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Created By: Heath Hurst Scot Haley Jill Krause Watershed Leadership Academy 2014.

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1 Created By: Heath Hurst Scot Haley Jill Krause Watershed Leadership Academy 2014

2 Features: Fun facts about water History of water Land use Watersheds Best Management Practices To produce one gallon of milk, a dairy cow drinks 4 gallons of water.

3 Encourage people to start thinking about the importance of water Durable Customizable Inexpensive Multi-purpose “Our goal for the game is to make learning about water and watersheds something fun for groups of all ages.” - Jill Krause, Allen County SWCD

4 Currently consists of over 70 question-and-answer cards Separated into 3 categories: Green Orange Green=Beginner Orange=Intermediate Red Red=Advanced


6 One inch of rain falling on one acre of ground equals: 27,154 gallons, which weighs 113 tons. A Grassed Waterway- Grass waterways are a type of conservation buffer, designed to prevent soil erosion while draining runoff water from adjacent cropland. As water travels down the waterway, the grass vegetation prevents erosion that would otherwise result from concentrated flows. Grass waterways also help prevent gully erosion in areas of concentrated flow. A -The best way for Brenda & Justin to deal with their trash is to take it with them when they leave and throw it away in a trash can. Packing the trash and throwing it away later will ensure that the campsite is left clean for the next people who use it. It also ensures that the trash won't get eaten by wildlife or pollute a nearby stream or lake. (Although burning some of the trash like paper would do little harm, burning plastics can release toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Even though the campsite would appear clean if Brenda and Justin buried their trash, the trash could be dug up by wildlife and strewn about the area. Even if the trash remains buried, it could take many years to break down into soil.)

7 Brittany, age 12: “Do we really use that much water?” Hyounou, age 24, suggested: “Maybe there should be dice our something to help decide what questions you get” Jessalyn, age 25,: “I don’t know as much about water, as I thought I would.” & “Can I have a copy?” Jacob, Age 16: “That was actually fun!”

8 Diane Spiller (mother, foster-parent, and care-giver to those playing ): “That is just great, not only are they learning something new, but they are also reading out loud, which some of them needed and they’re having fun...”

9 United States Environmental Protection Agency Allen County Soil and Water Conservation District Natural Resources Conservation Service The Blue River Watershed Group (Colorado)

10 Do you want this game???  Copy of Cards  Card Template  Card Protective Sleeves (optional)  Card Box (optional)  Copy of Game board  Dice What you need……

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