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New Mexico Tech MEM Peter C. Anselmo 16 July 2008.

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2 New Mexico Tech MEM Peter C. Anselmo 16 July 2008

3 Today’s Topics A Brief Overview of the Tech MEM Program Goals Offerings Implementation – how to apply now

4 Why? Serve Engineer and Applied Scientist population Economic Development in New Mexico Fit with NMT Mission and Strategic Plan

5 Strategic Issues Quality Content –Dedicated research faculty and support Quality Delivery –Dedicated DE group, live courses, student/participant interactions maximized Optimize the Challenge and Overall Participant Experience

6 Program Design Patterned after existing Programs –MIT, UM/Rolla, CSM Newer Programs –UT/Austin, Stanford Similar to some Systems Engineering and IE Programs –USC, UVa New Program - UCSD

7 Key Features of NMT MEM Emphasis on Computation and Analysis –NMT students expect to work Programming and Software Components –EMGT 502 features VBA/Excel Systems Approach –Curriculum content and view(s) of the firm Entrepreneurship Flavor –Unstructured Problems –We’re working on collaborations with UNM, NMSU

8 More Features Dedicated, Interdisciplinary Faculty –Many in MGT Dept have undergrad science and/or engineering degree –Engineers, Computer Scientists also teaching Research Connection –Agent-Based Modeling Project –Other faculty research projects

9 Program 30 Credit Hours total –21 Core Hours Includes Capstone Org Entrepreneurship course –6 Hours of Electives Engineering electives actively encouraged 3-Hour Professional Project –Workplace application preferred –Professional paper and presentation required

10 Remote Site Delivery We have a self-imposed limit of 4 Virtual Classrooms –Includes 2 in Albuquerque Quality delivery issue We can stream to anywhere with a reasonable Net connection

11 Remote Site Delivery We teach each course live once per year – at least We also offer asynchronous delivery –Via nonlive stream –In “nonlive” semesters during designated times when instructors monitor the stream, answer questions, and enable audio discussions

12 Fall ’08 Offerings EMGT 571 (Elective) – Leadership and Motivation EMGT 501 (Core) – Management Sci EMGT 506 (Core) – Managing Tech Resources EMGT 501 (Core) – Financial Mgt

13 Location, Location Your house, hotel room, desktop, etc. 2445 Alamo SE (between Yale and Girard), third floor Socorro These are our interactive classrooms; other options exist

14 1 FAQ Differences between NMT MEM and a MBA Content and Context are the two main difference areas

15 Content Differences More Analytical – we do math and modeling in many courses Modeling and Simulation focus 30 Hours (MEM) vs 48 – or more (MBA) Project is a mini-thesis – not found in many MBA programs

16 Context Differences Targeted Audience – people with technical backgrounds moving into managerial positions Focus on projects instead of teams, though there are plenty of team projects Interdisciplinary faculty and focus

17 Another FAQ How much? –$350 distance fee per course –~$225 per credit hour –Books, etc. in the $50-$200 range NMT can work with your employer with regard to billing

18 Outcomes Our working-engineer students are happy with what they are getting out of the program Our full-time population is too Students seeking employment are finding excellent jobs in competition with people from “top” MBA programs

19 Implementation We are ready when you are Admission applications up to class day 1 Information and paperwork from: –Wendi Carrillo,, 575 835 6908 –Karen Chavez, NMT Graduate Office, 575 835 5513

20 Implementation Apply as a Regular grad student Apply as a Special grad student –Regular status application should be done asap –This is for people who want to get started right away –Get admitted as a Regular before finishing 12 hours or having a total of 12 to transfer – including courses taken as a “Special”.

21 Contact Information Program Info: aduate Peter Anselmo – Mgt Dept Chair and Program Director –; 575 835 5438 Wendi Carrillo –

22 Conclusion We think we have a very appropriate program for our participants and their respective organizations This type of program is the future – and we are ready to team with you to advance careers and the NM business climate.

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