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Introduction & Capabilities Illinois Wing

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1 Introduction & Capabilities Illinois Wing
Headquarters Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol “Eyes of the Homeland Skies” Illinois Wing Headquarters This briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

2 Since World War II, volunteers have answered the call to serve and protect their community
state and nation...

3 CAP: A History of Service
Formed December 1st, 1941 Performed wartime anti-submarine patrols Found 153 enemy subs Attacked 57 Sank 3 Designated official USAF Auxiliary in 1948

4 CAP: a History of Service
CAP is tasked with 85% of all inland Search and Rescue Missions in CONUS pilot rescued by CAP

5 Realtime video kept losses to a minimum
Typical Missions Airborne Damage Assessment Realtime video kept losses to a minimum

6 Other Typical CAP Missions
Crash Site Location Disaster Relief Missing Person Search

7 About CAP Personnel Volunteers Uniformed, disciplined professionals Fingerprinted, backgrounds checked Methodical Training Practiced and Proficient

8 CAP 9/11 Response CAP Aircraft were in the air within 6 hours
Immediate mission tasking included: Whole blood transport Photo Recon Special Equipment Transport FEMA & State EOC Staffing Red Cross Shelter Management Guard & Reserve Base Assistance

9 CAP Recon of Ground Zero
FEMA tasked Photo Sortie on 9/12/2001

10 CAP Recon of Ground Zero
FEMA tasked Photo Sortie on 9/17/2001

11 CAP 9/11 Response SARDA invoked by FAA & DoD
21 Wings involved in transport missions 8,700 CAP members mobilized nationwide 450 members staffed FEMA & State EOCs 48 Sorties flown in the first 72 hours 564 hours flown in support of various missions

12 CASE STUDY: Olympic Security

13 Civil Air Patrol Tasking
CAP Olympic Security Civil Air Patrol Tasking “Provide security and traffic observation in support of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Additionally, the Air Force Auxiliary will conduct security overflights of key public utility facilities as well as intelligence collection and detection of potential airborne threats.”

14 CAP Olympic Security Over 250 Members supported the mission
8 Law Enforcement Observers flew on CAP A/C 9 Aircraft were available at all times 535 Hours of Infrastructure Protection flown Realtime sortie re-tasking from police dispatchers Provided single-frame and fly-back video

15 Secure Communications Outlet
Unmarked truck spotted in restricted area (invisible from the road)

16 Secure Communications Outlet
CAP Crew orbits the site, examining the area from all sides...

17 Secure Communications Outlet
Subject notices he’s being observed...

18 Secure Communications Outlet
USCS Agents arriving

19 Remote Communications Outlet
Vehicles spotted in prohibited area...

20 Incursion by unauthorized personnel verified...
Remote Communications Outlet Incursion by unauthorized personnel verified...

21 Secure Communications Outlet
State Police move in to detain suspects

22 CAP Olympic Security Generated 1 Law Enforcement action per day Half of all sorties re-tasked en-route Average response time was 5 Minutes to on station 2,232 photos uploaded to secure Web site for distribution to UOPSC, FBI, Customs Service All customers very happy with CAP’s performance

23 CASE STUDY: Counter Narcotics

24 Over 20,000 hours flown to accomplish...
Counter Narcotics Ops Over 20,000 hours flown to accomplish... Marijuana growing area reconnaissance Marijuana eradication support Monitoring of unauthorized border crossing Reconnaissance of harbors and coastal zones Aerial photography of uncharted landing areas Transport of critical personnel and evidence Airborne communications relay platforms Intercept training for ASA / radar evaluation

25 Aerial Identification of Growing Site

26 Aerial Identification of Growing Site

27 CAP Counter Narcotics Results
In 2001 CAP assisted with discovery / seizure of: Marijuana $742,828,700 Cocaine $59,440,800 Meth-amphetamines $2,060,400 Grand Total $804,329,900 Number of Arrests: 477 Last year’s totals according to partner agencies

28 Chicago Waterway Patrol

29 Chicago Waterway Patrol
September, 2002 exercise at Midway Airport US Coast Guard tasking: a survey of the Cal-Sag waterway, to develop the first catalog of HAZARDS to NAVIGATION CAP Aircrew completed the entire survey in a single sortie. (Downtown to the Calumet) Over a dozen targets spotted, located, and photographed USCG responded to spill in-progress DVD Video & Stills delivered same day

30 Hazards to navigation like this were spotted, marked and reported

31 This spill, which was spotted in-progress
was later investigated by USCG

32 The sortie also demonstrated our capability to inspect shipping on the river

33 IL Dept of Transportation Division of Aeronautics
Illinois Wing, CAP IL Dept of Transportation Division of Aeronautics State of Illinois

34 . IDOT Mission Support During natural disasters or terrorist attacks
Aerial reconnaissance of highways, waterways, bridges and railroads Aerial transport of key IDOT and state officials State-wide radio message relay using ground & airborne commo platforms Participated with other state agencies in TOPOFF 2 bioterrorism exercise Normal operations Airborne monitoring of waterway polluters Routine patrols of lakeshore, sporting events, Illinois state fair, etc. Aerial monitoring of power plants, water plants, nuclear facilities, water retention areas, etc. .

35 Div Aero Mission Support
Assist state airport operators by providing trained volunteers at airshows and fly-ins for flight line safety, crowd control and VIP escort Active support of annual Wings flight safety weekend Co-sponsors flight clinics Conducted extensive airport surveys CAP aircraft used in support of Restricted Landing Area surveys IL Wing’s eight powered aircraft are based at various airports purchasing fuel and maintenance from local FBO's. Participated in General Aviation Airport Watch in support of state and federal homeland security

36 Div Aero Mission Support
Assumed Div of Aero’s role in support of Aerospace Education in Illinois schools Promote aerospace and aviation as possible career paths Conduct aerospace seminars for teachers and administrators Provide hands-on educational material to teachers Sponsors international aviation art contest Annual Johnson Flight Encampment for cadets held at Coles County Airport increases airport utilization, adds to revenues and attracts large number of local sightseers Charter member and sponsor of Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame

37 State of Illinois Missions
CAP supports the state with extremely cost effective search and rescue and disaster relief resources Conducting special training in missing persons searches Active state-wide counter drug flight program CAP cadet program provides proven alternative to street gangs and drugs for Illinois youth IL serving as test-bed for middle school initiative opening cadet membership to younger ages Plans are in place to continue expansion of CAP squadrons in inner-city schools CAP cadet squadrons provide color and honor guard services to numerous communities Annual host of International Air Cadet Exchange

38 Cost Comparison 3.98 25.27 44.32 CAP is an efficient force multiplier


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