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Wendi Evans Junior Counselor Rising Sun High School.

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1 Wendi Evans Junior Counselor Rising Sun High School

2  What you need for graduation is the bare minimum.  Credits  Service Learning  High School Assessments  What you need to do beyond that is look beyond high school.  Challenge yourself.  Go beyond the minimum.

3  Things to Consider  Environment  Academic Program  Cost  Proximity  Selectivity  Where do I go for information?  Internet  Guide Books  Visits On-campus College rep interviews at RSHS  Create your list of colleges to apply to  Ultimate choice (your “reach” school)  Middle range (schools that match your scores a bit more closely)  Safe school (the one that would be lucky to have you)

4 Regular Decision  Submit an application by a certain date  Receive a decision by a clear date  Non-binding commitment  Decide by May 1st Rolling Admissions  Applications are reviewed throughout the year  Decisions are made as applications are submitted  Non-binding commitment  May 1 st is usually the deadline

5 Early Action:  Apply early with the intent to receive a decision early  Early action is usually about two months prior to the regular decision deadline  Non-binding commitment  Still have until May 1 st to decide Early Decision  You have made a commitment to this school as your first and only choice  100% sure that this is where you want to go to school  Deadlines are early  Commitment is binding

6  Get organized  Letters of recommendation  Don’t forget thank you letters  Activity sheet/resume  Transcripts  Letters/Essays  Write, review, rewrite

7  WHO?  A teacher that you have had in a challenging class  A coach that knows your character  You want the recommendations to reflect a cross section of your teachers  WHAT?  Leadership skills, ability to work with others, work ethic and habits  Avoid using a specific college’s name in letter  WHEN?  NOW  HOW?  Use the college’s form if provided  Give teachers the Recommendation Request Form  Give teachers a deadline & ample time to complete  TIPS:  On the application form, waive your right to view recommendation letters. This gives more credibility to the recommendation in the eyes of the college.  Keep a copy in Guidance to use for more than one college  THANK YOU NOTES!

8  Rigorous Course schedule  Grades and test scores  Extra-curricular activities  Leadership roles  Quality over quantity  Volunteer Work  Work Experience  Personal Statement

9 DO:  Follow directions  Do everything  Pay attention to deadlines  Stay organized  Follow-up & confirm receipt of your application DON’T  Procrastinate  Leave anything out  Go overboard  Use jargon or slang  Lie, exagerate or embellish  Ignore academic red flags

10  Apply Online  Many Colleges/Universities are paperless  Send a Thank You card to the representative if you meet with one  Ask questions if you’re unsure

11  Scholarships  Merit-based  Need-based  Utilize Financial Aid Options (75% of College Students Nationwide)  Co-ops  Work-study Programs  Attend part-time  Payment Plans  Parents work at college that offers free tuition to dependents

12  Be Involved in the process  Counselor/Student/Parent meetings  Visit Colleges with your child  Help organize the paperwork, but let your child do the majority  “peeking over their shoulder”

13  Completing School/Counselor Report on Admission Application  Transcripts ($2.00 each)  Transcripts become unofficial if opened by someone other than college official  Sent at mid-year (at your request)  Final sent to college of your choice after graduation (automatic)  College Representative Visits  Scholarships  Freebies  Other informative resources


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