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What to Expect in Kindergarten and How to Help Your Child Succeed ! September 10, 2014.

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1 What to Expect in Kindergarten and How to Help Your Child Succeed ! September 10, 2014

2 Welcome Jolene D. Reinhart Director, Office of Curriculum & Instruction Springfield Local Schools

3 Kindergarten Team Spring Hill Elementary Mary Meadows, Principal RaeLyn Craig, Teacher Tammie Langovsky, Teacher Heather Meeker, Teacher Dena Scrimo, Teacher Laura Hancock, Literacy Lori Woodford, Literacy Kindra Cox, Literacy

4 Kindergarten Team Continued Young Elementary Jennifer Ganzer, Principal Kaitlin Benner, Teacher Beth Burgess, Teacher Jennifer Hoskin, Teacher Christie Hubert, Teacher Wendi Bluey, Literacy Sonya Cunningham, Literacy

5 Content Standards English Language Arts (Common Core) Math (Common Core) Science Social Studies

6 Assessment for Teaching and Learning-Standards Based Ongoing formal and informal assessments are used by teachers and staff to monitor and inform instruction. Baseline-screening September Progress Check 4 quarterly Progress Report Cards

7 September Progress Check- Sent home October 3rd Literacy Writing first name using capital and lowercase letters. Recite alphabet Identify upper/lowercase letters Say the sound of each letter Read color words (blue, red, yellow, green) Math Identify the numbers 0-10 Identify shapes Counting to 20 or higher Identify the 11 colors

8 Literacy Questions What should I expect my child to be reading by the end of kindergarten? What can I do at home to home to help my child learn to read?

9 Goal For every student to be able to fluently read a level D book. (minimum expectation C) What does a level “D” book look like?

10 D Level Book








18 Where to start at home….. Read to or with your child every night Practice letter identification and sounds (fluency is crucial) Practice required sight words Learn and use the reading strategies at home when reading with your child

19 Sight Words Often called popcorn words or snap words Should be memorized so that the child recognizes them quickly and easily Often cannot be sounded out (the, said, they) Many beginning books will repeat same sight words on each page to allow for memorization…be sure to encourage the student to use finger to follow words Very important reading skill 75 total required in K

20 Reading Strategies

21 Eagle Eye/Lips the Fish

22 Emergent Reader

23 Common Mistakes to Avoid Hiding the pictures “sound it out”

24 Mem Fox……Reading Magic

25 Parent Academy Series of informational sessions October 21st @ 6:30 pm January 12th @ 6:30 pm March 10th @ 6:30 End of Program celebration –TBA, during school day –Will recognized families/student who complete Parent Academy

26 Parent Academy Gain valuable information to help your child become a successful kindergarten reader and writer Opportunity to connect with your child and other parents with a common goal See student performances


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