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SAN DESIDERIO Genoa Italy. SUMMARY 1) PLACE Liguria and Genoa Where Pomà Spensley Park Parco Canaisa How to reach us 2) SERVICES Water Toilet and shower.

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2 SUMMARY 1) PLACE Liguria and Genoa Where Pomà Spensley Park Parco Canaisa How to reach us 2) SERVICES Water Toilet and shower Shopping Gas Transport Renting woods Electricity Galley service Gadgets 3) ITINERARIES Guides 2 or 8 days 1 or 2 days Hikes Sea 4) EVENTS Work camps Genboree Twinnings 5) F.A.Q. Who we are The Genboree J. R. Spensley 6) INFOS Staff Inscriptions Contacts SUMMARY Sport system Chapters

3 Download the video about Liguria Genoa The ancient harbour The lighthouse PLACE Liguria and Genoa

4 SAN DESIDERIO PREMANICO MONTE FASCE NASCHE BAVARI FORTE RATTIFORTE RICHELIEU GENOA Spensley Park Parco Canaisa Pomà GENOA San Desiderio Pomà 9 km Where Pomà, Spensley Park and Parco Canaisa are three areas in the countryside, very close each other, near to the little village San Desiderio (, just 9 km from Genova Brignole’s train station, reachable by the public bus (n° 86) just in 25 PLACE

5 Pomà Pomà is a little village above San Desiderio that have few houses and not more than 10 inhabitants. This place has a large terraced forest and has 7 areas differently extended where you could camp. That areas could host over 200 scout in tents. There are 3 bathrooms and 2 showers (max. 5 minutes by walk from the areas). On the place there is drinkable water and you must keep silent during the day in order to preserve the inhabitant’s quiet. The cars could arrive just till the parking near the soccer ball field in San Desiderio (behind the church). Then you could continue by walk till Pomà (where there is parking just for one car), reachable in 20 minutes. We offer you a transport’s service by our 4x4 van for all the stuff: for free 3 journeys the day of arrive and 3 journeys the day of departure, 10 euros each journey for every movement over the first 3 or in the other days. AREAS FOR THE SAN DESIDERIO’S FAMILY LEGENDA CAMPING AREAS CONNECTION’S PATHS TOILET AND SHOWER WATER PLACE

6 Pomà The Genoa’s Lighthouse and the snow on the Alps, seeing from Pomà The villagePiani di Pomà Terrace Piani di Pomà Over the fountain PLACE

7 Spensley Park The Spensley Park is a large field without trees in front of the San Desiderio’s church. It is dedicated to Spensley because it is the area where sporting scout events take place (i.e. the Olympic Scouting Games) and James Richardson Spensley was an athlete (funding the Genoa C.F.C.) and a scout ( famous because he brought in Genoa, for the first time in Italy, the scouting movement) The field has 3 large terraces (7 meters and 60/70 meters length). Each terrace could host 7/8 big tents (8/10 persons). In the area there are 4 bathrooms and 4 showers outdoor, sinks and drinkable water, some spaces for the camp fire, a little metal house usable as galley, a space in the shadow that have tables and chairs. It is possible to arrive with the car in a parking very close to the field, where you can park just time for taking your stuff. The permanent parking is possible near the soccer ball field (behind the church). It is not allowed to enter on the field with a car. Because of some houses are close to the camp, we ask you to have the best respect of their quiet. PLACE

8 Spensley Park PLACE

9 Parco Canaisa The Parco Canaisa is a pubblic park, 100 meters under the Spensley Park. During the year in this area some village’s parties take place and there is a lot of elders that come here to relax. During the summer, scouts can camp here, not in an exclusive way. It has two levels: downstairs, that usually is the space for the parties, it is allowed to make woodcraft and tents (galley and space for the stuff) and there are 3 bathrooms, 4 showers, sinks and drinkable water; upstairs, reachable by a connection’s path for 50 meters, there is space for put very big tents, make the camp fire and host 100 persons. It is possible to arrive by car as downstairs as upstairs (the car must be no so big: max 3,5 meters large). Because of some houses are close to the camp, we ask you to have the best respect of their quiet. PLACE

10 Parco Canaisa Downstairs Downstairs the circular street Tents on the street Downstairs BBQ Downstairs behind the street Tents behind the street Upstairs Connection’s path PLACE Downstairs the circular street

11 BY TRAIN: The best train station to reach up San Desiderio is Genova Brignole. From there you need to take the public bus (ticket 1,20 €, usable 90 minutes, we advise you to buy tickets also for coming back). The number of the bus ……( depends to the moment of the day in which you will arrive: (11,00/15,00 and 17,00/20,00) Line n° 86: Genova Brignole - San Desiderio; (9,00/11,00 and 15,00/17,00) Line n° 44: De Ferrari square (you take the bus in Via Cadorna in front of Genova Brignole) - Borgoratti (where you change bus) + Line n° 88: Apparizione - San Desiderio (you take this bus at midway in Borgoratti, the last bus stop of line 44). Bus n° 86 leaves from the garden in front of the Genova Brignole’s train station, bus n° 44 leaves from De Ferrari square and you take it beyond the garden in front of the station, crossing the four-line street at the intermediate bus stop (Via Cadorna), in direction BY AIRPLANE (from Bergamo-Orio al Serio): The low cost flights land at the Orio al Serio airport. From the airport it is necessary to take the shuttle bus till Milan’s train station ( timetable). In Milan you have to take the train for Genoa Brignole. In alternative you can also rent a car at the airport (English: car rentals).timetablecar rentals + + + How to reach us PLACE BY CAR OR BY COACH: From the highway you must exit in Genova Nervi, then you go down keeping the right and taking the big avenue Corso Europa, towards west, direction centre of the city. After five traffic lights you must turn on the right, towards north for approximately 3 km (following the indications for Bavari and San Desiderio). From this turn on the right you will meet: after 50 mt a traffic light (you continue straight), after others 300 mt a large space on the left (Piazza Rotonda square, you continue always straight and you take the street that goes up), after 50 mt there is a narrowing that have three traffic lights, then you will pass under the big bridge of the highway and you continue straight leaving on your left a street going up (don’t take it) and after others 50 mt. a large space on the left. From that point you continue still straight for 500 mt, when, after a bend on the left, you will see the symbol of the pharmacy on the crossroad that bring to San Desiderio, on the right going down. Continuing along the main street you meet on the left a church (Nasche’s church) and after 50 mt a street going up on the right (don’t take it). Continuing straight, you will reach the main square of San Desiderio. N.B.: We remember you that, in order to offer you the best welcome and in order to find someone of our staff to receive you and to bring you on the areas, we need to know the approximate timetable of your arriving in San Desiderio and then it is necessary you send us a SMS, advising when you catch the bus at the Brignole Station or when you exit from the highway in Genova Nervi: +39 333 4309532 (conserve this number also for information or problems during the camp). Anyway we recommend to you not to fix your tents on the areas before the presence of our responsibles.

12 COMFORT Water In every area are there is a source of drinkable water. In particular in Pomà it is a public fountain and so it is available just in order to reach water for drink but not for whichever type of washing, drink and feeds refrigeration or other uses. Close to the 3 baths there is a source of water where it is possible to connect sinks or showers of own property.

13 Toilet and shower COMFORT Every area has bathrooms and showers more or little distant, it depends to the area where you camp. The cleaning of the bathrooms it is a duty of the users, every group will have to supply to the cleaning with own stuff (toilet paper, soap, sponges etc.). In case we find dirty or in disorder the bathrooms, the whole surrounding area and generally the area where you camp, we will apply a tax proportionally to the entity of the problem. In case of problems with the drainage of the toilet you must contact our responsibles.

14 Shopping A.M.E. MARKET DORIANA GREENGROCER LIDIA BUTCHER GIANCARLO’S PUB, PIZZERIA AND RESTURANT PEDEMONTE MARKET COMFORT We ask to the owners of the shop in San Desiderio (every in the main square) to apply special prices dedicates to the scout groups. You can ask us some examples of prices, to which you can add also other not present products. For simplification we put on the list just the main products.

15 Gas COMFORT It is possible to directly buy gas in San Desiderio. The gas for portable stoves (example camping gaz) we can buy for you in the city within some days (or for the day of arrival if you communicate us before the exact model you need). In case the gas is not compatible with your instruments it is possible to solve the problem in San Desiderio.

16 Transport COMFORT We offer our van 4x4 (just our responsibles as drivers) for the transport of your stuff: free the firsts three journey the day of arrival and three journey the day of departure, 10 euros each journey for other movements in the same days or in the other days of your camp.

17 Renting woods COMFORT It is possible to rent woods for woodcrafts at the price of 0,50 € each meter. Each piece must be given back integral in the same measure. Anyway everyone is free to cut what he need (different measures, joints, carvings, etc), but in this case he becomes owner of that wood and he must pay the whole price (3,00 € each meter).

18 COMFORT It is not available electricity on any area. Anyway if you need it, we can rent you an electricity generator that works by fuel. In alternative, for the Spensley Park and for Canaisa it is possible, asking that at least one month before your camp, to predispose the connection of one temporary contract with the national electricity agency, all inclusive (power: 1,5 Kw = 1500 W). The cost is about 78,00 € for a period of 12 days. We are able to forward for you the necessary documentation if you ask us by the right time. Electricity

19 Galley service COMFORT Ours staff could offer you the galley service for the whole camp or just lunches and dinners preparing for you special regional dishes, paying a cheap fixed price. For the galley service it is necessary to advise preventively us about the duration of your camp, the number of meal you need and the economic budget you can use. For the single lunches or dinners we can organize special evenings for the boy scouts. In order to be able to use this service it is necessary to be a group of at least 15 participants. The price can change from 5,00 to 20,00 € for person: it depends to the number of persons, the kind of service (the whole camp or just once) and the kind of menu (meet, fish, number o dishes, ecc.).

20 Gadgets COMFORT It is possible to have as gadget of your camp one T-shirt personalized with the Genboree’s logo. The T-shirt cost 6,00 €. The groups that will buy a lot of gadgets will have a special price.

21 Sport system COMFORT Our collaboration with the C.S. PalaDonBosco makes possible for you to use the sport system near to the Spensley Park: 4 tennis fields, 2 soccer fields and other spaces for playing games. You must advise our responsibles before every use. The system, ideal for tournaments and games, it is distant just 50 mt from the Spensley Park, 500 mt from the Canaisa Park and approximately 20 minutes by walk from Pomà.

22 ITINERARIES Guides Antola and its valleys Aree Attrezzate, Piste Ciclabili, Percorsi MTB e Parchi Avventura 15 itineraries for bikers and trekkers Genoa Gateway to the Mediterranean

23 2 or 8 days Alta Via dei Monti Liguri Parco di PortofinoParco dell'Antola Cinque TerreParco del Beigua Campomorone Parco Capanne di Marcarolo ITINERARIES

24 1 or 2 days Bavari San Desiderio ITINERARIES Desiderio. One of the fortifications from which it is possible to begin a beautiful tour is Forte Sperone. You must go from San Desiderio to the Brignole station by the bus 86, you pass the garden in front of the station walking in the direction of the sea until the bus stop on the big avenue that have 4 lines (Via Cadorna), in west direction. From there you can take the bus number 20 or 30 until Largo Zecca, from where (behind the bus stop) you must get on the funicular Zecca-Righi. At the end of the funicular, you keep the left direction and you continue the road going up. Each crossroad you must follow the main road that goes up. Arrived at the Parco Peralto, after a landing for helicopters, on the right it begins the path to the fortifications (the red line on the map; in purple all the neighbours where it is possible to go down). In alternative it is possible to choose a different tour, the oriental way of the fortifications, arriving with bus number 86 till Borgoratti (via Sapeto), going up till Chiappeto and continuing (line blue on the map) to the Forte Richelieu and Forte Ratti, then finishing your tour in Bavari, from where it is very comfortable to reach up San Desiderio or Pomà. For a shorter tour (one-two days) the tour of the Genoa’s fortifications is fantastic, leaving from the center of Genoa and walking on the top of the mount crown around Genoa. The itinerary allows whenever you want to get down to a neighbour of the city, where you can take the bus to the center of the city for coming back to San

25 Hikes Pomà Bavari PremanicoApparizione Forte Ratti Forte Richelieu ITINERARIES We give you different places where you could let go your scout alone for their hikes. During your camp it is better to reach by telephone the responsibles of each place in order to be sure of the hospitality. In particular to Bavari there are various riding- schools for the horses and they are available to host scout in change of their help in the management of the animals. Specific maps for the paths don’t exist. One solution is to give you all the indications by voice and to transcribe it to the boys, giving specific references. Other alternative is to give you the most important directions and then to let the boys ask information to the people they meet (if they want to meet, to speak and to interact with other persons). The places are called Pomà (in case you do not camp here yet, little inhabited village, in the forest), Bavari (in the village, indoor accommodation is the theatre ACLI), Premanico (the indoor accommodation is near the church), Apparizione (the indoor accommodation is near the church), Forte Ratti (indoor accommodation is only in Bavari; you have consider that the fort is an isolated point), Forte Richelieu (indoor accommodation is Chiappeto’s church: isolated near the fort, populated near the church). Pomà (ask to our responsible) Bavari (Chiara 338 8118290). Premanico (Don Fully 338 7138630). Apparizione (Don Luigi Massa 010 386376) Forte Ratti (in rain case, you see the same accommodation of Bavari), Forte Richelieu (Chiappeto’s church 010/381551) N.B. the responsibles speak only Italian. If you need help to communicate with them, please ask to our staff!!

26 The nearest free beach is Sturla, 4 km far from San Desiderio (you must take 2 buses: 86 or 88 tilll Borgoratti and then 584 till the last bus stop). If you don’t care about the distance but you prefer to have a beautifulfree beach, the nearest is Bogliasco approximately 10 km far from San Desiderio (reachable with 2 buses publics + train: 86 or 88 till Borgoratti and then 584 till the train station Genova Sturla and then the train in direction Genova Nervi/La Spezia). In order to visit the Cinque Terre ( it is better to take the train from Genova Brignole, because the most part of trains do not stop to Genoa Sturla. Obviously, taking the train, whichever is the destination, out of Genoa you will find better beaches! In order to go to the Aquatic Park "Le Caravelle" ( to Ceriale (SV), you must take the train in Genova Brignole in direction Savona/Ventimiglia. You get off to the Albenga’s train station and from there you catch up the free bus till the Park ( bus timetable). Sea Bogliasco Vernazza – Cinque Terre “Le Caravelle” ITINERARIES

27 the forest, in cleaning the river, in rebuilding of simple paths between the camping areas and, generally, in the ordinary maintenance of the areas that we have predisposed for the scout hospitality. There’s not a fixed timetable for working during the day and everyone is free to manage his time independently. The C.A.S.T. of San Desiderio offers the presence of its responsible to check and sustain the work (in particular at the beginning and at the end of the camp). We can lend you the bigger and larger tools (after giving a deposit, given back when you give back the tools not damaged), but we ask to carry from your houses obligatorily the working gloves, when it is possible, small tools (i.e. scissors). It is possible to insert your own working performance in a particular ranking that creates a competition between all the groups, participating to the World Cup of the Scout Service ( EVENTS Work camps From 2005, through camps and working camps we hosts during the summer scout groups that help us in the requalification of the forests around San Desiderio, in the maintenance and implementation of our camping areas, in the cleaning and improvement of the village of San Desiderio and the surrounding environment. The work consist in cutting plants, shrubs and trees, in order to clean up

28 For the Olympic Scouting Games there are 6 specialities about scouting activities. It is possible to participate alone or in group, small or large. In this way it will be possible that each boy-scout can choose the speciality he prefers, according to his attitudes. The Olympic disciplines are: Orienteering, Skyrunning (running in mountain), Scoutball, Junglecleaning (cleaning the forest), Pathfinding (restyling of paths), Pioneering (woodcrafts). More info on the website For being able to guarantee an equilibrated competition and a variety of countries represented, the event will be carried out only if we will get the minimal number of inscriptions by the 1st of June (it is necessary the advance payment of the inscription that attests the registration; in case of cancellation, the money you have paid will be taken off the price of your nights). However, in case there won’t be the Olympic Scouting Games, it always be assured the development of the World Cup for the Scout (cleaning of paths, cleaning of the rivers, painting railings, etc.), getting correspondents scores that insert their group in an appropriate general ranking. The participation happens subdivided in teams of 4 persons. Every group can play with more teams, but the score is not cumulative. The organization of the job and the employed time is free chosen of the participants. At the end, only the job judged completed gets scores. In September who arrives at the end of the competition in summit to the ranking, is automatically the winner of the Scout World Cup, conquering a wonderful prize for their group! ( Genboree The World Cup for the Scout Service is a competition that takes place during all the summer and that rewards the better group that takes part to a work camp in San Desiderio. The idea is born for allowing to all those who, not being able to take part in the period of the Olympic Scouting Games, wants however to participate to one international competition. Every group that stays to Saint Desiderio in whichever period comprised between June and September can take part and can make particular services EVENTS

29 Because of our scout camp is very large and it is a lot of years that we host hundreds of scouts and we organize international events, it is very easy to meet, above all in the month of July, Twinnings groups from France, Belgium and Italy. Often these groups ask us in the previous months to have contacts of the other scout groups staying in the Spensley Park in the same period, for being able to EVENTS make a twinning and to share with them the summer activity. Often a lot of them ask us to have contacts of a local, from Genoa or from Liguria scout group. That’s why we propose to all the groups from Liguria to take part to a "welcome camp" in San Desiderio, having the possibility to make a twinning with foreign groups, sharing with them a service experience and guiding them in the free time discovering the beauties historical, artistic, touristic and gastronomic of Genoa and our region.

30 Who we are F.A.Q. The C.A.S.T. (Culture, Art, hiStory and popular Traditions) of San Desiderio is an association of voluntary service, institutionally outside to the structure of the scout associations, but very tied to the scout movement having between its founder associates scout in activity, ancient scout and parents of young scout. The CAST is born having the aim to rediscover the culture, the art, the history and the popular traditions, and, above all, having the purpose to create a new spirit of aggregation able to facilitate interactions between the people, the generations and the races, in a European and Mediterranean key. In particular the CAST has realized cultural events for the young people, it has regenerated green areas bringing back them to the public utility, it has been engaged in restyling building of social utility. From the great knowledge of the scout world, of its style, its values, its way of life and having a lot of contacts inside the movement, sharing the same ideals, the CAST has chosen to address its activities to the scout groups offering them hospitality and support in the development of their own activities, and engaging the scouts in service’s opportunity to benefit the territory of San Desiderio.

31 F.A.Q. The Genboree The Genboree is the Genoa’s Jamboree, a scout event that celebrates the Olympic Scouting Games and the Scout World Cup, particular competitions typically scout. Usually the real Jamboree is an event where Scouts and Guides all over the world make contact each other. Scouting experiences or cultures are exchanged and ideas are shared, thus contributing to the world brotherhood of 2005 2004 2006 Scouting. The real Jamboree is the meeting of the Scouts from all over the world and take place every four years. Instead, the Genboree is a simple opportunity for living a little experience similar to the real Jamboree. An event that happens every year and stays alive during the year. Infact our hope is to make San Desiderio a place available every days of the year as a point of meeting for all the scouts from all over the world that want to share the scouting spirit with other brothers scout, finding in Genoa a stable meeting’s opportunity.

32 F.A.Q. J. R. Spensley

33 INFOS Staff DAVIDE B.SIMONEFRANCESCODAVIDE C. GIULIALUCASTEFANOEMIDIO CLAUDIO MAUROGIANNIAGOSTINO Project’s coordina- tor. Responsible of communication and booking service. Deputy project’s coordinator. Responsible mana- gement of the volun- teer human resour- ces. Operating responsi- ble of the project and the work camps. Operating responsi- ble of the project and the work camps. Responsible mainte- nances. Official photogra- pher for the events. Deputy president of the CAST. Responsi- ble maintenances. President of the CAST. Responsible institutional relations. Responsible of the galley and food. Responsible mainte- nances objects in wood. Collaborator of the CAST. Operating re- sponsible of cut of the grass and prepa- ration of the areas. Responsible of the Center for the study about Scoutism “Mario Mazza”, re- sponsible scout camp Ca’ du Pin (Sori). Collaborator of the CAST. …and a lot of other friends and collaborators!! Operating responsi- ble of the project and the work camps.

34 INFOS OUR BANKING ACCOUNT Banca Carige: C/C: 6352/80 CAB: 1472 ABI: 6175 CIN: B Inscription GENERAL INFORMATIONS The whole contribute we ask to the hosted groups, it is considered a donation in order to cover the costs and to improve the camping areas. The cost for camping in San Desiderio is 4€ per person per night. For the groups that take part to a work camp or an event the price becomes 3€ per person per night. If you pay the whole price by the 30th of April by a bank operation, you will have a discount: the price becomes 2€ per person per night. WORLD CUP OF THE SCOUT SERVICE The cost for taking part to the World Cup of the Scout Service is 30€ for team (composed from 4 persons). The nights in San Desiderio are not included in this price, so as the gadgets. OLYMPIC SCOUTING GAMES The cost for taking part to Olympic Scouting Gamesi is 25€ per person, including inscription, rewards, a meal and the gadget of the event. The travel is in charge of the participants, as like food and the equipment for the night (stretches, mats, sleeping bag, etc). The nights in San Desiderio are not included in this price. The permanence for more days, before or after the event, is to be requested to the organization for knowing the availability. APPLICATION FORM For the registration you just need to send one mail to indicating all the most important informations about you and your group (the name of the group, the number of persons previewed, ages of the boys, the dates previewed for your camp, the participation or less to the events, a mobile’s number, way of payment, etc.) or having attached the application form (you have to ask us). After your reservation, by some weeks you will receive other informations about your hospitality. For payment modalities, we ask you the advance payment of the whole price when you arrive (if you haven’t still made the payment by bank). In case you will pay by bank, we ask you to send us a mail advising us.

35 INFOS Contacts Spensley Park via alla Chiesa di San Desiderio 16133 Genova (GE) Davide Basso via delle Terre Rosse 35/12 16133 Genova (GE) cell. +39 333 4309532

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