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Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice.

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2 Word File Sentences Patterns Expansion Writing Practice

3 the prefixes “ir-,” “in-,” and “im-” The prefix “ir-,” “in-,” or “im-” can be added to a noun or an adjective to indicate its antonym. 1. the prefix “ir-” rational → irrational resistible → irresistible regular → irregular responsible → irresponsible

4 2. the prefix “in-” direct → indirect dependence → independence edible → inedible coherence → incoherence correct → incorrect convenience → inconvenience 3. the prefix “im-” mobile → immobile balance → imbalance polite → impolite patience → impatience moral → immoral possibility → impossibility Back

5 Expansion I. Tips for Breaking the Bad Habit-Procrastination II. Another Bad Habit-Lateness

6 I.Tips for Breaking the Bad Habit—Procrastination Set a reachable goal. Promise yourself a reward. Ask someone to help do part of the job. Use time wisely. Make a list of what one has to do. Break a task into small parts.

7 II. Another Bad Habit—Lateness Listen and indicate T (True) or F (False) for the following statements. T F □ □ 1. Lateness may make people lose their jobs. □ □ 2. People break the habit of lateness once it gets them into trouble. □ □ 3. All latecomers learn the habit of lateness from one of their family members. □ □ 4. Some people choose to be late because they want to be hurt. □ □ 5. Shakespeare advised that it was better to be early than late. Back

8 Discussing Cause and Effect

9 Writing that analyzes reasons (causes) and results (effects) explains why something happened or what happens as a result of some event. The following transitional expressions are often used to show the cause-and-effect relations among events. because (of) since as a result (of) so therefore thus consequently due to as a consequence

10 Examples: 1. Procrastination also causes me to waste time... The simplest task takes on extreme proportions in my mind because of the panic... this causes me to be much slower at any task.

11 2. Because I can never seem to do a task when it is assigned, I never get the satisfaction... Rather, I always end up feeling as if I am at the bottom of a pit... since I am always behind, catching up on my work is... very difficult and nearly impossible. Because of procrastination, I am never free to live in the present....

12 The following sentence patterns are often used in writing topic sentences for cause-and-effect paragraphs: 1. There are two/several causes of/reasons for/effects of ______. 2. There are two/several main reasons why ______. 3. ______ have/has had two/several important effects on.

13 Exercise A: Write a topic sentence to each of the following subjects. 1. The reasons why you study English __________________________________ __________________________________ 2. The effects your friends have on you __________________________________ __________________________________ There are three main reasons why I study English. My friends have had three important effects on me.

14 Exercise B: Based on the topic sentences you have given in Exercise A, write sentences of causes or effects with the transitional expressions listed above. 1._____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 2._____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

15 Exercise C: Based on Exercise A and B, write two cause /effect paragraphs. 1._____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 2._____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

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