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JEOPARDY Ch 12 Ch 12 The Era of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

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2 JEOPARDY Ch 12 Ch 12 The Era of the Tang and Song Dynasties

3 Categories Sui Dynasty Tang Dynasty People Song Dynasty Important Events Vocabular y

4 Who was Yang Jian? He was a member of a prominent north Chinese family who struck a marriage alliance with the northern Zhou and then seized power from his son in law.

5 What was Wendi ( Not Wendy’s)? This was the title taken by Yang Jian which means Emperor.

6 Who was Yangdi ? He was the second emperor of the Sui Dynasty who murdered his father and drove back nomadic invaders and re-established the civil service examination system.

7 What was The Period or Era of the Six Dynasties? The period of time from the end of the Han dynasty until the reunification of China in 589 C.E. is called this by Chinese historians.

8 What was Korea? The Sui Emperor tried unsuccessfully to invade this country in 611 and 614. C.E.

9 Who was Li Yuan ? He was the Duke of Tang, who was one of the Emperor’s officials, who helped avert civil war and anarchy after the assassination of the Emperor.

10 Who was Tang Taizong? The Duke of Tang or Li Yuan abdicated in favor of his second son in 626 who helped spur China’s Golden Age.

11 What was the Silla Dynasty? This was the This was the Vassal kingdom that was set up in Korea during the Tang Dynasty.

12 Who was Li Bo? He was the most famous poet of the Tang Dynasty who blended images of the everyday world with philosophical thoughts.

13 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

14 What was the Grand Canal? This This was built in the 7 th century during the reign of Yangdi during the Sui Dynasty and connected the Huang He River with the Yangtze River basin in the south.

15 What was flying money? This was a Chinese credit system that provided safety for merchants and could be redeemed at the end of a journey and prevented robbery.

16 Who was Empress Wu ? She was the Tang ruler who encouraged the building of Buddhist temples and tried to elevate Buddhism to the state religion of China.

17 Who was Xuanzong? He was the leading emperor of the Tang Dynasty who reigned from 713 until 755.

18 W ho was Yang Guifei? She was the royal concubine who wielded power during the Tang Dynasty and her influence eventually led to a revolt.

19 What was neo- Confucianism? This movement revived ancient Chinese traditions of loyalty to family and social position during the Song era and developed a hostility to outside influences that influenced Chinese culture for years.

20 Who was Zhu Xi? He was the most prominent of the neo-Confucian scholars who stressed applying the principals of traditional Chinese culture to everyday life.

21 W ho were the Tangut Tribes ? They were the nomadic people from Tibet who established a kingdom southwest of the Liao kingdom.

22 Who was Wuzong? He was a He was an emperor who openly prosecuted Buddhists during the Tang Dynasty burned monasteries and confiscated Buddhist lands.

23 What was Chan Buddhism? This was the type of Buddhism practiced more by the elite and was also adopted by the elite of Japan in the form of Zen Buddhism.

24 W hat was Chang’an? This was the largest city in the world during the Tang Dynasty.

25 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

26 Who was Zhao Kuangyin? He was the strong warrior leader who united China again after the fall of the Tang Dynasty.

27 What is Sinification? This is a term meaning to be influenced by Chinese culture so that the rival culture adopts Chinese social and cultural aspects and essentially becomes Chinese.

28 Who were the Jurchen? They were They were a new threat from the North that overthrew the Liao Empire and settled along the Huang- he River basin.

29 What was pure land Buddhism? This This was the Buddhism that was practiced during the Tang Dynasty by the masses of Chinese.

30 What was the Ministry of Rites ? This organization administered examinations to students who came from state schools or were recommended by distinguished scholars.

31 What was Jinshi? This was the title granted to a distinguished scholar who passed the most difficult Chinese civil service examinations.

32 What was the junk? These were Chinese ships equipped with watertight bulkheads compasses and bamboo fenders and became a dominant vessel in the Asian seas.

33 What was footbinding ? This practice in Chinese society made it easier for men to control women and confine them to the household.

34 Who were the Khitans ( meow)? Thye were the nomadic people of Manchuria and militarily superior to the Song Dynasty that enforced humiliating treaties on Song China in the 11 th century.

35 What was gunpowder 1100 and the compass 1119 C.E.? These were two important inventions during the Song Dynasty that still have an impact today.

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