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Quyana Clubhouse Health & Wellness Project

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1 Quyana Clubhouse Health & Wellness Project
Southcentral Foundation Cohort IV Learning Community Region 1 Anchorage, AK 4501 Diplomacy Drive, Ste 200 (907)

2 About Our Program Please provide a brief description of your organization’s PBHCI initiative including the following: Reverse Integration model (Medical into a Behavioral Health Clinic) Strategies used to incorporate primary care Accommodate space for medical offices and exam rooms Hire Medical Staff Incorporate Existing Southcentral Foundation Medical & Health Education Services into Clinic for our Wellness Program Incorporate existing Southcentral Foundation EHR Systems into Quyana Clubhouse Enrollment target 286 Severely Mentally Ill Urban Setting in Anchorage, AK Wellness services offered are Exercise Classes, Health Education, Tobacco Cessation Peer Mentors, Peer Run groups: AA Sobriety, Yupik Language, Wellness/Refocusing Skills, etc. Cerner Millennium

3 Who We Are Quyana Clubhouse Health & Wellness Project Team:
Brian McCutcheon, Administrator Oversees Adult Behavioral Health Programs in Behavioral Services Division Leonard Trenton, Project Director Program Manager of Quyana Clubhouse, oversees PBHCI Grant Wendi Kannenberg, MPH, Grant Evaluator Program Evaluator/Public Health Consultant for Data Services Walter Kookesh, Improvement Specialist Improvement Specialist, Organizational Development & Improvement Connie Hoskins, Nurse Practitioner Provides overall healthcare to Members who participate in the program Annie Peterson-Lewis, RN Case Manager Provides case management services as well as coordinates care according to their Wellness Care Plan James (Lucky) Aloes, Clinical Associate Supervisor Supervises Clinical Associate Staff who administer the NOM’s questionnaire Dolly Nentwich, Supervisor Supervises entry level and cooking staff as well as data entry of NOM’s Form into the TRAC system Ryan LaRock, Wellness Coordinator Provides Health Education and Physical Fitness programs for Members of Quyana Clubhouse Judith Stokes, Administrative Support Coordinates appointment schedules for Nurse Practitioner, RN Case Manager, and Wellness Coordinator as well as reminder calls to Members

4 Finance/Sustainability
Existing financial structure to bill both Behavioral and Medical services Existing EHR systems Southcentral Foundation jointly operates a qualified FQHC Billing Structure - Southcentral Foundation over the years built capacity within to bill for all Behavioral and Medical services in order to sustain operations and to also add new programs such as Quyana Clubhouse. EHR Systems – Southcentral Foundation has implemented several EHR systems such as: SMARTChart – a Behavioral Netsmart System, Cerner – a Medical EHR from Cerner Millienium, and EagleSoft – a Dental EHR System. Southcentral Foundation along with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) jointly operate the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) which is a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves all Alaska Natives/American Indians and is a Tier II Trauma Center. Southcentral Foundation also owns and operates our Primary Care Center and over 60 programs which provides services to a customer-owner base over 55,000 and 155 communities state-wide

5 Tobacco Cessation Tobacco Describe the results/outcomes
Existing Tobacco Cessation program in place through Southcentral Foundation’s Health Education Dept. 6 month lead to advocate and explain new services to Customer-Owners Describe the results/outcomes Southcentral Foundation’s Health Education Dept has for a number of years implemented a successful Tobacco Cessation program. Quyana Clubhous has had 7 individuals attend the program. Quit Aides such as lozenges, gum, patches, etc. offered on self-referred basis. Medications are offered through their Primary Care Provider along with Quit Aides.

6 Plans for the Future Sustainability
Clinical – Kick off of services to customer-owners. Administrative – Implement Health & Wellness Program to fullest potential to our customer-owners. Financial – Billing for billable medical services. What you hope to accomplish within the next six months Kick-off of Health & Wellness Services to our customer-owners.

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