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Blogging Genres Personal Post It’s all about YOU!.

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1 Blogging Genres Personal Post It’s all about YOU!

2 Personal Post This post can include any expression of yourself as an individual. The reader should understand more about who you are by reading the post. What makes you different from others?

3 Options This I Believe… Diary Entry Personal Reflection.
A letter to someone special in your life. Personal narrrative If you have another idea, check with Ms. Jarr first.

4 This I Believe… What is a “This I Believe” essay?
Listen to the following examples. What do you learn about the author by reading or listening to the blog post? Examples Unleashing the Power of Creativity and Intelligence by Bill Gates Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Dude by Sarah Adams Doing Things My Own Way by Bela Fleck

5 Diary Entry or Personal Reflection
This can be a personal reflection on what is happening in your life or a reflection on a specific day or event. You do not have to share things that are too personal.

6 Diary or Personal Reflection
Examples Thoughts by Wendi What do you learn about Wendi after reading her blog? What does this blog post reveal about her?

7 Personal Letter This letter should be a friendly letter to someone whom you greatly admire or care about. It does not have to be someone you know personally. It should reveal something about you or your personality.

8 Personal Letter Nothing Good Gets Away by author John Steinbeck
What can you infer about John Steinbeck from his letter to his son? What clues tell you this? Image: Thom and John Steinbeck with their father in 1954, courtesy of UC Berkeley.

9 Personal Narrative True story Tell your reader about you.
An event that impacted you. Describe an aspect of your daily life. “Love” by Karoline Jarr The Write Source (turquoise book) pg. 97 Look at pg. 98 of the Write Source. Is “Love” by Karoline Jarr considered a Personal Narrative, according to the traits listed on pg. 98?

10 Personal Post You personal post should reveal something about you.
What do you want to share about yourself with others?

11 Next Steps Decide what kind of personal post you would like to create.
Brainstorm ideas for your writing. What do you want to reveal about yourself? What do you want to keep private? Begin the writing process Draft (maybe draft again) Revise, revise, revise. Edit Publish and share Resources The Write Source (7th grade) pg. 97 The Write Source The Basic Elements of Writing A Writer’s Resource

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