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GERMAN ETHNIC HERITAGE Gluhwein Syrup (Glow wine Syrup) By Linda Crosby Marketing 301.

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1 GERMAN ETHNIC HERITAGE Gluhwein Syrup (Glow wine Syrup) By Linda Crosby Marketing 301

2 PEOPLE: Earth html html North German lowlands on the Baltic and North Seas to Alps in Southern Germany Climate – temperate (mild to cold) average temperature 9 degrees C (ave 48 degrees F) Precipitation year around Fertile terrain with adequate water resources supporting agriculture and livestock Major bodies of water: North and Baltic Sea – Home to port city of Hamburg Rhine River – most important commercial waterway in Europe Land use: Agricultural: mixed cropland and pasture, grains, sugar beets, and vineyards Industrial: Iron and steel manufacturing, transportation equipment, electrical engineering Natural Resources: Forests, crude oil, natural gas and coal

3 People: History Original inhabitants: Germanic Tribes Part of the Holy Roman Empire – 10 th Century - 1806 Limited control by the central authority of Holy Roman Empire, giving rise to manorial system and feudalism “Patchwork of numerous small principalities and free cities” Lack of authority – lawlessness 16 th Century continued lack of control from the Holy Roman Empire resulted in the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther 30 Years War (1618 – 1648) Germany was in state of misery and starvation. High death toll served to perpetuate serfdom which was declining in other parts of Europe French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars brought end to rule of Holy Roman Empire (1806) creating nationalist movement towards a strong unified state.

4 History (cont.) Franco-Prussian War (1871) - for first time became a power on continental Europe Autocratic rule of Bismark accelerated urbanization and industrialization Coincided with period of heaviest immigration to America Defeat of Germany in WWI resulted in a democratic and centralized federal constitution. As struggling to recover economically, Great Depression increased tensions Nazi and Communist Parties gained strength 1933 Hitler gained full dictatorial power Hitler promised to build an empire that would last 1000 years Defeat at end of WWII Germany was in state of total collapse Cold War: West German recovery and reindustrialization 1990 East and West Germany reunified October 10, 2005 Angela Merkel of Christian Democratic Party elected 1 st woman chancellor

5 People: Culture Heimatkunst: Home Art, term to categorize art forms dealing with rural and provincial life. Prior to 1871, 2/3 of population lived in rural communities Following years were period of rapid urbanization Art form provided stable ground to cope with change and provide identity Sense of national and local belonging: Community of common purpose Weltanschauung: term fundamental to German philosophy Provides framework for an individual to interpret and interact with the world A worldview or world outlook - collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by individual or group German Romanticism: Romantic Movement reached greatest level of achievement in Germany Notable for use of humor and wit, in contrast to Romantic Movement in other countries Notable composers: Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wagner and Beethoven

6 Cuture (cont.) “Volk” – symbolized 19 th century unified German people (English translation: folk) Sharing of common culture and language – goes beyond citizenship “volkish mysticism” – connection of land and people Concepts of romantic love and cruelty, struggle and war, giants and fairies Grimm Brothers attempted to capture spoken village tales in their fairy tales. Their stories included these elements as well as themes from Norse mythology Volk is part of the people, arts, beliefs, and soul Carried to extreme under Hitler Traditions: wealth of German holidays, festivals and rituals Originally religious or rural in nature and some have lost significance as the German society has urbanized Unite and build community, provide identity for occasions: Christmas Tree, St Nicholas, Exchanging Christmas gifts, Easter Bunny, Wedding Rings

7 People: Values Old Country Family/Folk/Community of the common people/Virtue Industrious/ Self-sufficient: “When I rest, I rust” Traditional: “Necessity unites” Festive: “Work hard/Play hard” Punctual: “A little too late, is much too late. Practical: “Take the world as it is, not as it ought to be.” New Country “Opportunity to depict itself to Americans from its most positive angle: German skills, German strength, German education and German happy ways... And thereby gradually raise them (American businesses) to a higher level of dedication.” “We live according to what is customary in America, but we hold dear our German Customs and traditions.”

8 Product A very special occasion is the Christmas Market – Chriskindlemarkt or Weinachtsmarkt Dates to Middle Ages and is an opportunity for friends to come together on long, cold winter evenings In Germany, beer is an every day drink but wine is reserved for special occasions Gluhwein is traditionally served at the markets and in homes throughout the fall and holiday season – Translated Glow Wine Hot, spiced red wine This product will enhance the traditional experience of the holiday season

9 Process Product: Winter’s Glow Syrup Price: $4.99/bottle (similar to Torani Syrups) Place: Sold by the bottle in Specialty Stores Trader Joe’s World Market Starbucks – non-alcoholic variation Non-coffee alternative Expanded selections Prepared beverage or sold by the bottle Promotion: 12 oz bottle of syrup containing all traditional ingredients – ready to add to hot wine or juice

10 Promotion: Syrup A Holiday Feast For the Senses

11 Promotion (cont.) Packaging: Bottle cap in shape of traditional copper kettle Add one kettle (cap) to hot red wine or grape juice, stir and enjoy

12 Target Market Urban Professional Attracted to ethnic cuisine Likes experimentation Concerned with healthy lifestyle Appeal of the cuisine is the “experience” Mobile market with more money than time Families Pride in ethnic heritage Enjoy connecting with tradition Affordable

13 Triangulation German Ethnic Heritage Traditional

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