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1 Ensuring the Future of the Arthur W. Page Society Page Two Task Force Tom Martin Don Wright.

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1 1 Ensuring the Future of the Arthur W. Page Society Page Two Task Force Tom Martin Don Wright

2 Background –Desire to expand the reach of the Page Mission and Principles to a wider audience. –The next generation of leadership needs to be developed and exposed to the Page Society in a meaningful way. –The Page Society can build on its existing membership, programs and expertise to serve this wider audience. –This outreach can be accomplished in a cost- neutral approach. 2

3 Task Force Members  Tom Martin and Don Wright, Co-Chairs –Angela Buonocore –Tony Cervone –Ron Culp –Matt Gonring –Bill Heyman –Richard Marshall –Maril MacDonald –Helen Ostrowski –Gary Sheffer –Art Wiese

4 Objectives  Examine the concept of developing the next generation of Chief Communication Officers through an expansion of the Page Society (working name “Page Two”) targeted at middle management professionals with high potential for advancement.  Develop a more ambitious network of Page Two professionals without diluting the value of primary Page membership status.  Explore the potential new revenue stream made possible from a Page Two organization, as well as the potential cost/infrastructure requirements necessary to maintain it.  Explore the viability of this model, considering the impact of competing organizations and offerings, and present recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Page Board.

5 Interview Candidates  Page Executive Committee (other than those serving on Task Force)  Presidents Council  Page Society Board  Other Supporters –Nick Ashooh –Mark Bain –Ann Barkelew –Amy Binder –Lou Capozzi –Michael Fanning –Gary Grates –George Jamison –Elliot Schreiber –Kirk Stewart –Wendi Strong

6 Key Questions  Mission/Value Proposition –Will the creation of such a professional society be consistent with the Page mission? –Will such an organization make Page Society membership more valuable to our members? –How will this be similar to or different from existing programs within the Page Society and in other similar organizations? –Who should govern the new organization?  Nominating/Membership –Should this organization replicate the membership model of the Page Society? –How will members/associates/participants be selected? –Who will set the length and terms of association? –How do we set pricing for this category of membership? –Should we set limits on the number of participants from the same organization? Should we offer discounts to organizations who have more than one participant?  Staffing/Resource Requirements –What staffing and support will be required from the Page organization, both paid staff and volunteers? –Will this effort be cost-neutral to the Page Society?  Programming –How often will programs be offered? –Who will be responsible for the creation and implementation of programs? 6

7 Initial Interview Findings  Strong support for the concept and the need for such an initiative.  Concerns about how members will be chosen. Is “member” the right word?  We need to carefully define our target audience for such an initiative. Is it just the direct reports of CCOs or all middle management?  Some suggest we should consider models that differ from the traditional membership organization, such as an association, affiliation or participatory model.  Some noted that we need to resolve the membership issues surrounding existing Page members even as we consider expanding the Society.

8 Initial Interview Findings  We should look at how we can build on existing efforts such as Future Leaders.  We should also consider using Future Leaders graduates to assist in this effort.  Numerous concerns about resource requirements; we should consider dedicating a staff person to this effort.  Should consider broadening idea of corporate sponsorship to include participation in Page Two. Future Leaders and other Page programs as benefits of increased support.  A primary benefit of such an iniative is providing a Page-oriented networking opportunity for those who don’t qualify for Page membership. We may be able to achieve this without a membership organization.

9 Next Steps  Conduct additional research –Survey Page members who may have interest in participation and/or sponsorship (active CCOs and agency leaders) –Discuss with current Future Leaders participants  Develop implementation alternatives  Develop value proposition/financial model(s)  Present proposal(s) to the Executive Committee and at the August board meeting

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