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US Coast Guard Auxiliary 75 Years of History. Founders Yachtsman Malcolm Stuart Boylan - On August 23, 1934, Boylan sent a letter to a USCG Officer friend.

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1 US Coast Guard Auxiliary 75 Years of History

2 Founders Yachtsman Malcolm Stuart Boylan - On August 23, 1934, Boylan sent a letter to a USCG Officer friend outlining a basic concept for a Coast Guard reserve. RADM Waesche read the letter, agreed with the concept and helped gain Congressional approval of the Coast Guard Reserve.

3 1939 COAST GUARD RESERVE ESTABLISHED To promote efficiency in the operation of yachts and motorboats To foster a wider knowledge of and better compliance with the laws, rules and regulations governing the operation of motorboats To promote safety and effect rescues on the high seas and navigable waters To facilitate other operations of the Coast Guard

4 1940s

5 Title 14, Part II 19 February 1941 Splits the Coast Guard Reserve into two Organizations  Coast Guard Reserve (Military)  Coast Guard Auxiliary (Civilian)

6 WWII Service Freed up Manpower for War Activities by Providing: Search And Rescue Support Patrol and Picket Duty Port Security Limited Aviation Patrols

7 Picket Duty was the deployment of USCG Reserve and USCG Auxiliary sailboats along the 50 fathom contour line to report German U-boat sightings.


9 Aviation Public Law 451 authorized owners of civilian aircraft to join the Auxiliary in 1945 Patrols began from Vail Airfield, Los Angeles, California

10 Auxiliary Aviation Today

11 VSC PROGRAM 1947 – Courtesy Boat Inspections (CBI) would become one of the four cornerstones 1950s – Courtesy Motorboat Examinations (CME) 1972 – Courtesy Marine Examinations (CME) Included sailboats

12 Courtesy Motorboat Examination (CME)

13 VSC PROGRAM (Cont.) 1991 – CME decals extended to Personal Water Craft (PWC) 2000 – Program renamed Vessel Safety Check Program (VSCP)

14 Vessel Safety Check

15 PUBLIC EDUCATION Public Education (PE) program launched at 1948 National Motorboat Show in New York City. Commandant issued a directive for the Auxiliary to instruct the boating public. Developed into second Auxiliary Cornerstone.






21 1950s

22 Boating Safety First 8-lesson boating safety course established January 1950

23 AIM PROGRAM Established 1955 Academy Introduction Program:  200 high school seniors selected to attend a one week “Swab Summer” sample at the Coast Guard Academy  Auxiliary actively participated then as it does today AIM has grown to over 500 students in 3 Sessions


25 Auxiliary Development AUXOP (Auxiliary Operations Status) Established

26 Auxiliary Development First National Commodore (NACO) Elected 1951 Bert C. Pouncey, Jr. National Commodore Thomas C. Mallison Elected 2012.

27 Original Insignia

28 Today's Insignia

29 1960s & 1970s

30 The Auxiliary by 1979: 928 Flotillas 40,000 Members (There were 24,580 in 1960) 1500 Auxiliary Instructors 7000 assists / 6500 Safety Patrols per year Cooperation with U.S. Power Squadrons Had a National Publication “NAVIGATOR”

31 OPERATIONS The Third Auxiliary Cornerstone

32 OPERATIONS Patrols 1972

33 Assists

34 ATON & PATON Checks Active in checking and verifying Aids to Navigation (ATON) and Private Aids to Navigation (PATON)

35 1980s and 1990s

36 1980s Highlights Auxiliary (AUX) assists with patrols during America's Cup race in California AUX establishes a Boat Crew Training Program AUX participates in search for remains of Challenger Shuttle explosion off Florida Districts reorganize into regions 1989 marks the Auxiliary’s 50 th Anniversary AUX assists in Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina

37 1990s Highlights USCG initiates integration of Auxiliarists into everyday CG operations: inspection of commercial fishing vessels, fly as Air Observers in C-130 aircraft, work in CG offices and, if qualified, participate as CG boat crew.

38 1990s Highlights cont. AUX supports CG in Desert Shield/Storm. Auxiliarists fill many billets vacated by CG active duty deployed overseas. AUX supports 1990 Goodwill Games, Seattle, Washington, conducting safety patrols. AUX assists in Haitian/Cuban boat lift - largest Search And Rescue operation since WWII. AUX assists in Hurricane Bonnie. AUX assists in Hurricane Floyd.


40 2000s

41 9/11 11 September, 2001 President George W. Bush signs Homeland Security Bill transferring USCG (and the Auxiliary) from the Department of Transportation to the new Department of Homeland Security

42 Trident Program supporting CG's marine safety and environmental protection initiatives Advocated. AUX joins Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in wake of hurricanes that struck Florida and created havoc over southeastern U.S. Many Auxiliarists serve 2-week billets as Community Relations Assistance Officers. Auxiliarists collaborate with CG in strengthening port security in the Seattle, Washington area.

43 Auxiliary units assist with recovery efforts of Alaskan Airlines crash off the coast of California In 2005 Auxiliary members support FEMA activities during Hurricane Katrina, the most significant response to a national emergency in Auxiliary history 2010, Auxiliary members support with Deepwater Horizon disaster assistance

44 Waterways Watch Auxiliary actively supports promotion of and involvement in America's Waterway Watch security program.


46 USCGC Dallas (WHEC-716) Interpreter Alicja Power translating English into Ukrainian for CAPT Robert Wagner, CO of CGC Dallas in Georgia (AUG/ SEP 2008) The Interpreter Corps, a component of the International Affairs Directorate, has 452 Interpreters who are fluent in 48 languages and who log over 50,000 mission hours per year. Interpreters provide oral and written translation services for the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps and have been deployed to every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

47 Auxiliary University Programs Auxiliary University Programs are home to the best and brightest college students, serving their communities and country in marine safety, security, and stewardship.

48 On Any Given Day (in 2006) The U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Saved 1 life Assisted 28 people Completed more than 62 safety patrols Performed 299 vessel safety checks Educated 369 people on boating safety Participated in 100 operational support missions Attended 70 public affairs functions

49 Auxiliary Resources 12/31/2013 3,415 Operational Vessels 236 Aircraft 2,459 Communications Stations 30,521 Members

50 Auxiliary Qualified Team Members 12/31/2013 Boat Crew 4,112 Auxiliary Coxswains 2,494 Air Observers 173 Pilots 280 Instructors 5,632 Personal Watercraft Operators 208

51 Auxiliary Volunteer Mission Hours 2013 Public Affairs: 105,230 Operations and Other CG Support Missions: 401,544 Hours of Public Education: 34,988 Hours of Member Training: 52,651 Total Auxiliary Hours for the Year: 3,389,511



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