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Zone 6 24/06/14. SPAIN A new National Council President was selected: Arjun Israni, who is actually one of the founders of SSO of Spain, but never served.

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1 Zone 6 24/06/14

2 SPAIN A new National Council President was selected: Arjun Israni, who is actually one of the founders of SSO of Spain, but never served as NCP. Youth were in charge of organizing and entertaining about 200 children in a poor neighbourhood during Christmas, and gave out presents to the children - in collaboration with the neighbourhood church.

3 FRANCE For Mahasamadhi observance, a special service to homeless people living in the woods near Paris was conducted. Food was distributed to about 15 homeless people living in small tents. Hot coffee was also served while sharing a few warm words with them.  The homeless people very much appreciated this selfless and loving care.

4 SWITZERLAND A national Retreat was organized from June 7 th to June 9 th in the Swiss Alps with the theme “Inner and Outer Silence”. Devotees could enjoy silence, nature, a wonderful landscape and the speeches given by Dr. Narendra Reddy via Skype and by Dr. Phil Gosselin, who attended the meeting.

5 ITALY Relief Project for taking care of the disabled is carried out on a regular basis, on the last weekend of the month, at Mother Sai House.



8 SSIO of Italy took part in "THE WORLD I WOULD LIKE ", a festival dedicated to nature, health and well-being, and bio- natural disciplines from April 24th up to May 1st 2014 in Milan in collaboration with "The Festival of the East.“ 31 Sathya Sai volunteers served as educators, musicians, lecturers, organisers and staff. Thousands of visitors and many schools showed interest in the educational programmes.

9 SLOVENIA  Slovenian centres are well focused on the importance of personal Sadhana, as they consider that this is the best way to involve more youth.  The visit by Dr. Reddy gave a new impetus to the centre activities.  A good education team is giving an important contribution to ISSE SE.  The Service Team was one of the first ones to organize Emergency Help after the Balkans flood.

10 CROATIA A human values day was held on June 22 nd with presentations of programmes, workshops and activities. Croatia is on the front line in helping the victims in flooded areas: Volunteers went to Bosnia and Serbia with trucks full of packages collected by the Centres. An immediate Ceiling on Desire programme provided the first funds for these countries.

11 Service activities as a way of life! - 'KAAPAA' Children's Recuperation & Rehabilitation Centre in Voula Attiki - West Attica Clinic of Chronic Ailments, for the annual Spring celebration - Surrogate families in Perama, Piraeus, and distributed 55 bags of food, clothes and medicines GREECE

12 Sathya Sai Educare seminars Regular service activities.. - Helping elderly and poor persons (w.cutting) - “Voice of the Avatar” (herald) SERBIA

13  “Magnificent Love” - 45 young students attended two seminars in Sarajevo  Regular Service activities and STP BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

14 Educational Centre Lighthouse – SSEHV workshops for children.. (14 children in 3 groups age from 9 to 16) MACEDONIA

15 Regular centre activities.. ROMANIA

16 Floods in the Balkan Areas

17 SITUATION Large scale floods affected the area of three countries: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia this May. Almost one million people were evacuated or relocated from their homes in a matter of days. Many smaller towns were totally flooded, many landslides also followed in different areas leaving behind devastated homes, collateral damage as well as taking many human lives.


19 24/06/14 LOVE IN ACTION

20 24/06/14 LOVE IN ACTION

21 24/06/14




25 UPDATE Sathya Sai volunteers of the entire Region 62 have been activated and channels are opened for collection of the most needed materials and funds. Disaster relief commitees are formed within the involved countries. Currently we have regular (almost daily) Skype meetings among NCs and DRC of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. During meetings informations are exchanged and best solutions evaluated.

26 WHAT HAS BEEN DONE SO FAR The first group of Sathya Sai Volunteers from Croatia went to flooded areas near Osijek in Croatia and further to the Serbian border. Supplies were distributed within Croatia and also stored for distribution in Serbia. The second group went to Bosnia where they provided help to the locals and also brought food for animals. The SSO Slovenia collected basic necessities such as clothes, food, sanitary items, and cash donations to be distributed in Bosnia and Serbia by Croatian volunteers.

27 WHAT HAS BEEN DONE SO FAR The DRC of Bosnia and Serbia pinpointed some smaller groups of individuals and families that needed immediate help to distribute first packages and donations received. Sai volunteers - mostly youth and young adults - from Croatia met volunteers from Bosnia that were taking care of animals and cattle that remained unattended, hungry or wounded. The aftermath of the flood brings a high risk of infections and diseases, since there are many dead animals.

28 24/06/14

29 NEXT STEPS By now, most of the flooded areas are dry and reachable by car so there is a better chance to offer help in a more organized way. The most important part as far as SSO is concerned - is to prepare and provide the best possible help and care once all the flood victims return to their homes. We can assume that they will need every available aid or donation in order to establish once again the normal everyday life they had before.

30 24/06/14


32 NEXT INTERVENTION SERBIA Village “Rebelj” at 1244 m above the sea level height with mostly rural inhabitants, living mainly on agriculture. After the landslides 7 houses were totally destroyed and 17 very damaged, the road to the village is also damaged making transport difficult. People from destroyed houses are temporarily moved to relatives and neigbours. Basic items needed: food for people and animals, hygiene items,utensils, household material, furniture…. ACTIVITY NOW: PACKAGES PREPARATION TO DISTRIBUTE TO THE VILLAGE

33 Rebelj Village

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