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Transport and Communications

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1 Transport and Communications
A Road to Development Md. Mozammel Haque Khan Secretary Roads and Railways Division Ministry of Communication 1

2 Transport and Communications
Sector relates to : Roads and Railways Division, M/O. Communication (RHD, BR, BRTA, BRTC, DTCB) Bridges Division, M/O. Communication Ministry of Shipping ( IWTA, IWTC) Local Government Division (LGED, DCC) Ministry of Civil Aviation And Tourism

3 Vision: to develop a robust and balanced road network that can provide a high degree of mobility, accessibility and safety. to establish a modern transport system which is more safe, affordable, technologically dependable, environment friendly, and acceptable to all citizens of the country To take advantage of country’s geographical position to trade in transport services 3

4 Modal Share of Passenger and Freight Traffic in 2005
Modes of Transport Passenger Freight Billion ton- km Share (%) Road 98.4 88 15.7 80 Rail 4.2 4 0.8 IWT 8.9 8 3.0 16 Total 111.5 100 19.6 Source: Revival of Inland Waterways: Strategies and Options, Report, World Bank 2007 4

5 Share in GDP Sectors Name Sub-sector Land Transport 7.53 Water 0.64
% of GDP Land Transport 7.53 Bangladesh Railway : 0.08 Road Transport (mechanized) : 5.28 Road Transport (non-mechanized): 2.17 Water 0.64 Air 0.10 Total 8.27 Source: Statistical Year Book of Bangladesh 2008 5

6 Total Transport Network
Category Length in Km 1. Roads 103,536 Highways : 20,948 Rural Roads : 82,588 2. Railways 2,834 3. Inland Waterways 24,000 Navigable: during monsoon during dry season 5,968 3,865 6

7 Classification criteria
Inland Water Transport Network by Category Class Indicated Draft Length in Km. Classification criteria I 3.6 meter 683 at least 3.6 m required to maintain round the year. II 2.1 meter 1000 major inland ports or place of economic importance to class I routes. III 1.5 meter 1885 seasonal in nature IV <1.5 meter 2400 in dry season no navigability Total 5968 7

8 Road accident: about 2% of GDP loss per year.
8 Source: Accident Research Centre (ARC), BUET

9 Policy Documents Approved : National Land Transport Policy 2004,
20-Year Bangladesh Road Master Plan (RMP) 2007 20-Year Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for greater Dhaka 20-Year Rural Road Master Plan National Policy for Ports, Ocean Shipping and Inland Water Transport (2000), and Steps Towards Change: National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction (NSAPR)- II 9

10 Documents awaiting approval:
Policy Documents contd. Documents awaiting approval: Draft Integrated Multi-modal Transport Policy (IMTP) Road Maintenance Fund 20-year Railway Master Plan Inland Water Transport Master Plan Study (2009) Parking Policy 10

11 Key Issues Ahead construction of the Padma Bridge
reduction of traffic congestion of Dhaka City, construction of BRT, MRT and elevated expressways, flyovers/overpasses etc. improve global and regional connectivity standardization of road, railway and waterway networks capital dredging of riverine channels establish circular rail and waterways in and around the Dhaka city establishment of a Dhaka Mass Transit Authority (DMTA) 11 11

12 Challenges creation of more physical facilities
construction of new roads, new railway tracks, flyovers, tunnels, metro rails, BRT, elevated expressways etc, widening ( 4 lane) of National Highways, widening of Asian Highways - regional and international connectivity standardization of Axle Load design for International and regional connectivity construction of BR’s important missing links integration of multimodal facilities improve traffic management asset preservation/periodic maintenance (particularly roads, railways) 12 12 12

13 Challenges (contd.) accomplish reform process of DTCB and BR
digitalization (e-tendering, e-ticketing etc) of services raising of road embankment to accommodate the effect of global climate change capital dredging of main riverine channel capacity enhancement of ports establishment of deep sea ports, hub of international transit facilities activate circular waterways in and around the Dhaka city construction of 2nd Padma Multi-purpose bridge 13 13

14 Milestone Progress Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) Final scheme design already completed PQ tender yet to be invited 14

15 Salient Features of PMB
Bridge Length : 6.15 km long Carriageway 4-lane Bridge type Two Level Road-cum-Rail (Composite Steel Truss) Bridge Approach Road 12 Km. River Training 16 km. Construction Duration: Commencement Completion Sep 2009 Dec 2013 15 15

16 Financing of PMB Total Cost : About US$ 2.4 billion
Indication from Development Partners: World Bank-1200 million ADB-550 million JICA-300 million IDB-130 million Abudabi Fund-31.4 million Total= million GoB million (estimated in 2009) 16

17 Salient Features of the Proposed 2nd Padma Bridge
Bridge Length : 6.10 km long Bridge width 25.00m. River Training Works 18.4 Km. Approach Road 15.50 Km. Bridge Type Pre-stressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge. 17

18 Cost and Financing of the 2nd Padma Bridge Project
Project Cost Total : US$ million GoB : US$ million PA : US$ million (estimated in April. 2009) Project Aid (US$ m) GoB US$ m) 32% 32% 68% 68% 18

19 Dhaka Circular Elevated Expressway
Total Length : 32.2 km (3 Phases: 1st Phase km) Carriageway : 4 lane Design Speed : 80 KPH Starting Point : Tongi End Point : Jatrabari. Estimated Cost : About US$ 2.00 billion Financing : Private Investor (BOT/BOOT method) Project duration : EOI invited on : EOI opening : 19

20 Milestone Progress Contd.
Bangladesh has acceded to the Asian Highway Network and physical alignment of Asian Highway route in Bangladesh almost finalized. Intergovernmental Agreement on Trans-Asian Railway network has been accorded by the Cabinet and only awaiting ratification by the Parliament. BRTA and BR initiated digitalization of some services (e-ticketing, driving licenses, etc. RHD introduced Central Management System to ensure better transparency. BR initiated institutional reform, DTCB reconstituted as Dhaka Mass Transit Authority(DMTA) with more power and capacity. Several study programs to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka city by constructing BRT, MRT, flyovers etc. have been undertaken. 20

21 Mass Rapid Transit System
BRT Line 1 Uttara –Saidabad BRT Line 2 Gabtoli –Saidabad BRT Line 3 Uttara –Ramna-Sadarghat MRT Line 4 Uttara- Saidabad MRT Line 5 Gulshan 1-2, Mirpur-Mohammadpur MRT line 6 Mirpur- Saidabad

22 DTCB . 22

23 Circular Waterways around Dhaka
Ashulia Total Length-110 km. Already Completed: Sadarghat to Ashulia (30 km); Dredging: lakh m3. To be Completed: Ashulia to Kanchpur (40 km); Dredging: lakh m3. Sadarghat Kanchpur

24 (with Financial Assistance from JICA)
Recently Completed Major Projects Paksey Bridge (with Financial Assistance from JICA) Location: Kushtia Length: m 24 24

25 (with Financial Assistance from JICA)
Recently Completed Major Projects contd. Rupsha Bridge (with Financial Assistance from JICA) Location: Khulna Length: m 25 25

26 (with Financial Assistance from KFAED)
Recently Completed Major Projects contd. 3rd Karnaphuli Bridge (with Financial Assistance from KFAED) 26 26

27 (with Financial Assistance from KFAED)
Recently Completed Major Projects contd. 3rd Buriganga Bridge (with Financial Assistance from KFAED) 27 27

28 Dhaka Bypass Road constructed by GOB’s own Fund
Recently Completed Major Projects contd. Dhaka Bypass Road constructed by GOB’s own Fund 28 28

Poverty reduction through income generation. Increasing agricultural production Easy access to service facilities 29 29

30 Way Forward Financing agreements with the Development Partners for construction of Padma Bridge need to be expedited. Transport infrastructure projects identified by the transport related agencies need to be financed by the Development partners Technical Assistance for capacity enhancement of the transport agencies and feasibility/design study of investment projects need to be extended Sharing experience of other countries on PPP/BOT model projects 30

31 Way Forward (Contd.) 13,225 km 5,250 Km 45,107 meter 21,100 meter
Roads & Railway Division Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II period Sl. No Physical Activities SFYP target ( ) NSAPR-II target ( ) i. construction/Widening/Improv ment of National & Regional Highways including Asian Highway Network and Padma Bridge access road network and Zila Roads(15 nos.). 13,225 km ( including 320 Km under PPP project) 5,250 Km ii. Construction of new bridges/overpass 45,107 meter 21,100 meter iii. Construction of Tunnel (2 no.) 3,600 meter -

32 Bangladesh Railways Target
Way Forward (contd..) Bangladesh Railways Target Sl No. Item’s Name BR’s target in 6th FYP ( ) BR’s target in NSAPR-II ( ) 1 Construction of New rail lines including Padma, re-opening of closed rail lines. 913 Km 77.19 km 2. Double tracking of tracks. 213 Km & 2 bridges 3. Rehabilitation/up-gradation of existing rail lines 1402 Km 375 km 5. Construction of ICD (capacity of 354,000 TUEs). 1no. 1 no 6. Procurement of Rolling stocks DE locomotives passenger coaches Wagons 186 nos. 450 nos. 1403 nos. 21 nos. 50 nos. 160 nos. 7. Procurement of rail cars (DEMU/DHMUs) for introducing modern commuter trains in urban areas 40 sets 20 sets 8. Modernization of signaling system 113 Stations 25 stations 9. Construction of 2nd Jamuna Bridge in Bahadurabad & Phulchhari ghat. 32

33 LGD Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II Period
Way Forward (contd..) LGD Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II Period Description SFYP Total target ( ) NSAPR-II Target ( ) Construction/Development of Rural Road 10,000 Km 4000 Km Development of Union Road 12,000 Km Construction of Bridges/Culverts 455,184 meter 120,000 meter Construction of Inter District Bus Termina 4 nos. 33

34 Ministry of Shipping Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II Period
Way Forward (contd..) Ministry of Shipping Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II Period Establishment of Deep Sea Port at Sonadia, Chittagong Establishment of Maritime Navigation and GMDSS Communication System Capital dredging of inland waterways (target 2393 km, million Cubic Meter) Procurement of 17 dredgers, 17 crane boats, 6 Tug Boats, 23 House Boats with the accessories 34

35 Projects on BOT/PPP Basis
Sl No Projects Name Progress so far 1 Dhaka- Chittagong Access Control Highway Conceptual Design completed. EOI already invited. 2 Elevated Express Way in Dhaka. EOI invited. 3 BRT and MRT System in Dhaka Study going on 35

36 Expected Support Department/ Organization No. of Projects SFYP period
(in billion US$) NSAPR –II Period Bridges Div. 4 3.629 2.493 MOS/BIWTA 7 4.178 0.711 MOCAT 1 7.140 - RHD 23 1.918 BR 26 3.572 LGED 13 1.524 0.750 DCC 0.47 0.142 BRTA 3 0.046 BRTC 8 0.428 Total 86 23.085 10.102 36

37 Thank you very much 37

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