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Marine Biology 30 ROV Project. Hydrothermal VENTS.

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1 Marine Biology 30 ROV Project

2 Hydrothermal VENTS

3 Types of Hydrothermal Vents -Warm vents that emit water 5 to 23 degrees C. -Hot vents with maximum exit temperatures of 270 to 380 degrees C. -Snow-blower vents

4 Geology of Hydrothermal Vents Geothermal vents are hot springs that occur deep in the ocean. Located along the world’s mid ‑ ocean ridges. First discovered in 1977 near the Galapagos Islands.

5 Blue Smokers

6 Biology of Hydrothermal Vents -Ecosystem for bacteria and animals. -Microbes get their energy from their different chemicals. -More than 400 new animal species have been found in these ecosystems.

7 Remote Operated Vehicle

8 Instruments for Exploration Cameras/Lenses Arms Claws Sensors Scoops Nets Lights Containers




12 Strategic Initiative: Main Objective - Successfully collect two crabs and identify the temperature of a vent within the allotted time frame, on the bottom of the Hartnell pool by utilizing a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

13 Staffing Management Plan Kathryn = Driver/Co-chair Wendi = Driver/Secretary Jonathan = Chair/Communication

14 Tasks/Milestones TASKS (Projected times/Dates)MILESTONES ROV Prep. (less than 1 min.) Mission Scrubbed-due to pump failure (9/7) ROV Deployment to Site (2 min.) ROV Training-completed by project date (9/19) Mission 1 Execution (5 min.) ROV Mission Rehearsal (9/19) 1:40 PM Mission 2 Execution (5 min.)ROV Mission (9/26) 1:40 PM ROV Retrieval (1 min.) Data (9/19) Presentations (9/22)

15 Risk Management Plan ProblemsStrategy Pool breakdownReschedule mission. Rover breakdownBorrow ROV from another group. Group member no showImplementation of mission can be accomplished with only two people.- Or-Beg forgiveness and try again at another time. Mission failureAnother member of group may try.

16 Mission Results 4:04 to the vent 7:09 to retrieve crab A 9:56 to retrieve crab B Total Time: 9:56

17 Thank you for watching. END

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