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Westward Movement! By Mr. Lin (of course ) Image Courtesy of

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1 Westward Movement! By Mr. Lin (of course ) Image Courtesy of

2 What Was the Louisiana Territory? This territory included the middle third of our current country. It stretched from west of the Mississippi River to Colorado and Texas. When Americans first needed to use the Mississippi River, it originally belonged to Spain. Unfortunately, Spain would not allow the United States to use the river! Image Courtesy of

3 The Louisiana Territory Image Courtesy of

4 French Connection French Emperor Napoleon signed a treaty to have the Spanish hand over the Louisiana Territory. This was officially completed in 1803. Image Courtesy of

5 President Thomas Jefferson 3 rd U.S. President Already famous for writing the VA Statute of Religious Freedom, and the Declaration of Independence Already famous for being an inventor, scientist, and “Father of modern Archaeology” In 1803, Jefferson found a reason AND WAY to purchase the Louisiana Territory (along with the Mississippi River) Image Courtesy of

6 Thomas Jefferson

7 How Did Jefferson Buy the Louisiana Territory From France? Jefferson knew that Napoleon desired to dominate Europe. In fact, Napoleon needed money to pay for the wars he was fighting. Jefferson sent Monroe to offer to buy only the City of New Orleans (and control of the Mississippi River) for $10 Million. Image Courtesy of /images/jm5.gif

8 What Ended Up Happening? We are prepared to offer $10 Million for the City of New Orleans and control of the Mississippi River! Hmm... Sounds interesting. Let me think about it, Monroe. 1803. In a meeting between James Monroe and Emperor Napoleon

9 An interesting proposal indeed. Hmm... Why don’t I just sell the entire Louisiana Territory for $15 Million! I don’t need the land after all... But I do need money to TAKE OVER EUROPE!!! mmmmwwwahahahHAHA! Later on in his study...

10 Upon hearing Napoleon’s new offer of the ENTIRE LOUISIANA TERRITORY for $15 Million... $15 Million for the ENTIRE Louisiana Territory?! ONLY $15 Million? Is he crazy? That is ridiculously cheap!

11 ... finally Well? What do you think? What will it be, Monroe? DEAL? Or NO DEAL?! DEAL! For only $15 Million, of course it’s a deal! I’d be insane if I thought otherwise! I still think the Emperor’s crazy!

12 1804 In 1804, the Louisiana Territory was officially handed over to the United States. Overnight, the United States had doubled its size! Now tell me... Is that awesome? Or is it cool? Ummm... I believe that would simply be “Suh-weeeet!”

13 Umm... Well, that’s an interesting question Clubhouse. I’ll call up my friends Lewis and Clark to find out for us all! SO WHAT DID YOU BUY?!

14 The Lewis and Clark Expedition Lewis was a friend of Jefferson. Clark was selected to be the other leader. Mission : –1. To find a waterway to the Northwest –2. Discover new plant and animal species. Capt. Meriwether Lewis Image Courtesy of wikipedia/en/5/50/ MeriwetherLewis.jpeg 2 nd LT. William Clark Image Courtesy of wikipedia/de/thumb/a/aa/ WilliamClark.jpeg/180px- WilliamClark.jpeg

15 Sacagawea An American Indian who helped Lewis and Clark cross through Indian territory peacefully. She also helped the expedition survive throughout the journey.

16 Northwest Waterway? Could there be a waterway to the west?

17 Result of the Expedition Lewis and Clark did not find a Northwest Water Passage. –None existed Lewis and Clark did, however, observe, draw, and write about hundreds of new species and plants!

18 James Madison As President James Madison became our 4 th President. Even though he did many great things in his life (Father of the U.S. Constitution), his presidency is best known for going to war with England a second time. James Madison Image Courtesy of

19 James Madison

20 “Impressing” – And I don’t mean the good way  England and France were both in the middle of battling each other. They needed more and more sailors to serve on warships in their Navy. Both countries decided to kidnap U.S. sailors and “press” them into service in their own navies. –This was called “impressing.” Obviously, the U.S. did not like this idea. Image Courtesy of ure.jpg

21 Ahh … What a beautiful day! And this looks like a good place to fish Wait! Who’s this? Get off your boat! You are now to fight with us against the French... FOR ENGLAND!!! NEVER! Well... Perhaps these guns will convince you! Oh. Hehe... Nevermind. You win. Just keep those guns away from me, okay sir?! One fine and peaceful day at sea

22 Good Choice. No kidding! You just sunk another American ship! Moments later... MmwwaahahahAHA HAH! You Americans are weak!

23 How Did Americans Respond to Impressing? We first asked France to stop impressing us to fight the British. The French agree. Americans yell, “YAY!” Then we ask England to stop impressing our sailors to fight the French. The British simply laugh at us. Americans yell, “WAR!”

24 Thus begins the War of 1812 England strikes first. The British land in the Hampton Roads, and lay waste to Norfolk and Newport News by setting a trail of blazes all the way to Washington D.C. They burn down D.C. and the White House James Madison escaped early. Dolly Madison, however, stuck around to save top- secret documents and priceless and valuable artifacts before she leaves. –She barely escapes as the British come riding up to the White House.

25 Images of the War of 1812 The British torch Washington D.C. Image Courtesy of

26 Images of the War of 1812 Dolly Madison Image Courtesy of madison.jpg/440px-Dolley-madison.jpg

27 Images of the War of 1812 Dolly Madison saves government documents and works of art Image Courtesy of

28 Americans Fight Back The Battle of Presque Isle –Pennsylvanians and the U.S. Navy build warships on Lake Erie to battle British ships coming from Canada. –Americans score a victory! –“We have met the enemy, and they are ours!” Image Courtesy of pg

29 Pennsylvania License Plate Image Courtesy of

30 Americans Fight Back Battle of New Orleans –Interestingly, this happened right after we signed a peace treaty with England and declared the war a tie. –Unfortunately, mail did not travel fast enough to New Orleans –General Andrew Jackson (future 7 th President, and face on the 20 dollar bill) ends up battling the British. General Jackson had a relatively small army. –Cool Fact: Jackson had the help of a small band of pirates under Jean Lafitte. They score a crushing victory over the British. –So even though the war was officially tied, the Americans got the last laugh.

31 Battle of New Orleans Image Courtesy of

32 Battle of New Orleans Image Courtesy of

33 Battle of New Orleans Image Courtesy of

34 Battle of New Orleans Image Courtesy of

35 Monroe Doctrine After beating a world power like England, the United States finally gets some respect. James Monroe becomes the next (fifth) president. He makes a “doctrine” or rule that Europe may no longer create new colonies in both North and South America. –The United States will also begin encouraging old colonies to break free from countries like England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Leave North and South America alone!!

36 James Monroe




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