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CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Digital Greece: At the Crossroads of Broadband Development Smart Phones & Applications: The New Era Mobile Apps in Mobile Marketing.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Digital Greece: At the Crossroads of Broadband Development Smart Phones & Applications: The New Era Mobile Apps in Mobile Marketing October 19, 2010 Dimitrios A. Kontarinis VP of Innovation, Velti The 12 th Info-ComWorld Conference

2 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Table of Contents I.Who We Are II.What We Do III.Mobile Apps IV.Some Apps V.What do you need to create a successful Mobile App ecosystem?


4 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Velti is a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology and solutions that enable brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, and media to implement highly targeted, interactive and measurable campaigns by communicating with and engaging consumers via their mobile devices.

5 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY A Global Leader in Mobile Marketing Size and CapabilitiesOrganic revenue, earnings growth  2009 revenue $88m/ adj. EBITDA $25m  Profitable, solid margin expansion in 2009  Revenue growth of 70%+ in past 5 years  90% revenue contribution from software as a service (SaaS) and performance-based  Existing customers growing @ 130% YoY  Key Joint Ventures in China and India  Strategic acquisitions AdInfuse, DigitalRum, Media Cannon  Joint venture with IPG, working closely with all major agencies globally  500 employees  250+ engineers  Over 2,000 campaigns in 2009  450 global brand, agency and mobile operator customers  Operations in 35 countries  2.5 billion consumers reachable through Velti’s mGage platform  HQs in London; offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Madrid, Athens, Sofia, Nicosia, Moscow, New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai


7 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile Marketing Traditional AdvertisingMobile Advertising Locate a Store Join Loyalty Club Download Mobile Content Mobile Internet Site Enter Competition On Pack Promotion

8 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Reach The Velti mGage TM Platform 7 AdvertisingMarketingResults EngageConvert  Campaign dashboards  Conversion Tracking Media Planner Ad Server/Ad Router Site and App BuilderAnalytics  Ad Exchange  Media research  Media planning  Traditional Media  Ad Serving  Mediation Router  Mobile sites  Landing Pages  Mobile Apps Mobile MarketingCRM  Mobile coupons  Mobile commerce  Mobile social media  Loyalty  Cross-sell, Up-sell  Profiling, Segmentation Campaign planning and optimization AnalyzeRemarket  End-to-end campaign management  Global execution  Real time optimization  Business process and workflows mGage is a software platform that enables brands, agencies, operators, and media companies to execute mobile marketing and advertising campaigns

9 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Mobile: 24/7, ubiquitous, engaging, measurable ABI research predicts that the market for mobile marketing and advertising will reach $19 billion by 2011 (1) Visiongain, 2006


11 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Booming Mobile apps Market 10 Informa predicts smart phones will make up 38% of all handset sales worldwide by 2013, more than double their share in 2009.

12 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Mobile App Definition What Is a Mobile Application? eMarketer defines mobile applications as software programs that are downloaded, installed and perform specific tasks on a mobile device. Of particular interest are those that connect users to Web-based content that is either cached within the application or pulled to the device on demand by the user. In most cases, these mobile apps require an open Internet connection to receive new content, even if not accessed through a traditional browser. Mobile apps come in a range of categories, including: Games Social networking Productivity Utilities (Multi)media and entertainment Education and reference

13 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY The North Face Snow Report app has been downloaded 300,000 times to date, but the more important stat may be that they report people are using it multiple times a day. Building a brand utility that becomes so much valued by a customer has value outweighed the sheer impressions generated alone.people are using it multiple times a day Mobile app landscape: Different Apps for different objectives 12 You should be here! … and here!


15 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Coca Cola Zero – Coke Cleaner 14 Objective  Offer a fun application that will entertain app users and promote the Coke brand Solution  Ogilvy designed the app concept for Coke Cleaner and VELTI as a technology provider implemented the app.  THE CLEANER makes the impossible possible by showing fake screens that flatter the viewer and stops them finding anything incriminating on your phone. THE CLEANER hides the content of your phone by showing photos, calendar entries and app icons that will put you in the best possible position or show you in the best possible light. Some of the apps don’t actually function – once active photos, calendar and SMS work.  So, the next time your girlfriend sneaks a quick look at your phone when you leave the room, she’ll find exactly what she wants to see: texts and calendar entries that make you look like a hero and photos and app icons that show your caring, sensitive side.  And if your boss snoops at your phone when you pop out of the office, he’ll be met with Results  The application launched in 10Q2 and is now a hit with Coke fans

16 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Pernod Ricard B.E.S.T. - Beyond Expectation Support to Trade The campaign started in September 2008 and lasted a year. FROM: 54745 TEXT: PLEASE PRESS HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE COCKTAIL BOOK  Objectives  Pernod Ricard helps bartenders to expand their knowledge of cocktail making through a unique service developed by Velti: a Cocktail Recipe m-book. The campaign is called ‘BEST’ (Beyond Expectation Support to Trade), and aims to promote the brand and its products, create a database, and enhance interactivity among the brand and the barmen.  Solution  Velti developed a mobile internet site to provide access to the downloadable m-book. To participate in the campaign, barmen have to text the word ‘BEST’ to a dedicated short code, in order to receive, in turn, a WAP push with a link to download cocktail recipes, available both in Greek and in English. The m-book can be accessed at all times, while the recipes included in it will be updated on a regular basis and new recipes will be added in due course.

17 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY GSMA Mobile World Congress Mobile Guide Application  Solution  All MWC visitors were able to access and download the “Mobile Guide” by texting a dedicated keyword to a long number, prior to the event and during the congress days. Visitors then received back an SMS with a link to download the mobile guide application  The application was compatible with Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile devices and Java compatible devices such as Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola. A dedicated WAP site was also created for iPhone users.  The Mobile Guide displayed information about the MWC exhibitors, the congress agenda and speakers and it included MWC venue map directions and other useful information about Barcelona and the greater event area  Results  Velti’s MMP advanced reporting capabilities provided the GSMA with stats and reports.  96% of the attendees received with SMS the link to download the application  12.9% of them clicked on the download page

18 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Webapps examples for brands 17 Allow users to experience Velti offering (html5 based) Allow users to find easy offering of a large retail store and receive promotional information (html5 based)

19 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Rich Immersive Experience 18 Tropica, a web-based multi- user 3D virtual tropical island where registered users form an online community and can explore various fun island locations, chat with each other and own or more private rooms. Tropica is complemented with an iPhone app. Delphi VR Tour, a web-based virtual world aiming to recreate the historical experience of ancient Delphi. Visitors of the virtual tour can virtually 'walk' and explore an authentic 3D recreation of Delphi, including detailed information about the most prominent archaeological artifacts, in the form of articles. Complemented with iPhone app. Talking Point, a multi-player 3D quiz game, designed to entertain people in social gatherings by interacting with a large public display through iPhone devices acting as remote game controllers.

20 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY What do you need for a successful Mobile App Ecosystem?  Tons of creative firepower  Multiple technology platforms (OS, web app, immersive technologies)  Tools to enable monetization  Promotion mechanisms  Marketing coherence  Exposure to buy side 19 Enablers Buyers Mobile Operators: Media Publishers: Application Vendors: Enable agencies and Brands reach and engage the target audience Make available all of the technology to create and execute innovative campaigns Sellers

21 CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY Thank You Dimitrios A. Kontarinis VP, Innovation

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