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Hybrid Connections, an introduction Sam Vanhoutte CTO Codit, Integration MVP.

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1 Hybrid Connections, an introduction Sam Vanhoutte CTO Codit, Integration MVP

2 Nice to meet you Sam VANHOUTTE CTO, Codit Integration MVP – BizTalk V-TSP @SamVanhoutte International Focus - HQ in BE 2000 Belgium 2004 France 2013 Portugal Microsoft Integration 2012 & 2013 Partner of the Year Award Finalist Application Integration Community

3 Agenda 1)Azure Hybrid connectivity options 2)BizTalk Hybrid Connections 3)Demo time 4)Architecture 5)Comparing & when to use what FOR THE NEXT HOUR

4 Questions? #azureconf on Twitter

5 Hybrid Connectivity in Azure overview when to use what

6 Evolving Enterprise Infrastructure Corporate Network Virtual Network

7 Virtual Networking Traditional network level connectivity Various options Point2Site Site2Site ExpressRoute IP/SEC VPN-STYLE CONNECTIVITY Watch session of Vishwas

8 Service Bus Messaging Asynchronous, message based Features Queues & Topics for distributed messaging Event Hubs for scalable event ingestion Notification hubs for phone notifications INTEROPERABLE ASYNC COMMUNICATION Watch session of Rick

9 Service Bus Relay Firewall friendly service publishing Outbound only ports More & more used to avoid DMZ / reverse proxy Features Load balancing Fail over WCF / REST bindings available MAKE INTERNAL SERVICES REACHABLE THROUGH AZURE ENDPOINTS

10 BizTalk Services EAI capabilities On premise LOB connectivity (SQL, SAP, Oracle…) Transformation & flat file support Routing EDI capabilities Support for EDIFACT & X12 Trading partner management Hybrid connections in Free tier of BizTalk Services EAI & B2B INTEGRATION

11 Azure Hybrid Connections positioning & overview architecture

12 Goals Keep existing network configuration Access on-prem w/o custom code or infraControl & VisibilityAgility & Flexibility

13 Introducing hybrid connections Azure Web SitesMobile ServicesBizTalk Services goal: more to come part ofsupported by in preview free tier (<5 cnx)

14 FREE (preview) DEVELOPERBASICSTANDARDPREMIUM EAI capabilitiesNoYes EDI capabilitiesNoYes Scale limit1 unit8 units Scale outNo Yes HyCnx per unit551050100 HyCnx data transfer / unit5 GB 50 GB250 GB500 GB BizTalk Services pricing model Connection limits for each Hybrid Connection apply. Additional Hybrid data transfer billed at $1/GB.


16 Key Features Access to on-premises resources Connect to SQL Server, Web Services or most other resources that use TCP or HTTP connectivity Works with most frameworks Support for.NET, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js for Websites and Node.js and.NET for Mobile Services No need to alter the network perimeter Doesn’t require a VPN gateway or Firewall changes to allow incoming traffic Applications have access only to the resource that they require Maintains IT control over resources Support for Group Policy and Event/Audit Logging providing Admins control and visibility

17 Hybrid Connections Web Sites Mobile Services Corporate Network Microsoft SQL Server Hybrid Connection Other published resources Hybrid Connection Manager

18 Integration Dashboard ‘As-is’ situation, expense application BizTalk Server Process

19 Integration DashboardDashboard frontend Step 1: lift & shift dashboard web app BizTalk Server Process Dashboard backend

20 Dashboard frontend Step 2: create expense mobile app BizTalk Server Process Expense mobile svc

21 Dashboard backend Dashboard frontend Step 3: Expose the expense API BizTalk Server Process Expense mobile svc Expense API

22 Architecture agent topologies automation

23 The hybrid connection manager ON PREMISES AGENT SPECIFICS Install from portal Download herehere Windows Service HybridConnectionMgr Port 80 required Outbound only 80 Optional ports Fallback on 443 - 80 443 5671 9352

24 Limits & constraints Support for TCP & HTTP Recommend using static TCP ports Dynamic ports (ie FTP passive mode) are not supported No buffering or traffic inspection TLS can be negotiated end-end

25 SQL Server specifics SQL Express named instances should use static ports TCP should be enabled SQL Always on limitations MultiSubnetFailover=true is not supported for clustering or availability groups ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly is not supported Integrated security not supported

26 Shared access signatures Secure, simple & familiar Separate roles for on-premises connector & apps Credentials for the on-premises connector & client apps can be rolled independently Seamless & secure distribution & update of credentials to applications & Hybrid Connection Manager Application authorization is independent You can use an authorization mechanism appropriate for the Hybrid Application In practice, depends on End-to-End authorization mechanisms supported across cloud/on-premises Security

27 Reusing connections On PremisesMicrosoft Azure Multiple applications can share a Hybrid Connection to access an on-prem resource Applications on Azure access a resource the same way they would if it was running on-premises Hybrid Connection Hybrid Connection Manager

28 Load-balanced connectors Multiple instances of the Hybrid Connection Manager can be used on-premises for resiliency and load-balancing. Hybrid Connection Hybrid Connection Manager


30 Throughput SOME TIPS & GUIDANCE Performance of outbound connection Multiple agents often increase throughput No throttling on connection or agent BizTalk tier does not impact performance

31 Some #devops Group policy settings to allow/designate resources Event & audit logs available Agent comes with PowerShell cmdlets POWERSHELL, VISIBILITY & GROUP POLICIES Update-HybridConnection -ConnectionString " " Add-HybridConnection -ConnectionString " " Remove-HybridConnection –ConnectionString " " Set-HybridConnectionManagerConfiguration –ManagementPort 9352 Get-HybridConnection

32 When to use what Virtual networking Hybrid Connections Service Bus relay

33 A comparison Virtual networking (VPN) Hybrid Connections Service Bus Relay High availability Complex, traditionalUse multiple agentsTo 20 cnx per endpoint Load balancing Complex, traditionalUse multiple agentsTo 20 cnx per endpoint Addressing Host name / IP Public DNS Application connectivity TCP level SOAP / REST Security Intranet style SharedSecret, SAML, SAS Time-based (gateway) Bandwidth (mostly FREE) Per connection Billing model Time to value Complex installation Very fast (outbound ports) IaaS vs PaaS IaaS PaaS (ier) PaaS (iest)

34 Hybrid Connections wrap-up

35 THANK YOU !! AND STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT SESSIONS !! For all your follow up questions: @SamVanhoutte

36 Get started with a free trial Or, use your existing benefits…


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