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HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH WICHITA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Website: Electronic Bid Site (Non-Construction Bids):

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1 HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH WICHITA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Website: Electronic Bid Site (Non-Construction Bids): http://purchasing.usd259.org USD 259 Purchasing Department August 28, 2012

2 The Purchasing Department is located at 201 N. Water, Suite 626, Wichita, KS 67202 in downtown Wichita on the Northwest corner of Water and First Streets 316-973-4540 Where is our department located? 2

3 The USD 259 Purchasing Website Firms should use our District Purchasing website to find: Purchasing Staff contacts Purchasing Events Purchasing Policies Vendor Information including DBE/WBE information Locate active construction solicitations/tabulations Locate the link for our E-Bid online bid system for non- construction bids/tabulations

4 What’s under Bids/Proposals? Under Solicitations/Vendor Information, Vendor information tab Under the Bids/Proposals link you will find current (construction) solicitation documents and request for proposal. Also, need to research old bid construction pricing? Tabulations are listed here by year and are kept online for 18 months. Non-construction tabulations must be accessed via our online E-Bid system.

5 All Construction related companies will visit the District’s Purchasing website for all Solicitations and Tabulations. Construction Companies

6 Current Solicitations  The top part of the page provides the link to the online bidding system for non- construction bids.  The middle section shows Proposals In this case there are none currently out.  The bottom section has the Notices of Solicitation for current construction bids. Click the links to open the documents. 6

7 Get a Printable Document of Construction Solicitations

8 Bid Tabulation History Click Bids-Proposals > Tabulations Click on the Tabulation links to: View Construction tabulations for up to 18 months old. View Non-Construction related goods and services tabulations on our online E-Bid system.

9 What Data Will I See? An example of a Tabulation

10 What Information is Available? Disadvantage & Woman Business Enterprise Information Links to Approved Bidders List for Construction related projects & Prequalification information How to Do Business Booklet and this presentation Links to Purchasing Policies How to register on our electronic E-Bid System From the Vendor Information Link you can access:

11 What Can Contractors Do? Attend pre-bid meetings (information available from the website current bids link) Check Plan Holders List on solicitations Download, complete and return the Pre- Qualification Vendor documents to the Design and Construction Office Visit with the USD 259’s Design and Construction Office about the Approved Bidders List

12 What Are The Requirements? Construction Contractors approval process—Things our Architect’s office will require you to submit for review: AIA A-305 3 Years in Business Letter from bonding agency of bonding limits Certificate of Insurance showing insurance levels Fines and stop work orders for the past 5 years EEO statement Copy of Licenses

13 Qualified Contractor Areas USD 259’s Design and Construction Department qualifies contractors in the following areas: General ContractorsTennis Court Installation Contractors Asbestos ContractorsTurf & Field Systems Contractors Mechanical ContractorsSwimming Pool Installation Contractors Electrical ContractorsTrack Installation Contractors Leviton Contractors For more information on the qualification process contact Design &Construction at 316.973.2008 For a current list of qualified contractors visit

14 Suppliers and vendors that are non-construction related will use the District’s E-Bid website to view and respond to solicitations and to view bid history. Non-Construction Related Goods & Services

15 Begin by clicking the Supplier Registration link Follow the onscreen instructions Step by step instructions are available You will receive an email once you have been approved Registering as a Vendor or Supplier

16 Using the USD 259 E-Bid System Click the Supplier Registration Link to get started.

17 How to access USD 259 E-BID from our district web page

18 Using the USD 259 E-Bid System Log in using the user name and password that you created

19 For Some Additional Help… Once you have logged into the system, for additional help on how to use USD 259’s E-Bid system, click on the link for the Supplier Quick Reference Guide.

20 Using the USD 259 E-Bid System Click on Bid Events to view: Available bids Closed Bids My Responses My Awards

21 Current Solicitations Click View Available Bids > “Check” Bid Number > Click Documents Link > Click Invitation Doc

22 Bid Tabulation History Click on Closed Bids > Click Bid Number > Click Award Details > Tabulation Sheet

23 Updating Supplier Information It is the Suppliers responsibility to maintain current information: Click on My Profile: Edit your company profile Update your commodity list Add, Edit or Delete authorized users Update Special Classifications

24 Visit Our USD 259 E-Bid Site Regularly For: Update/Edit your company profile (All Firms) New Solicitations (non-construction) Addendums (non-construction) Pre-Bid/Proposal meeting information (non-construction)

25 Visit Our Website Regularly For: Events (Auctions or training classes) Purchasing Polices Purchasing Contacts Vendor Information Disadvantaged & Woman Business Enterprise information (Construction) Approved Bidder List (Construction) Pre-Qualification Link (Construction) Links to District Bond and Facilities pages plus city, county and other useful links http://purchasing.usd259.orgusd259. General and Construction Services offered:

26 Questions? Contact the Purchasing department. Our agents are often out for meetings/pre-bid projects so appointments are highly encouraged. Purchasing Staff: Purchasing AgentPhone #Commodity Area Cynthia De la Torre Assisted by Joan Bourn 316.973.4545 316.973.4533 Manager, Procurement Policy & Administrative Procedures Vendor File Maintenance Carla Hamilton, Supervisor Assisted by Lori Burress 316.973.4543 316.973.4550 Athletics, Custodial, Employee Travel, Transportation, Playground Equip., Furniture, Cooperative Contracting, Student Photographs and Science, Solid Waste and Fuel, Industrial Equip/Supplies Nancy Lamb, Purchasing Assistant 316.973.4547Bond & Capital Construction Projects, Facilities Equip./Supplies Wendi Frisbie, Purchasing Agent Assisted by Cheryl Rowland 316.973.4549 316.973.4720 School/Art/Office Supplies, Computers & Peripherals, Printers, Fine Arts, Books (Library/Textbooks/Supplemental/Periodicals), Telecommunications and Technology, Security, Audio/Visual Janell Tawater, Purchasing Agent Assisted by Cherie Moose 316.973.4546 316.973.4532 Nutrition Services (all food/paper/plastic items for food usage only) Food Equipment, Appliances, Uniforms, Laundry Rental Services, Health, Special Education, Consultant Contracting Resource. Verna Murdock 316-973-4551Systems Technician – Training, Vendors and Database Support Michelle Loucks 316.9734588Purchasing Procurement Card Technician (in-house VISA cards for Staff) General Info316.973.4540

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