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Safe Routes to Schools Creating Long Term Sustainability Wendi Kallins Program Director Marin Safe Routes to Schools.

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1 Safe Routes to Schools Creating Long Term Sustainability Wendi Kallins Program Director Marin Safe Routes to Schools

2 Marin County, California

3 The Safe Routes to Schools Program Engineering Education Encouragement Enforcement

4 Funding Marin County Bicycle Coalition 2000 – 9 Schools $600 (Town of Fairfax) $25,000 (CADHS) $25,000 (MCF) $50,000 (NHTSA) County Adopts the program 2001 14 schools $175,000 (Foundations) 2002 24 schools $310,000 (Enhancements) 2003 26 schools 2004 37 schools $500,000 (TFCA) 2005 50 schools (Sales Tax)


6 Champions

7 Partnership Agreements Principal School District City Council

8 Forming Teams PTA Site Council Safety Committee Or Wellness Council

9 Wellness Policy Setting Physical Activity Goals The primary goals for schools’ physical activity components are: To provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities To maintain students’ physical fitness To ensure students’ regular participation in physical activity, To teach students the short-and long-term benefits of a physically active and healthful lifestyle

10 Classroom Lessons Safety training –Pedestrian safety –Bicycle safety Environmental and health lessons

11 Bicycle Rodeos Safetyville Traffic Course Super Slalom Turtle Race Quick Turn Fast Dodge

12 Frequent Rider Miles Earn points for walking and biking Every 20 points get reward and enter raffle Win a new bike and other valuable prizes

13 Developing Plans

14 Projects Funded Both Mill Valley and Fairfax received grants in the first two years.

15 Two Year Pilot Program Walking and Biking From 21% to 38% Driving From 62% to 38%

16 The Sales Tax November 2004  Fourth Try at a Transportation Sales Tax  SR2S Popularity and Grassroots Support  Needed 2/3 vote  Passed with 72% vote

17 The Sales Tax Measure A Funding 11% of total Sales Tax to Safe Route to Schools Safe Routes to Schools Program Crossing Guards Infrastructure

18 Safe Routes to Schools Program offered at no cost: Organizing and Staffing for Task Forces Engineering support Pedestrian and Bicycle Education Guidance and Materials for Contests and Events General Promotion Crossing Guards Infrastructure Funding

19 Community SR2S Task Force –Team Leaders –School District Rep –Political Leaders –Public Works –Law Enforcement –Health Professionals –Advocacy Groups


21 Document the Issues Parent surveys Injury data Traffic counts Speed checks Identify safety issues

22 Walkabouts Invite parents, neighbors, principal, public works and police Walk or bike to areas of concern Focus on short-term solutions first

23 Think Long-Range

24 Think Short-Range

25 Develop a Project List and Accompanying Diagram

26 Engineering Concept Plans


28 Street Smarts Lawn Signs Banners Bumper Stickers Neighborhood/PTA presentations Media coverage Police presence

29 SchoolPool

30 Walk and Bike Across America EVENTS & PROJECTS NEIL CUMMINS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 58 Mohawk, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Tel: (415) 927-6965 Fax: (415) 927-6967 Teacher Switchboard: (415) 927-6972 Absentee Line: (415) 927-6981 first posting 11-19-2001 Watch our progress as we RACE ACROSS AMERICA! Track the miles spent walking and biking to school Plot the miles on a map Learn about other parts of the country

31 Middle School On the Road

32 Teen Program Teen Program Student Travel Diary Bike/Transit Field Trips History of Transportation Youth Led Activities

33 Pollution Punchcard

34 Special Earth Day Activities Greenhouse in a Bottle – grades 5/6 Family Mouse Behind the Wheel grades 1/2 Transportation Choices and the Environment grades 10-12


36 Taking Your Temperature

37 Demonstrate Success Manor SchoolDrive AloneWalk/Bike/Others Before SR2S62%39% After SR2S38%61% Mill Valley MSDrive AloneWalk/Bike/Others Before SR2S56%44% After SR2S40%60% Pleasant ValleyDrive AloneWalk/Bike/Others Before SR2S72%28% After SR2S55%45%

38 Dispel the Myths Safety in Numbers Teach Your Children Well A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

39 Liability vs. Risk Management Anyone can sue you for anything Balance Risk with Benefits Show Due Diligence

40 Training and Supporting Champions

41 Youth Involvement

42 Community Based Social Marketing Social Diffusion Commitments Prompts Norms Creating effective messages Incentives Removing Exterior Barriers

43 Addressing Barriers

44 Safety Campaigns Develop comprehensive Public Education Campaigns

45 Writing Successful Grants  California SR2S Infrastructure Grants  Over $3 million in funding to Marin  Successful Grants Every Year

46 Provide Opportunities

47 Weekly Walk and Roll Days

48 Institutionalize the Program

49 Watch Your Program Grow

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