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2 IRIX 1 Default user interfaceIRIX Interactive Desktop

3 IRIX 1 IRIX is a computer operating system developed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) to run natively on their MIPS architecture workstations and servers. It was based on UNIX System V with BSD extensions. IRIX was the first operating system to include the XFS file system.

4 IRIX 1 Through version 6.5.22, there were two branches of each release: a maintenance release (identified by an m suffix to the version number) that included only fixes to the original IRIX 6.5 code, and a feature release (with an f suffix) that included improvements and enhancements

5 IRIX - History 1 The IRIX name was first used around the time of release 3.0 of the operating system for SGI's IRIS 4D series of workstations and servers, in 1988. Previous releases were identified only by the release number prefixed by "4D1-", e.g. "4D1-2.2". The 4D1- prefix continued to be used in official documentation to prefix IRIX release numbers.

6 IRIX - History 1 IRIX 3.x was based on UNIX System V Release 3 with 4.3BSD enhancements, and incorporated the 4Sight windowing system, based on NeWS and IRIS GL. SGI's own Extent File System (EFS) replaced the System V filesystem.

7 IRIX - History 1 IRIX 5.0, released in 1993, incorporated certain of UNIX System V Release 4, including ELF executables. IRIX 5.3 introduced the XFS journaling file system.

8 IRIX - History 1 The last version of IRIX was 6.5.30, released in August 2006.

9 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX 6 was compliant with UNIX System V Release 4, UNIX 95 and POSIX (including 1e/2c draft 15 ACLs and Capabilities).

10 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX had strong support for real-time disk and graphics I/O. IRIX was one of the first Unix versions to feature a graphical user interface for the main desktop environment. IRIX was widely used in the computer animation industry and for scientific visualization due to its once-large application base.

11 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX was a leader in Symmetric Multi- Processing (SMP), scalable from 1 to greater than 1024 processors with a single system image.

12 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX used the Indigo Magic Desktop, which by default used the 4Dwm X window manager with a custom look designed using the Motif widget toolkit.

13 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX used the MIPSPro 7.4 Compiler for both its front end and back end. The compiler was designed to support parallel POSIX programming in C/C++, Fortran 77/90, and Ada. The Workshop GUI IDE was used for development. Other tools include Speedshop for performance tuning, and Performance Co-Pilot.

14 IRIX - Features 1 IRIX also supported OpenGL for graphics chips and Image processing libraries.

15 IRIX - Retirement 1 SGI announced the end of the MIPS/IRIX- based product line in a press release on 6 September 2006. Production ended on 29 December 2006 with last deliveries in March 2007, except by special arrangement. Support for these products will end no sooner than December 2013. All current SGI systems are shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

16 Empirix 1 'Empirix Inc.' is a privately held company which designs and manufactures service assurance testing and monitoring equipment for IP-based communications networks such as Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-based, next generation network and 4G wireless networks. Empirix offers enterprise and carrier grade products as well as quality assurance products for network equipment manufacturers. Empirix is headquartered in Billerica, MA.

17 Empirix - Company history 1 Empirix’s Hammer test technology was originally developed at Teradyne. In 1992, the company began researching testing requirements for VoIP, then a new communication technology. The methodology developed proved viable for testing, and subsequently monitoring, other IP communications applications such as data, video, web and mobile services.

18 Empirix - Company history 1 On September 6, 2000, the Hammer test technology was spun out of Teradyne and became Empirix Inc. Alex d’Arbeloff, co- founder of Teradyne, was appointed Chairman of the Board.

19 Empirix - Company history 1 On June 6, 2008 Empirix sold its e-TEST suite, a set of Web application testing products, to Oracle Corporation|Oracle. The company then focused on developing products for testing and monitoring voice quality, Contact Center equipment and enterprise communications networks as well as carrier grade products for mobile, cable and telecom operators.

20 Empirix - Company history 1 In 2009, Empirix was awarded the Global VoIP Test Monitoring Equipment Market Leadership of the Year Award from research firm Frost Sullivan.[ monitoring/articles/54205-empirix-lands-2009-global- voip-test-monitoring-equipment.htm Empirix Lands 2009 Global VoIP Test Monitoring Equipment Market Award] In March 2010, Empirix helped found the Network Test Automation Forum (NTAF) to promote interoperability and develop test automation standards in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.[ automation-forum-ntaf-members-demonstrate- interoperability-2010-11-16 Network Test Automation Forum]

21 Empirix - Company history 1 The July 2010 acquisition of Mutina Technology S.p.A. expanded the company’s offerings to cover Mobile Broadband (MBB), Next Generation Networks (NGN), Signalling System No. 7|SS7/SIGTRAN Signaling, Video on demand|VoD/IPTV, and IP Core for telecom and enterprise networks.[ NGN/news/empirix-mobile-acquisition- 060810/ Empirix Acquires Mutina Technology]

22 Empirix - Company history 1 In November 2013, Empirix was acquired by Thoma Bravo LLC, a private equity partnership. [ releases/2013/2013-11-04.aspx Thoma Bravo, LLC Completes Acquisition of Empirix]

23 Empirix - Technology 1 Hammer testing predicts both network traffic issues and the quality of the end- user, customer experience.[ /a/Projects-Processes/Empirix-A-New- Spin-on-Testing/ Empirix: A New Spin on Testing]

24 Empirix - Technology 1 Empirix adapted the Hammer test technology to provide on-going monitoring for in-production Contact Centers, enterprise communications systems as well as telecommunications, cable and mobile operators. Empirix has more than 30 patents and patents-pending.

25 Empirix - Applications 1 Notable deployments of Empirix technology include China Mobile,, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Suddenlink, and Amtrak.

26 Empirix - Applications 1 Empirix’s partners include Accenture, Avaya, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories|Genesys, IBM, Cisco Systems, Intervoice, Nuance Communications, and Sonus Networks|Sonus.

27 Empirix - Publications and research 1 Empirix has published a book about testing and monitoring IMS subsystems and services entitled “Ensuring a Quality IMS Experience: A Practical Guide to Testing and Monitoring IP Multimedia Subsystem and Services.” In addition, the company has sponsored a DMG Consulting research study entitled, “Business As Usual? A Benchmarking Study of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Contact Centers.”[ 8/November/Business-As-Usual-A-Benchmarking- Study-of-Disaster-Recovery-and-Business-Continuity/ Benchmarking Study of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity]

28 Empirix - Publications and research 1 Empirix also sponsored the “Companies Unifying the Conversational Contact Center” survey and report created by Opus Research.[ ss/2010/11/17/ Survey Results: Companies Unifying the Conversational Contact Center]

29 Empirix - Board of directors 1 The Empirix Board of Directors includes Timothy Barrows, General Partner, Matrix Partners; Cynthia Deysher, President, Deysher Advisory Services; Paul Ferri, General (founding) Partner, Matrix Partners; Gregor N. Ferguson, Empirix Chairman of the Board; John D’Anna, Empirix Chief Executive Officer; and John Guttag, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, and Head of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

30 Kirix Strata 1 'Kirix Strata' is a specialty web browser designed for data analytics. Strata offers a browser's ability to view web pages, but also includes additional tools to perform data analysis and create reports based on structured data from local files, external relational databases and World Wide Web|the Web.

31 Kirix Strata 1 The browser incorporates Mozilla's[ la-based.html Mozilla-Based Applications] XULRunner[ XULRunner_Hall_of_Fame Mozilla XULRunner Hall of Fame] into a proprietary data engine to create a rich internet application for working with data. Kirix Strata is a commercial product that uses the cross- platform wxWidgets toolkit and is supported on both Microsoft Windows and Linux.

32 Kirix Strata - History 1 Kirix Corporation is a data analysis software company founded in January 2001 by four brothers and a friend. In its early years the company specialized in identifying duplicate payments and other overpayment errors in large corporate accounting systems.

33 Kirix Strata - History 1 In February 2005, Kirix launched Kirix Strata as a new desktop database for Windows and Linux at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo|LinuxWorld conference in Boston. The product combined some of the capabilities of a spreadsheet with those of a database management system and won the Product Excellence Award in the Best Desktop- Productivity-Business Application category.

34 Kirix Strata - History 1 In July 2007, Kirix relaunched Strata in Beta version|beta as a specialty browser for working with data from anywhere, including from the Web

35 Kirix Strata - Features 1 As with other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Kirix Strata provides tools to view and interact with web pages. However, it deviates by focusing on manipulating and interacting with structured data:

36 OsiriX 1 OsiriX is able to receive images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from any Picture archiving and communication system|PACS or medical imaging modality (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider, STORE SCU - Service Class User, and Query/Retrieve).

37 OsiriX - History 1 The OsiriX project started in 2004 at UCLA with Dr Antoine Rosset and Prof. Osman Ratib.[ x57mul0frg64apmh/ Journal of Digital Imaging: OsiriX: An Open-Source Software for Navigating in Multidimensional DICOM Images] OsiriX has been developed by Rosset, working in [ LaTour Hospital] (Geneva, Switzerland) and Joris Heuberger, a computer scientist from Geneva.

38 OsiriX - History 1 In 2010, a version of OsiriX for iPhone and iPod touch was released.

39 OsiriX - History 1 A complete [http://www.osirix- history of OsiriX] is available here: http://www.osirix-

40 OsiriX - Features 1 OsiriX has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multimodality and multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET- CT)

41 OsiriX - Features 1 Osirix is simultaneously a DICOM PACS workstation for medical imaging and an image processing software package for medical research (radiology and nuclear imaging), functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and molecular imaging.

42 OsiriX - Features 1 Osirix supports a complete plug-in architecture that allows one to expand the capabilities of OsiriX for personal needs. OsiriX is released under a free software licence and runs under Mac OS X.

43 OsiriX - Features 1 Osirix source code makes heavy use of Apple idioms such as Cocoa. The source is almost entirely in Objective-C.

44 OsiriX - OsiriX Foundation 1 In 2008, the OsiriX Foundation was founded.[ anyReport.action?companyOfrcId13=CH- 660-7631008-7lang=EN OsiriX Foundation - Excerpt of the Commercial Register of the State of Geneva, Switzerland] OsiriX Foundation will promote research and development and distribution of software tools for scientific and medical applications. It will host and help to promote research projects in Open Source software development for medical applications.

45 OsiriX - Pixmeo Company 1 In 2010, the OsiriX Team created a company to promote and distribute a special version of OsiriX: OsiriX MD. This version is certified for medical imaging. OsiriX MD is a FDA cleared 510k class II medical device, according to US Food And Drug Regulation CFR21 part 820. OsiriX MD complies with European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. Under this directive, it is regarded as a class IIa.

46 For More Information, Visit: m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html The Art of Service

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