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Handheld + Right Software … And I Can Be ANYWHERE! Skyscape Presentation For Northern Illinois University.

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1 Handheld + Right Software … And I Can Be ANYWHERE! Skyscape Presentation For Northern Illinois University

2 2 Agenda State of Handhelds What can you expect from your handhelds today Handhelds in Healthcare Rapid adoption by healthcare professionals Software Applications What is available today Skyscape Products and technology What can we do for you

3 3 State of the Handheld’s State-of-the-art processors - 500MHz+ speed 256 MB Internal Memory Storage cards upto 2 GB!  Over 200 books in your pocket! 16-bit color Phone/wireless integration Voice Recording And more … It’s not just an ADDRESS BOOK any more!

4 4 Handhelds & Healthcare – Perfect Partners Critical Need in Healthcare Need for Point of care access – current technologies are inadequate Quick access to large volumes of information for better decision support Platform is Right Form factor is suitable New devices pack power! Handy & mobile Non-intrusive to the practitioner workflow Applications are Available Personal Information Management Medical References Clinical Calculators Decision Support Tools Guidelines Billing and Coding ePrescribing EMR

5 5 PDA Market Pioneer and Leader for Reference Deep Handheld Market Expertise  Providing solutions since 1993  Focus - Healthcare Professionals Something for everyone  300+ ‘Gold-Standard’ titles  Several specialties covered Leading brand  Rapidly Growing User Base 475,000+ registered users  Loyal customer base – most are repeat customers Skyscape

6 6 World Class Medical Publishers Best-in-Class Reference Titles High-Value Medical Content

7 7 Survey Results

8 8 Dictionaries  Stedman’s, Dorland’s, Taber’s, EngSpan Clinical References  100+, OCM, RnDiseases, RNotes, 5MPeds, Harrison’s, etc. Drug Databases  30+ drug databases, Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, A2Z, DrDrugs, Specialty Drug Drug Interaction Guides  iFacts, Medical Letter Handbook of Adverse Drug Reaction Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests  ABC’s of Interpretive Lab Data, Ferri’s Best Test, Nurse’s Manual of Lab & Diagnostic Test etc. Broad Product Categories

9 9 Evidence Based Medicine  Cochrane Reviews, ACP PIER, 15 eMedicine references Alternative Medicine  Guide to Popular Natural Products, Natural Comprehensive DB Coding  ICD-9 Calculators  Archimedes (free) Journals & Newsletters  CDC Spotlights, MedWatch, Preventing Chronic Diseases (free)  DrugLink, Drug Newsletter Weekly Broad Product Categories – contd.

10 10 Useful, Intuitive Products

11 11 smARTlinking

12 12 Engine for creating solutions that integrates content from various sources  smARTlink TM information from different sources.  Uniform representation of content and transactions  Ability to repurpose content for any platform, or operating system (Palm, WinCE, PocketPC…)  Supports wireless protocols including OTA  Conduit technology  ARTbeat – platform to support dynamic content such as journals & newsletter; organized as channels  Scalable architecture Unique ability to create solutions that automatically present information “in-the-context” to the practitioner allowing for improved patient care Skyscape Technology

13 13 What can Skyscape do for you? Off-the-shelf products  Software Group Discounts  Hardware & Software bundles  Training Custom Projects  Guidelines  Directories (like The Little Blue Book)  smARTPanel  Calculators  Interoperability with EMR

14 14 Summary Pioneer in the field of nursing and medical references for PDAs Largest portfolio of products State of the art technology Ability to create custom solutions

15 15 Product Demonstration

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