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*Online gaming* Wendi Jardin HTM304 IS News Presentation 10.04.07.

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1 *Online gaming* Wendi Jardin HTM304 IS News Presentation 10.04.07

2 What are online games? Computer or video games played on the Internet or over a computer network. Single player web games Multiplayer games- the largest comprising of thousands of people from across the world.

3 What is online gaming? Net gaming: playing competitive or cooperative computer games with multiple users on a local area network or the Internet. Net gaming connects you with players around the world and puts you in an environment where you can compete against each other in real time. Source: PC World

4 How it Works

5 How it Works (cont’d) Net games can be divided into 2 classes: Those available from centralized servers Those running on distributed servers

6 Centralized Servers

7 Distributed Servers


9 Business Applications and IT Online games are one type of entertainment- oriented and Internet-based information technology (IT). Online games are the future of the interactive entertainment industry. The idea of integrating business services into online games holds a number of exciting possibilities for new business models, new markets, and new growth. Source: IBM Research

10 Online gaming industry growing Source:

11 Online gaming industry growing (cont’d) "The main driver for sustained growth in the online games market will be the continued uptake of broadband services around the world," said David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. "Additionally, the very lucrative revenue opportunity in both the massively multiplayer segment and the electronic sell through market will continue to attract new entrants into the online games market." (Business Week Sept.12, 2007)

12 IT’s Roles (a) Purpose of IT usage: To enhance work effectiveness and productivity. However, with the arrival of the Internet, IT began to be for more than work. Indeed, in the Yahoo! directory, parts of the web sites are entertainment-oriented web sites. Notably, people play online games mainly for their leisure and pleasure. (b) Changes in IT operation: Traditionally, IT was option or menu-driven. perceived ease-of-use (PE) critically affected user adoption. But in the Internet era, multimedia and hyperlinks have replaced traditional operations; e.g., online game players enjoy easier-to-use interfaces and multimedia effects due to graphical operations. (c) Value-added by connection: IT not only fulfills fundamental MIS functions, such as data analysis and management, but also assists in user communication. This communication has significantly affected virtual community. Additionally, the interpersonal interactions among game players can create cohesive communities. Source:

13 Source: IBM Research The Electronic Commerce application pattern, Web-Up Runtime pattern

14 Source: IBM Research

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