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Waterway Permits Update questions to:

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1 Waterway Permits Update Email questions to:

2 What’s New & Up and Coming 2014 Waterway Permits Manual  New impact tables  New Regional General Permit Guidance  New flow charts  Updated Mitigation Section  Updated permit application examples

3 What’s New & Up and Coming Waterway Permits Website  New layout  Better organization  Updated permit guidance  User-friendly electronic Waterway Permits Manual

4 Regional General Permit Renewal Negotiations initiated with USACE November 2013 Estimated public notice period: late March/early April Features & improvements may include:  no stream length restriction for linear projects  temporary fill built into Sections A & B  flexible flow requirement methods  no stream gage PCN trigger  Individual permit waiver option

5 Ordinary High Water Mark/ Flow Requirement Issues Incorrect OHWM considerations:  Evaluator not qualified  Time of year and flow conditions  Impacts to flow requirements Temporary Access Fill does not meet flow requirements:  Reassess OHWM  Re-evaluate timing TAF is installed  Add plan note or special provisions condition to address specific contractual requirements

6 Constructability Reviews May be necessary for bridges with flow requirement concerns, individual permits, and large temporary access fills Early review during planning stages by designer and construction Avoid contractor issues after project had sold If issues after sale, contractor will need to provide justification for re-design

7 Questions

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