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RCDs Working Together to Develop Regional Capacity and New Strategies for Conservation Napa County RCD, Sonoma RCD, Gold Ridge RCD, and Mendocino County.

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1 RCDs Working Together to Develop Regional Capacity and New Strategies for Conservation Napa County RCD, Sonoma RCD, Gold Ridge RCD, and Mendocino County RCD

2 Drivers for Accelerated Regional Collaboration: the Creation of LandSmart™ Regional conservation issues and competition with other conservation oriented groups TMDLs and specific waste discharge requirements in two watersheds Grower desire for options to comply with waste discharge requirement

3 Program Development Goals Compete with other regional organizations Create a recognizable name and brand in a region Provide a regionally consistent program that allows for flexibility to meet individual district needs Support technical staff sharing among districts

4 Program Development Process Shared desire (recognition of need) to collaborate Enlisted a branding consultant Communication and trust to form a game-plan Each District contributed based upon their staffing, their areas of expertise, and financial situation

5 Purpose of LandSmart TM Assist land managers in accomplishing their natural resource goals and meeting or exceeding environmental regulations Provide technical assistance and financial support to plan and implement resource conservation practices Deliver opportunities for youth to be actively engaged in stewarding local resources TM

6 LandSmart TM Services LandSmart TM Planning – Farm conservation plans and management practices LandSmart TM On-the-Ground – Project implementation, cost-share opportunities, practical “on-the- ground” trainings LandSmart TM for Kids – Engaging youth in natural resource management and conservation projects LandSmart TM Water Resources

7 Information, resources, updates, and program materials available publicly

8 Milestones and Accomplishments Funding acquired Trademarked the LandSmart™ name Workshops conducted Brand used as umbrella program – website and outreach materials Over 5,100 acres of land enrolled in Sonoma County to complete a farm or ranch plan Added a new RCD to the partnership

9 LandSmart TM Planning Results in a plan to satisfy future water quality regulations + Optional “Compliance Plus” sections Multiple land uses – vineyard, equine, grazing/rangeland “Open-source” planning and reference materials Flexibility for the user Innovation – “Resilience is a process not an end-point”

10 LandSmart TM Planning Process Options Most RCD Involvement Least RCD Involvement Grower contacts RCD/NRCS for individual assistance. RCD/NRCS and grower complete plan together. RCD/NRCS conducts site visits for assessment (e.g., roads and waterways). RCD/NRCS assists grower to select BMPs and finalize plan. Optional “certification.” Grower attends series of workshops (2 classroom + 1 field training). Grower works through template and seeks assistance from RCD/NRCS as needed (e.g., maps, road / waterway assessment). Grower finalizes plan. Optional “certification.” Grower downloads template and reference guide and starts the plan independently – seeks help from RCD/NRCS when desirable. Optional “certification.” Grower downloads template and reference guide and completes the plan independent of RCD/NRCS. Optional “certification.”

11 LandSmart TM Vineyard Planning V1 Plan Template and Resource Binder Complete and On-line Launch in Sonoma Valley (Summer 2014) Certification process being reviewed by Water Board and LandSmart RCDs Water Board staff supportive of program, materials & process

12 LandSmart TM Vineyard Template Property Description Vineyard Facility Maps Managing Agrichemicals Managing Erosion in Vineyard Blocks and Avenues Managing Natural Waterways, Ditches and Spillways Roads and Crossings Photo Monitoring Tracking Implementation of your Farm Plan

13 LandSmart TM for Vineyards Reference Guide On-Line Program basics Mapping aids & references Natural resources information BMP Fact Sheets Agrichemical handling Integrated Pest Mgmt. Treating common pests Nutrient management / composting Erosion & runoff control Streamside practices Road treatment options & typical drawings Monitoring Protocols

14 LandSmart for Equine Version 1 template underway First workshop scheduled for November 2014 Version 1 template and fact sheets completed First workshop hosted in the Laguna watershed in September 2013 LandSmart for Rangeland

15 LandSmart for Kids Engaging students in ecological restoration and stewardship ethic Environmental & Water Quality Benefits Connection to Agriculture and the Environment Introduction to Resource Management Careers

16 LandSmart On-the-Ground Improving Rural Roads Projects Technical Resources Technical Trainings & Oversight Workshops

17 LandSmart On-the-Ground Habitat Improvements Fish Barrier Removal Riparian Restoration Upland Habitat Projects Beneficial Insect Projects

18 LandSmart Water Resources Mobile Irrigation Evaluations Rainwater Catchment Projects Slow It! Spread It! Sink It! Practices Water Source Alternatives Stormwater Management Practices

19 Regional Benefits-Capacity Among RCDs Improved communication between the RCDs Increased access to technical staff Shared resources and templates to adapt Framework to engage with landowners and NRCS in conservation planning Tools to help landowners across region meet regulatory requirements and implement BMP’s Regional branding makes us more competitive and recognizable

20 Challenges Upholding standards and providing consistent service throughout the Region Timely communication Funding limitations to provide the same level of services Consistency in use of the brand (philosophical differences local v regional thinking)

21 Next Steps Strengthen the regional partnership Add more land uses to conservation planning – Orchard template – Forest template – Row crop template Address emerging resource concerns – Carbon beneficial practices / soil health – Energy Potential expansion to other regional collaborations of RCDs

22 Thank You! Mendocino County RCD Linda MacElwee 707-462-3664 x 103 Gold Ridge RCD Brittany Heck 707-823-5244 Sonoma RCD Kara Heckert 707-569-1448 x 104 Napa County RCD Leigh Sharp 707-252-4188 x 110

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