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Saugatuck River Navigation Rules of the River. Contents I.Overview River Talk Marine Navigation Rules of the River Land Marks Etiquette II.Navigation.

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1 Saugatuck River Navigation Rules of the River

2 Contents I.Overview River Talk Marine Navigation Rules of the River Land Marks Etiquette II.Navigation Rowing Upstream Rowing Downstream The Bridges III.Safety The Tides Lighting Red Zones IV.Rower’s Commitment 2

3 River Talk Up Stream: When standing on the dock and facing the water, up stream is to your left toward Town Bridge (north). Down Stream: When standing on the dock facing the water, down stream is to your right toward the bridges and LI Sound. Right of Way: When two boats are converging, the boat heading down stream has the right of way. The boat heading up stream is required to yield. A color that is uniquely visible to the human eye at long distances, in low light and in fog is required attire by all rowers. Western Shore: Same side as the Saugatuck clubhouse on the Norwalk side of the river. Eastern Shore: Across the river from Saugatuck on the Fairfield side of the river. 3 Hi-Viz Yellow:

4 4 Marine Navigation Important to note that our river is a navigable marine waterway, and all the rules of marine navigation apply. Best to be familiar with them.

5 Rules of the River Right of Way: 1.Boats Heading Up Stream - from Cedar Point to SRC and from SRC to Town Bridge - are to row up the eastern (Fairfield) shore and do NOT have right of way. Boats heading up stream must yield at all times to boats heading down stream. 2.Boats Heading Down Stream - from Town Bridge to SRC and from SRC to Cedar Point - are to row down the western (Norwalk) shore and shall have the right of way. Note: boats with the right of way have a responsibility to navigate properly, and yield at all times to avoid a collision. Required: 1.When rowing upstream through the moorings, you are required to pause and look for boats heading downstream before proceeding through the narrows. 2.When rowing upstream along the race course, you are required to pause at the Gazebo and look for boats heading down through the RR bridge before proceeding. 3.When rowing before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm, you are required to wear a hi-viz top and display bow and stern lights on your boat. 4.No Row Period: From mid-November to mid-March no club boats are permitted to be used. 5.Four-Oar Rule: From mid-March to mid-April club boats are required to have a minimum of four oars (i.e., no singles or pairs) due to the risk of hypothermia. 5

6 6 Land Marks Town Bridge Low Tide Rock The Moorings Mud Island The Narrows The Gazebo Cedar Point White Bridge The Culvert Stony Point Up StreamDown Stream At the top of the race course; serves as the finish line for the 1,000 meter course. On the Norwalk side of the race course; requires careful navigation at low tide. The southern tip of land on the Norwalk side of the race course. Located on Saugatuck Island directly across the bay from the race course. The eastern tip of Saugatuck Island; the the last stretch of land before LI Sound. Furthest point north that is accessible to rowers out of Saugatuck. 500 meters south of Town Bridge and not exposed at high tide. A 200 meter stretch of water extending from the Moorings to Mud Island. Visible from the club house where the river narrows leading to town bridge. Located along the Norwalk side of the river just south of the Moorings.

7 Etiquette At the Club: 1.When possible, adjust your foot stretchers on slings or on the river rather than at the dock. 2.Limit dock time to 1 minute when boats are returning or waiting to launch. Position oars to the side and near where you intend to launch. 3.Boats returning to the dock have right of way over those waiting to launch. 4.Boats returning to the boathouse have right of way over boats heading down to the water. 7 On the Water: 1.Always be on the alert for other boats and obstructions and call out to others when there’s a risk of collision. 2.Be thoughtful and considerate of your fellow rowers, even when you think it’s their fault. Some are learning and some are ignorant of the rules (no excuse!). More than likely, you’re only half right.

8 Eastern (Fairfield) Shore – across from Saugatuck Western (Norwalk) shore – same side as Saugatuck Cedar Point Town Bridge Saugatuck RC The Race Course 8 The Narrows The Bay Stony Point Mud Island Up Stream Down Stream

9 Rowing Up Stream Saugatuck to Town Bridge 9

10 10 At the Dock Launching: Always launch and return with your bow pointed downstream. Rowing Up Stream: From the dock, take two strokes toward the bridge, then make a wide turn upstream. Slow or stop shy of the Moorings. Look for oncoming boats before proceeding through the narrows. Rowing Down stream: Proceed through all three bridges staying close to the western (Norwalk) shore. Note: When the tide is going out, the current will draw you quickly into the bridge supports. Careful… Saugatuck

11 11 Narrows to Town Bridge Up Stream: Running north from the narrows, keep to the eastern (Fairfield) side of the channel. After passing the dock at the top of the narrows, row hard port before turning north toward Town Bridge. Note: Be sure to stop well short of town bridge at low tide. No water! Down stream: When rowing back to Saugatuck, stay close to the western (Norwalk) shore. Note: Watch out for docks and fishing lines. Many a casualty!

12 Rowing Down Stream Saugatuck to Cedar Point 12

13 13 The Bridges There are three bridges south of Saugatuck. Each requires thoughtful navigation and patience to ensure safe passage. Down Stream: When rowing down stream you are required to row through all three western arches that define the navigable marine channel. Up Stream: When rowing up stream you are required to row through the western arch of the railroad bridge. Note: When rowing upstream, you may row through the center arches of the I-95 and Bridge Street bridges but only above mid-tide due to rocks & obstructions. The passages through the bridges are very narrow. Proceed with caution and always look for oncoming traffic.

14 The Race Course Down Stream: Proceed under all three bridges. When thru the railroad bridge, turn west and head down the western (Norwalk) side of the channel and NOT down the race course. Note: When rowing down stream at low tide, stay close to the middle of the river to avoid the culvert that extends from the yellow boathouse. Up Stream: Row up the eastern side of the race course. Slow or stop at the gazebo. Look for boats heading down stream through the railroad bridge before proceeding. The Culvert Warning: The race course is a navigable marine waterway. Watch for marine traffic in the channel – especially fishing boats at dawn. The race course (1,000 Meters) 14

15 15 The Bay Down Stream: From the end of the race course, stay on the western (Norwalk) shore and follow the channel all the way to Cedar Point. Up Stream: On your return, stay on the eastern (Fairfield) side of the channel buoys up thru the race course. Warning: The channel and the race course are navigable marine waterways. Watch for marine traffic – especially fishing boats at dawn. Cutting Across the Bay : Do this only above mid tide and in good weather. Down stream: Row from Stony Point directly to the White Bridge. Up Stream: Row east to Cedar Point, then turn north and proceed directly across the bay and up the race course. White Bridge Sand Bar

16 16 The Tides Tidal swings on the Saugatuck River can range up to 9.7 feet. At low tide, normally safe passages can become unnavigable. At low tide, the “Rules of the River” must necessarily yield to good judgment and the coach’s discretion.

17 Navigation Lighting When rowing before 7:00 am or after 7:00 pm, all rowers must wear hi-viz tops and all boats must display proper marine lighting. 17 All boats must display Red and Green bow lights. Search “Rowing Lights” online for a list of lights designed for rowers. In addition, all boats must display a bright white stern light. Quality lighting can be obtained from any bike shop. Hat lights are optional but a really good idea. Red in back and white on the bill. Obtained from any bike shop.

18 “Red Zones” 1)When rowing hard – we tend to focus on rowing and not navigation 2)When rowing in the dark without hi-viz apparel and proper lighting 3)When rowing on the race course - side by side in both directions 4)When passing under the railroad bridge; it’s narrow and unforgiving 5)When making the turn near Mud Island – we tend to cut the corner Where even the most experienced scullers get in trouble…and when… Can you see him?Docks can be very unforgivingHow about now??? 18

19 Bright colors and bright lights. Look and listen. When in doubt, yield. Proceed slowly through the bridges. Yes, you have the right of way over power boats, but only if they see you…and only if they care! So Remember…Safety First 19

20 20 Rower’s Commitment I have read the Rules of the River, and I understand their purpose and intent. By signing this document, I acknowledge my obligation to abide by these rules, and further commit to helping educate others so that we may all enjoy the privilege of rowing at Saugatuck. Signed: Name: Date: ___/___/___

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