliet  Marquette  Priest  Joliet  Trader  1673 – explored Great Lakes & the upper Mississippi River

11 Sieur de La SalleSieur de La Salle  Explored Great Lakes, Mississippi River, & Gulf of Mexico  Claimed all of Mississippi for France  Named Louisiana in honor of Louis XIV

12 By the early 1700s, New France covered much of what is now the Midwest US and Eastern Canada.  Fur Trade  Beaver Pelts  1600s-1800s  Almost went extinct  European population by 1760 in New France…  Only around 65,000  People NOT interested in settling down and staying for a long time…just wanted to make money off of the land and go home.

13 How would you compare New France and New Spain? BOTH found wealth and converted natives New Spain: South, gold, cities New France: North, furs, scattered

14  Why were France’s North American holding so sparsely populated? Priests and fur traders had no desire to build towns and start families

15 The English Arrive in North America  1606: Virginia Company in London received charter from King James to settle the New World  3 ships, over 100 settlers  Claimed land & named it Jamestown, in honor of their king  Why did Jamestown get a bad start?

16 Jamestown, VAJamestown, VA  7/10 people died of hunger, disease, or battles with Native Americans  1 st permanent colony in North America  What made them successful eventually?  More interested in finding gold

17 “New England”“New England”  1620: Pilgrims found 2 nd colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts  In search of religious freedom  1630: Puritans sought religious freedom from Anglican Church  What is a Puritan?  Goal: to build model community for other Christians to follow  Why did they succeed?

18 Henry HudsonHenry Hudson  1609  Englishman in service of the Dutch  Goal: find a northwest trade route to Asia  Found/explored three waterways – Hudson Bay, Hudson River, Hudson Strait


20 “New Netherland”“New Netherland”  Dutch claimed Hudson’s finds  Fur trade – Iroquois Indians  1621: Dutch West India Company  Hard time colonizing…Dutch people didn’t want to go.  Invited Germans, French, Scandinavians, and others.

21 How were the Dutch and French colonies different from the English colonies in North America? more populated, began for religious reasons English mainly for commerce Dutch & French

22 What was the use of the Caribbean Islands?  Cotton & sugar plantations

23 French : Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique Dutch : captured the Antilles and Aruba from Spain (1634) Caribbea n 1600s English : Barbados, Jamaica

24 The Struggle for North America  France, England, and Netherlands battled for supremacy in North America  English oust the Dutch  Dutch separated the Northern and Southern English colonies  1664: King Charles II granted permission to drive out the Dutch  Dutch surrendered  Duke of York renamed the land “New York”

25  With the Dutch gone…English could settle the entire east coast  By 1750, about 1.2 million English settlers lived in the colonies  BUT…they still weren’t happy.  Growing population led to a need for more land  English push farther west and collide with French holdings

26  What do you think were the most valuable amenities in the New World?

27 Ticket Out The DoorTicket Out The Door  What are the differences between Jamestown and the Pilgrims’ settlement?

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