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2 Introduction Australia is a country in southern hemisphere which officially Commonwealth of Australia that comprises mainland of world's smallest continent and major island of Tasmania. 40,000 years before a European settlement commenced in last 18th century mainland of Australia and Tasmania were also in habited by 250 individual nations of the Australian

3 Continue….. Capital city of Nation Canberra is located in Australian Capital Territory. It is advanced technologically and industrialized. It is prosperous country with multi-cultures and has a result in many international comparisons of a national performance such as in health care, quality-of-life, life expectancy, public education, human development, protection of the civil liberties, economic freedom and political rights. Country has six states as well as two major mainland territories Capital city of Nation Canberra is located in Australian Capital Territory. It is advanced technologically and industrialized. It is prosperous country with multi-cultures and has a result in many international comparisons of a national performance such as in health care, quality-of-life, life expectancy, public education, human development, protection of the civil liberties, economic freedom and political rights. Country has six states as well as two major mainland territories.

4 Australian Etiquette Tips
1. What to wear Do wear casual clothing if you're not going to a business function. Do wear the following attire for business functions likes a dark business suit and tie for men or a skirt and blouse or a dress if you are a woman. Do expect more casual attire to be worn even for business meetings in cities like Brisbane or other tropical areas. 2. Food or Drinks Don’t put elbows on the table when eating. Do indicate that full by putting your knife and fork parallel on plate with the utensil handles facing right. Do bring own beer at a restaurant. 1. What to wear Do wear casual clothing if you're not going to a business function. Do wear the following attire for business functions likes a dark business suit and tie for men or a skirt and blouse or a dress if you are a woman. Do expect more casual attire to be worn even for business meetings in cities like Brisbane or other tropical areas. 2. Food or Drinks Don’t put elbows on the table when eating. Do indicate that full by putting your knife and fork parallel on plate with the utensil handles facing right. Do bring own beer at a restaurant.

5 3. Tipping Do tip if enjoyed the service but a gratuity is usually included in r bill and tips are not expected. 4. Greetings Do greet with a smile and a handshake. Do feel comfortable being addressed by first name even right after meeting someone. 5. Visiting someone's home Do expect a barbecue or Barbie if invited to someone's home for a meal. Do bring r own wine or beer if going to a barbecue. Also, at more informal barbecues, might be told to bring own meat. Don’t be late if invited to dinner, and don't be more than fifteen minutes late if invited to a barbecue or a big party. Do call host ahead to see if should bring any food. Do offer to help with setting up or cleaning up.

6 Ten top manager in Australia

7 James Packer

8 James Packer’s Profile
His name is James Douglas Packer Usually known as James Packer Born on 8 September 1967 in Sydney He is an Australian businessman The son of the late billionaire media mogul Kerry Packer and grandson of Frank Packer He was a director of Australian Telecommunications company One.Tel The former Executive Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL)

9 James Packer’s Education
Educated at Cranbrook School in Bellevue Hill Sydney and received the Higher School Certificate (HSC) His father want him learn about business and he was sent to his father’s extensive Newcastle Waters cattle station in the Northern Territory

10 James Packer’s Personal Life
Married with Erica Baxter which model and singer Their wedding was at the Antibes town hall and the second ceremony at Hotel du Cap. Their first child is a girl named Indigo and was born at Mater Hospital on 27 July 2008

11 James Packer’s Wealth He was worth AUD$7.25 billion in 2007
But in 21 June 2007, he lost more than $1billion over the previous six months because the profits was fall As a result, 2008 BRW Rich 200 listed him as the third richest person in Australia with a personal wealth of AUD$6.1 Billion This is the first time in 21 years that the his Family has not topped the list.

12 Rupert Murdoch

13 Rupert Murdoch’s profile
His name is Keith Rupert Murdoch but he is usually known as Rupert Murdoch. He was born on 11 March 1931 in Melbourne, Australia. He not continues his study after finished secondary school. He more interested to join in business than continued study in higher level. He is a chairman and managing director of News Corporation. In recent years he has become a leading investor in satellite television which the film industry and the Internet

14 Rupert Murdoch’s personal life
Murdoch has been married for three times. In 1956, he had married with Patricia Booker, a former shop assistant and air hostess from Melbourne. Their daughter is Prudence Murdoch who was born in1958. Then, they were divorced in 1967 The same year that he married Anna Tory, an Estonian born cadet journalist working for his Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Tory and Murdoch had three children which Elisabeth Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch. Murdoch’s companies have published two novels by both of them, Family Business (1988) and Coming to Terms (1991). They divorced in June After that, Anna Tory received a settlement of US$ 1.2 billion in assets. After seventeen divorces with Anna, he married with Chinese born Deng Wendi. With Deng, he has two children which named Grace and Chloe. His eldest son, Lachlan Murdoch has following him by be a deputy chief operating officer at the News Corporation and the publisher of the New York Post.

15 Rupert Murdoch’s career
He begins his business with one newspaper in Adelaide. In 1953, he becomes director of News Limited after he returned from Oxford. After few years, he establishes himself in Australia as a dynamic business operator by acquiring provincial newspapers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Northern Territory. His first foray outside Australia involved the purchase of a controlling interest in the New Zealand daily The Dominion. In January 1964, when he go to New Zealand with friends after sailing across the Tasman, he read of a takeover bid by the British based Canadian newspaper magnate, Lord Thomson of Fleet . He took an active interest in the paper, and remained the dominant shareholder in New Zealand's Independent Newspapers Limited, the nationwide media group that ultimately developed from his takeover of The Dominion until 2003.

16 Continue……. In 1964, he had launched The Australian, Australia’s first national daily newspaper In 1972, he acquired the Sydney morning tabloid The Daily Telegraph His business success in Australia and his policy of making prompt repayments of his borrowings had placed him in good standing with the Commonwealth Bank which provided him with finance for his biggest venture which the takeover of the family company that owned The News of the World, the Sunday newspaper with the biggest circulation in Britain

17 Rupert Murdoch’s wealth
According to the 2009 Forbes 400, he is the 132 richest person in the world with a net worth of $4 billion. While CEO of News Corporation in 2008 he earned a total compensation of $30,053,157, which included a base salary of $8,100,000, a cash bonus of $17,500,000 and stocks granted of $4,049,988.

18 Peter Drucker

19 Peter Drucker’s profile
Peter Ferdinand Drucker was born on 19 November 1909 in Vienna, Australia He was died on 11 November 2005 when his age 96 years old at California USA. He is the son of a high-level civil servant in Austria and Hungary where his mother Caroline Bondi had studied medicine and his father Adolph Bertram Drucker was a lawyer He is a writer, management consultant and self-described “social ecologist” He considered as "the father of modern management,” his 39 books and countless scholarly and popular articles explored how humans are organized across all sectors of society include in business, government and the nonprofit world. In 1959, he coined the term “knowledge worker" and later in his life considered knowledge work productivity to be the next frontier of management.

20 Peter Drucker’s education
He grew up in a home where intellectuals, high government officials and scientists would meet to discuss new ideas and ideals. So he sent by his parents to better school to ensure he will excellent in his studying. He also have been sent to Dobling Gymnasium After graduated from there, he found few opportunities for employment in post Habsburg Vienna so he moved to Hamburg, first working as an apprentice at an established cotton trading company. Then as a journalist, writing for The Austrian Economist. Among his early influences was the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter a friend of his father’s, who impressed upon Drucker the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

21 Peter Drucker’s Personal Life
In 1933, he left Germany and go to England. In London, he worked for an insurance company then as the chief economist at a private bank He reconnected with Doris Schmitz, an acquaintance from the University of Frankfurt. They married in 1934. He came to California in 1971 where he developed one of the country's first executive MBA program for working professionals at Claremont Graduate University then known as Claremont Graduate School. From 1971 to his death he was the Clarke Professor of Social Science and Management at Claremont Graduate University. The university's management school was named the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management and later known as the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management in his honor in 1987.

22 Peter Drucker’s Career
His careers as a business thinker begin in 1942 when his writings on politics and society won him access to the internal workings of General Motors. He taught that management is “a liberal art,” and he infused his management advice with interdisciplinary lessons from history, sociology, psychology, philosophy, culture and religion He was interested in the growing effect of people who worked with their minds than use their hands.. During his long consulting career, he worked with many company including General Electric, Coca-Cola, Citicorp, IBM and Intel. He consulted with notable business leaders likes GE’s Jack Welch, Procter & Gamble’s A.G. Lafley,Intel’s Andy Grove, Edward Jones’ John Bachmann, Shoichiro Toyoda, the honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corp, and Masatoshi Ito, the honorary chairman of the Ito-Yokado Group. Although he helped many corporate executives succeed, he was appalled when the level of Fortune 500 CEO pay in America ballooned to hundreds of times that of the average worker.

23 Peter Drucker’s author
His books have been translated into more than thirty languages. He is the co author of a book on Japanese painting and made eight series of educational films on management topics. He also penned a regular column in the Wall Street Journal for 20 years and contributed to the Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic Monthly and The Economist.

24 Peter Drucker’s award and honors
He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by U.S. President George W. Bush on 2 July 2002. He was the Honorary Chairman of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management now the Leader to Leader Institute from 1990 through 2002 In 1969 he was awarded New York University’s highest honor, the NYU Presidential Citation.. He was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in Additionally he holds 25 honorary doctorates from American, Belgian, Czech, English, Spanish and Swiss Universities.

25 Chris Corrigan

26 Chris Corrigan’s profile
Chris Corrigan was born on 9 October 1946 in New South Wales, Australia. He is An Australian businessman. He was the Managing Director of the Patrick Corporation until it was taken over in 2006.

27 Chris Corrigan’s education
He was educated at Bowral High School. After finished at secondary school, he continued his study at Australian National University and after at Harvard University In the United States, he developed an interest in marketing and media and acquired new techniques in retail finance including margin lending which he introduced to Australia.

28 Chris Corrigan’s career
he joined stockbroker Ord Minnett as an analyst in 1968 and moved to BT Australia as investment manager in 1970 He formed a partnership with Peter Scanlon, a former Elders Limited executive in 1990 when he set up an an investment and management services business that first became the Lang Corporation and later stevedore company Patrick Corporation. In 1998, he received best known for Australia waterfront In the 2007 miniseries Bastard Boys about the dispute, he was played by Geoff Morrell. In 2007, he become non executive chairman of companies associated with Diversified Infrastructure and Logistics Fund (KFM). These companies have bought into joint ventures in some of the stevedoring, wharf and shipping operations acquired by DP world.

29 Kerry Stokes

30 Kerry Stokes’s profile
Kerry Matthew Stokes was born by John Patrick Alford on 13 September 1940, in Perth He was adopted out to Matthew and Irene Stokes He is an Australian businessman. He holds business interests in a diverse range of industries including electronic and print media, property, mining, and construction equipment. He is most widely known as the chairman of the Seven Network, one of the largest broadcasting corporations in Australia. He was awarded the Order of Australia in recognition of his contributions to Australian business. He was ranked 785 on the Forbes list of billionaires in 2008.

31 Kerry Stokes’s personal life
He has been married four times His first wife is Dorothy "Dot" Ebert who is the mother of two of his children His second marriage was to his reception Denise with whom he had two sons. Denise asks they divorce and go to overseas and he became a single father. His third marriage was to Australian television actress Peta Toppano in This marriage only for three years. He is currently married to his fourth wife, Christine Simpson nee Parker who was a newsreader for rival station Channel 10 when they first met.

32 Kerry Stokes’s Career His career begin with his first reported job was to install TV antennas in Perth followed by a sustained period in property development throughout the 1960 until He also developed a range of shopping centres in Perth and regional Western Australia with his partners Jack Bendat and Kevin Merifield. He has private company, Australian Capital Equity (ACE) is the holding company for Stokes' interests in a diverse range of Australian He is also invested in the Caterpillar franchise in Western Australia (Wigmores Ltd) in 1988. In2007, he formed a joint venture with The Carlyle Group to acquire the equipment hire group Coates Hire Ltd from National Hire Ltd .

33 Kerry Stokes’s achievements
He is the recipient of one of the country's highest honours being appointed a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AC). His passionate interest in art coincides with his long association with the National Gallery of Australia where he served as chairman for several years and has made multi-million dollar donations. He has also been awarded the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award by Rotary International and holds a life membership of the Returned and Services League of Australia on whose behalf Stokes has acquired three Victoria Cross. He now sits on the council of the memorial. In 1994, he delivered the Boyer Lectures, a series of five lectures broadcast annually on ABC radio. His series was entitled "Advance Australia Where?" on the topic of the Information Superhighway. He delivered the Andrew Olle Memorial Lecture in October

34 Harry Triguboff

35 Harry Triguboff’s Profile
Harry Oscar Triguboff was born on 3 March 1933 in Darien China His son of Moishe and Freda Triguboff. He spent his early childhood in the white Russian Jewish community in Tianjin in south of Beijing before coming to Australia in 1947. After end his study, he returned to Australia in 1960 and became an Australian citizen He drove a taxi and owned a milk run before establishing Meriton Apartments and building his first block of units in 1963.

36 Harry Triguboff’s education
He study at the Scots College in Sydney in 1947 Later graduated with a degree in Textiles from Leeds University in England before working in textile businesses in Israel and South Africa.

37 Harry Triguboff’s career
He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd He has concentrated on the Gold Coast in Queensland and Sydney's central business district bringing in thousands of new residents In 2004, Meriton completed the construction of World Tower, Sydney's tallest residential apartment building In 2006, he was rated the world's 606 richest man with a fortune of approximately $1.3 billion He caused controversy in October 2006 when he claimed that Sydney has too much land was locked up in national parks and reserves, and that the land should be cleared to make way for new residential developments

38 Harry Tribugoff’s honors
He was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1990 and an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 1999.

39 Andrew Forrest

40 Andrew Forrest’s profile
Andrew Forrest was born on 2 July 1961 in Perth, Australia He is the youngest son of Donald and Judith Forrest He is the great-grandnephew of former Premier John Forrest His early years were spent as a jackeroo on the family station at Mindaroo in the Pilbara. His also known as Twiggy. He is a Western Australian mining entrepreneur currently Chief executive officer On 3 October, 2008, he was identified as Australia's richest man.

41 Andrew Forrest’s education
He graduated from Hale School in Perth After university embarked on a career in stockbroking starting at broking house Jacksons. After end his study, he became the founding CEO of Anaconda Nickel but now known as Minara Resources

42 Andrew Forrest’s career
He begins his career by be a CEO of Anaconda Nickel In 2003, he took control of Allied Mining and Processing and renamed it Fortescue Metals Group He holds major deposits at Mount Nicholas, Christmas Greek, Cloudbreak and Tongolo. In 2007, he took control of a Niagara Mining which owns tenements around Laverton, Western Australia the site of the famous 1969 Poseidon nickel boom. In 2009, he officially opened Hale School’s new Teaching and Learning precinct including a new Library Resource Centre which was named The Forrest Library, in recognition of the contribution made by the his family to the school.

43 Lindsay Fox

44 Lindsay Fox’s Profile Lindsay Edward Fox was born on 19 April 1937 in Sydney, Australia He is a successful businessman The 10th richest person in Australia or New Zealand with a net worth of around $1 billion He is best followed in 1992 by Fox being named "Victorian Father of the Year" and he joined the Australian Institute for Family Studies.

45 Lindsay Fox’s Education
He educated in school in Melbourne at Prahran State School After that, he continues study at Melbourne High School He left school when age 16 years old and start his business

46 Lindsay Fox’s Personal Life
Lindsay married Paula Grace Peele in 1959 They met when he buy Saint Moritz They have six children which Lisa, Peter, Katrina, Andrew, Michael David and twelve grandchildren.

47 Lindsay Fox’s Career Before he begins his career in business, he
was a football player He started played as Australia player when he recruited from the St Kilda Football Club’s thirds side which he be a captained Then, he was sent to Golden Point Football Club in the Ballarat Football League before he returned to make his Victorian Football League debut in 1960 He did not think much of his footballing abilities but as a ruckman he went on to play 20 games means for 3 goals between 1959 and 1961 Following his stint in the VFL, he went to the VFA by playing firstly for Moorabbin then Brighton-Caulfield football clubs Later, he returned in an administrative role, becoming the president of the Saints in 1979

48 In business sides, he has been involved with a number of high profile disputes with the Government relating to his property development activities In other, he also maintains a good relationship with Melbourne High and has made a numerous large donations his former school He started his Linfox company in 1956 with one truck He purchased the "Saint Moritz" ice skating rink to re-develop He was also involved in an unsuccessful attempt to resurrect Ansett Airlines with Solomon Lew following its collapse in September 2001 In addition, he took ownership of Melbourne’s Luna Park in late 2005 In 2006, he made an unsuccessful bid for the development of the neighboring Triangle Site on St Kilda’s foreshore. The property also was subsequently destroyed by fire. He frequently mentions in his interview that he gives millions to charity each year however this cannot be confirmed.

49 Lindsay Fox’s Award and Recognition
He was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours of 1992 in recognition of service to the transport industry and to the community In 2001, he was awarded again by the Centenary Medal In the Australia Day Honours of 2008, he was advanced to a Companion of the Order of Australia in recognition of his continued service to the transport and logistics industries, to business through the development and promotion of youth traineeships and to the community through a range of philanthropic endeavor.

50 Richard Pratt

51 Richard Pratt’s Profile
Richard J. Pratt was born on 10 December 1934 He die on 28 April 2009 His family emigrated in 1938 and settled in Shepparton, Victoria, changing their surname from Przecicki to Pratt He was a prominent Australian businessman and chairman of the privately owned company Visy Industries In the year before his death, he was Australia's fourth richest person with a personal fortune was valued at A$5.48 billion dollars. He also was player of Australian rules football for Carlton in the Victorian Football League's under 19 age competition He was awarded the Morrish Medal in 1953 for being deemed the "best and fairest" U-19 player that year

52 Richard Pratt’s Education
He was educated at Grahamvale Primary School Then he educated at Shepparton High School After finished at secondary school, he goes to University High School and enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne in 1953

53 Richard Pratt’s Personal Life
He was married to Jeanne Pratt for nearly 50 years After the success of Visy Industries,their main home was the historic mansion Raheen, in the Melbourne suburb of Kew the former residence of Roman Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix He had three grown children, Anthony, Heloise and Fiona Another daughter, Paula, was born in 1997 to his long-term mistress, Sydney socialite Shari-Lea Hitchcock In 2000 this affair became the subject of widespread media attention owing to a court case involving Ms Hitchcock and a nanny hired to look after her daughter. At the time, he was accused of trying to pay hush money to the nanny who had launched legal action against Ms Hitchcock. He died at his Kew residence after a well-publicised battle with prostate cancer, on 28 April 2009

54 Richard Pratt’s Career
Under his direction, Visy expanded from two factories in Melbourne to more than 55 plants across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In 1993 the National Crime Authority (NCA) raided his offices in connection with an investigation into businessman John Elliott’s foreign exchange dealings and his spoiling domestic stake in BHP In the 1990s, Visy was ordered by the ACCC to pay a half million dollar fine for illegal anti-competitive behaviour. On 16 May 2007, he was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Medal for Corporate Citizenship.

55 He was named Environmental Visionary of the Year in 1998 by the Keep Australia Beautiful Campaign
He received the AO, Officer of the Order of Australia in 1985 and the AC,His wife, Jeanne, is also an AC recipient. On 20 June 2008, the Carlton Football Club announced that him would stand aside from the club until the charges of giving false and misleading evidence to an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission hearing are resolved. In 1996, an investigation by The Australian newspaper documented from internal company documents that he maintained a multi-million-dollar network of advisors This included $ a month fee to Bob Hawke for consultation on "Asian and government matters", $27, for travel to the US for Gough Whitlam as business adviser on overseas markets

56 Neil Willmett

57 Neil Willmett’s Profile
Neil Michael Willmett was born on 24 March 1972 He grew up in Innisfail, North Queensland The youngest son of an Aboriginal mother, Marjorie Willmett and a Caucasian father, Lance Willmett He has four siblings Ian, Robert, Barbara and a fraternal twin brother called Colin He is an influential Aboriginal businessman, author and philanthropist who reside in Brisbane, Australia. He is also an older cousin to 2000 Sydney Olympics 400m Gold Medallist

58 Neil Willmett’s Education
He attended Marist Brothers Primary School and Good Counsel College which formerly Marist Brothers College in Innisfail until Year ten He commenced Year eleven at Innisfail State High School before dropping out of school In 1996, he graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Applied Health Science degree.

59 Neil Willmett’s Career
In the early part of his career, he worked as an Aboriginal Health Worker He was later employed by the Queensland Government as a Senior Policy Officer and advisor He is a regular facilitator for the Commonwealth Government National Indigenous Men's Leadership Program, an Executive Committee Member of the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce a successful business owner, government advisor and author.

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