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Sui and Tang Dynasties Reunify China

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1 Sui and Tang Dynasties Reunify China

2 QUESTION How did the Sui and Tang Dynasties reunify and strengthen China? You will write the answer at the end of the presentation in the Summary Portion of your Cornell Notes

3 Fall of Han Dynasty As the Han empire fell, Nomads from the north moved in and settled in China Like all empires, conflict and chaos followed after the Han Dynasty fell Floods, Droughts, and Food Shortages also ravaged China for nearly 650 years

4 The Sui (sway) Dynasty By 589 CE, Yang Jian conquered the south and reunified China as one Empire He took power by killing the heir to the Zhou throne, his grandson along with 59 princes Yang Jian soon become known as Wendi and was the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty

5 Wendi Wendi did several things to reunify China:
Restored old traditions Allowed people to follow their own belief systems Introduced Civil Service Exams Rebuilt portions of Great Wall Built the Grand Canal, connecting the Huang He and Chang Jiang

6 Question Which 2 accomplishments of Wendi were most important to the reunification of China? Answer on your Cornell Notes next to the question. Use this Sentence Frame: “I think the most important accomplishment of Wendi did to reunify China was _______ because _______. The second most accomplishment was_______ because _______.”

7 The Tang (not the drink) Dynasty
Taizong (ty-john) and his father Gaozu (gow-joo) took over power in 626 CE He killed his 2 brothers and all 10 of their sons Taizong did not overburden peasants with high taxes He also took land from the rich and gave it to peasants

8 Wu Zhao (woo jow) The only female ruler of China Her accomplishments:
Re-conquered Korea Supported Buddhism Became popular among Chinese people She ruled by commanding her husband and son Held power until she was more than 80 year old

9 New Dynasty receives “Mandate from Heaven”
In time Dynasty becomes corrupt and power weakens Natural Disasters occur Old Dynasty losses “Mandate to Heaven” Dynasty is overthrown through rebellion New Dynasty gains power

10 QUESTION How did the Sui and Tang Dynasties reunify and strengthen China? You will now write your answer in the Summary section of the Cornell Notes. Write 2-3 sentences.

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