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An Integrated Mathematics Curriculum A Core Curriculum in Mathematics.

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1 An Integrated Mathematics Curriculum A Core Curriculum in Mathematics

2 Purpose Leon County School District seeks a mathematics curriculum that will enhance student learning, and improve performance on standardized test.

3 Goal and Objective To provide your students with a rich mathematics curriculum, in a way that makes sense in their world. Through involvement in the MATH Connections curriculum, students will Learn more mathematics Be able to apply math in real-world settings Perform better on standardized tests Succeed in mathematics

4 One Teacher’s Testimony "I've been teaching high school math, from algebra through calculus, for 20 years. I always felt there had to be a better way to reach good college-bound students. MATH Connections is perfect. Now I can give my students real world situations that they can relate to. With MATH Connections, students understand how the math fits into their lives." - Bryan Morgan, Math Chairperson, South Paris, ME

5 MATH Connections Funded by National Science Foundation Guided by the NCTM Standards An Integrated Mathematics Curriculum Field-tested for 5 years to ensure success User-friendly Design Made for All Learners

6 Philosophy- MATH Connections bridges connections of all sorts: Between different mathematical areas Between mathematics and science Between mathematics and other subject areas (such as history, literature, and art) Between mathematics

7 Curriculum Outline The materials allow students to connect with mathematical applications in other subjects and the real world. Year One – Blends Algebra 1 with Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics Year Two – Blends Geometry with Trigonometry and Algebra Year Three – Blends more advanced Algebra and Trigonometry with Logic, Geometry & Discrete Mathematics If begun in grade 9, students will be able to take college level courses during their senior year.

8 Price List Student Editions : 2 Volume Set - $69.97 per year Workbook – Free Teacher Editions : 2 Volume Set - $131.97 per year Solution Key - Free Teacher Resources: Includes assessment tools with a variety of quizzes, tests, and exams CD year 1$159.47 CD year 2$159.47 Practice Problems: Year 1$8.47 Year 2$8.47 Study Guides: Year 1$5.97 Year 2$5.97 Record Sheets: Year 1$6.97 Year 2$6.97 Additional Resources are also Available

9 Professional Development Opportunities Summer Institutes Teleconferencing On-site training Staff development videos Local training programs Workshops Conferences Online Community Forums

10 User-Friendly Design Real life relevance to students’ lives Average reading level one to two years below grade level Written in a friendly conversational tone that students can relate to Design features that facilitate reading comprehension Everything is done in context Students read, talk and write about mathematics Improvement of mathematics skills, leading to improved communication skills

11 Success of MATH Connections On average, math SAT scores are 523; traditional students average 504 Student quoted as saying “I'm really learning things here that I'll use.” After adoption, a high school in Connecticut went from 14 th in math to 2 nd overall “What I have seen with these students in MATH Connections is that many of them are now far above our regular students who are not in MATH Connections.” -Eleanor Ferri, Math Chairperson

12 Parents, Business Leaders, Administrators, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, and Equity Consultants agree that MATH Connections is a valuable component to student success in mathematics. To Get Started Visit the Website at:

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