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Chapter 12 Section 1 China Reunites

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1 Chapter 12 Section 1 China Reunites
Page Question 1-6

2 1. What made Buddhism so popular in China?
It allowed people to escape suffering and seek peace and comfort.

3 2. How was the neo-Confucianism a response to Buddhism’s popularity, and What did it teach?
To offset Buddhism’s popularity; Life in this world and afterlife are equally important.

4 Expanded China’s Territory
3. Compare and Contrast; Create a diagram to show how the reigns of Wendi and Yangdi were similar and different WENDI Won Many Battles Founded the Sui Dynasty Both Expanded China’s Territory Yangdi Invasion of Korea failed Supported building projects High Taxes Forced Laborer

5 4. Cause and Effect; What event led to the fall of the Tang Dynasty?
A. Turks taking control of the silk road B. The loss of Trade C. Revolts in Tibet and China

6 5. Sequencing Information Describe the history of Buddhism during the Tang Dynasty
Early Tang rulers were not Buddhist and the allowed the practice of the religion Supported the building of Temples and Monasteries Later they feared the growing popularity saw it as an enemy of Chinese Traditons 845C.E. The Tang had many of the Buddhist Temple destroyed Buddhism in China never recovered

7 6. Analyze; Why had Confucianism fallen out of favor in China before the Tang and Song dynasties
There was no national government to give civil service examinations; Buddhism won many followers.

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