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1-866-634-9412 2 1-866-634-9412 NH ServiceLink Resource Centers Berlin Littleton Tamworth Lebanon Laconia Claremont.

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1 1-866-634-9412

2 2 1-866-634-9412 NH ServiceLink Resource Centers Berlin Littleton Tamworth Lebanon Laconia Claremont Rochest er Concord Portsmouth Manchester Keene Salem Nashua

3 3 Who are ServiceLink Resource Centers Designed to Assist? Consumers age 60 or older; Adults living with a disability or chronic illness; Their caregivers and anyone interested in long-term support services.

4 4 What is a ServiceLink Resource Center? A Resource Center is a state-wide network of visible and accessible community-based resources for our target population and their providers. ServiceLink provides these services through a national toll- free number that routes the caller to the nearest office. ServiceLink promotes independence and healthy aging by providing : – Information/Referral and Assistance – Educational programs – Volunteer opportunities – Family Caregiver supports – Medicare Learning Centers

5 5 Free Information, Referral & Assistance The information and assistance that ServiceLink provides is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL in order to aid consumers, their families and providers in securing the connections necessary to maintain independent living and healthy aging in the home of their choosing. Call Toll-Free 1-866-634-9412

6 6 What Changed in 2006? ServiceLink Resource Center consolidated existing information, referral and long-term support counseling and situational assessment functions. It formally integrated clinical level of care determinations and Medicaid financial eligibility into a streamlined community-based operation. The ServiceLink Resource Center model achieved State-wide implementation in the end of 2006. In January 2007 the ServiceLink Network became the contractor for the SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) Program and the Senior Medicare Patrol. Every ServiceLink now has a Medicare Coordinator on staff.

7 7 A Brief NH SHIP History NH is a single state unit on aging and is the grantee of both SHIP and SMP. NH has 190,000 Medicare recipients 20,000 recipients are Medicare/Medicaid (dual eligible) An additional 40,000 recipients are below 150% FPL Prior to 2007 the SHIP was contracted to a single I&R/help-line organization working primarily out of a single location in central NH.

8 8 Incorporating SHIP into the Resource Center model The ServiceLink Network became the logical partner of the SHIP in 2005 with the introduction of Part D due to their State-wide presence. ServiceLink was able to do local education and outreach to both consumers and providers. All ServiceLink staff who were not already SHIP certified became trained on Part D and LIS. ServiceLink was able to provide 1:1 counseling with Medicare recipients in their offices around the State.

9 9 What Changed in 2007? In 2007 the State of New Hampshire awarded the SHIP contract to the ServiceLink Network. Every ServiceLink now has a Medicare Coordinator on staff who is dedicated to Medicare education, outreach and volunteer management. Medicare Coordinators are managed by the ServiceLink Director and State SHIP program manager. Over 50 community staff are now dedicated to the ServiceLink Resource Center in addition to 25 State employees.

10 10 ServiceLink Statistics 2007 as of 5/13/07

11 11 ServiceLink Resource Center Team SLRC: Resource Center Manager Long Term Support Counselor Information & Referral Specialist Medicare Coordinator Caregiver Specialist Long Term Care Nurse,BEAS Family Services Specialist, Division of Family Assistance Volunteers BEAS: Wendi Aultman, MS, CIRS-A, ServiceLink Program Manager Jennifer Hosue, CIRS-A ServiceLink Network Coordinator Beth Benson, CIRS-A ServiceLink Database Manager Karol Dermon SHIP Program Manager

12 12 ServiceLink Resource Center has Answers Connections for Independent Living & Healthy Aging Call Toll Free: 1 (866) 634-9412

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