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Fish Care Ray Page VRFish Executive Officer. VRFish Structure.

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1 Fish Care Ray Page VRFish Executive Officer

2 VRFish Structure

3 Fish Care Issues n Catching fish n Humanely dealing with fish n Releasing fish n Caring for the environment n Respecting the rights of others

4 National Code for Recreational Fishing n Protect the environment n Remove rubbish to prevent pollution and protect wildlife n Use established roads & tracks wherever possible n Take care when boating & anchoring to avoid damaging sensitive areas n Look after our fisheries n Take no more than your immediate needs n Understand & observe all fishing regulations n Support & encourage activities that restore and enhance fisheries and fish habitat

5 n Respect the rights of others & treat fish humanely n Report environmental damage & pollution to the relevant authorities n Quickly & correctly return unwanted or illegal catch to the water n Use only legal tackle, attend to your gear and value your catch. n Obtain permission to enter land & respect the rights of others to use the waterway

6 Recreational Fishers care for fish n Summary n Recreational fishers care for fish and their habitats n The National Recreational Fishing Code of Practice deals with key aspects of animal welfare issues n Recreational fishers ability to access public fish resources is enshrined in legislation

7 n There are no alternative methods for anglers to use, other than hook and line, or in a few cases traps n Recreational fishing contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of regional Victoria n Need for a partnership to address the issues

8 n VRFish Contacts n Ray Page n 9412 5164 n n

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