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Natural Resources & Environmental Sustainability Chapter 7.

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1 Natural Resources & Environmental Sustainability Chapter 7

2 Natural Resources Why am I studying this? Why am I studying this? Location Location Hungary Hungary Passive processing Passive processing Trade Relationships Trade Relationships U.S.-Canada-Mexico U.S.-Canada-Mexico

3 Topography Mountains & Plains Mountains & Plains Divide markets Divide markets Spain Spain Switzerland Switzerland China China Columbia Columbia Population Concentration Population Concentration

4 Topography Deserts Deserts Australia Australia Tropical Rain Forest Tropical Rain Forest Canadian Shield Canadian Shield 50% land area; 10% of population 50% land area; 10% of population

5 Topography Bodies of Water Bodies of Water Inland Waterways Inland Waterways Rhine Waterway Rhine Waterway Rhine-Danube Canal Rhine-Danube Canal Amazon Amazon China- Three Gorges Dam China- Three Gorges Dam United States United States Outlets to the Sea Outlets to the Sea Africa Africa Bolivia Bolivia

6 Climate Harsh climate Harsh climate Climate and Development? Climate and Development? Continuous heat Continuous heat Climatic Implication Climatic Implication

7 Natural Resources Energy Energy Petroleum Petroleum Conventional sources Conventional sources Unconventional sources Unconventional sources Oil sands Oil sands Oil baring shale Oil baring shale Coal Coal Natural gas Natural gas

8 Natural Resources Energy Energy Coal Coal Nuclear Power Nuclear Power Natural Gas Natural Gas Sources of Renewable Energy Sources of Renewable Energy Nonfuel Minerals Nonfuel Minerals Ocean mining Ocean mining New technology New technology

9 Natural Resources Changes Making Monitoring Necessary Changes Making Monitoring Necessary Increasing competition Increasing competition Decline/Growing markets Decline/Growing markets Changing Natural Resources Changing Natural Resources Infrastructure Infrastructure Economic development Economic development

10 Natural Resources Destruction of Natural Resources Destruction of Natural Resources Ixtoc 1 Well Blowout Ixtoc 1 Well Blowout Chernobyl Chernobyl Alaskan Oil Spill Alaskan Oil Spill Gulf War Terrorism Gulf War Terrorism Romanian Reservoir Collapse Romanian Reservoir Collapse Increasing Anti-pollution Activism Increasing Anti-pollution Activism

11 Sustainable Business What is it? What is it? Recognizes: Recognizes: Limits Limits Interdependence Interdependence Equity in Distribution Equity in Distribution

12 Sustainable Business Aspects to be addressed Aspects to be addressed Trade and market liberalization Trade and market liberalization Eco-efficiency Eco-efficiency Financial world Financial world Subsidies Subsidies Perverse subsidies Perverse subsidies New product markets New product markets Production and consumption patterns Production and consumption patterns

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