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The Amritsar Transport Company

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1 The Amritsar Transport Company
An Introduction to The Amritsar Transport Company

2 Logistics & Supply Chain Management Company
XPS LTL Service VPU Value Added Services Secondary Distribution Transportation Cross Docking Services

3 Contents About Amritsar Transport Company Vision & Mission Statement
Service Offerings Network Plan SWOT Amritsar Transport capability

4 About Amritsar Transport
The Amritsar Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd was established in the Year 1939, by Late Sh. Sain Das Bijli with its Head Quarter at Amritsar. The operation at that time extended from Amritsar to the frontier region of Lahore, Rawalpindi & Peshawar. After partition, with the frontier regions gone, ATC changed direction towards Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Calcutta in the East. ATC played an important role during partition and the services rendered by the company were acclaimed by our Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Late Sh. K.M. Bijli took over the reins of the business from his illustrious father in 1965 and took the company to new heights. It was his vision that enabled the company to establish itself as a name synonymous with TRUST. Simultaneous with the transportation business, Bijli group diversified into construction and cinema exhibition business. Its first venture outside ATC was Priya Exhibitors Pvt Ltd operating PRIYA Cinema. Under the dynamic leadership of our young Managing Director, Mr Ajjay Bijli, Priya Cinema set a new benchmark for cinema viewing. Not content with taking Priya to new heights, Mr. Bijli forged an alliance with Village Roadshow Ltd, Australia - one of the biggest operators and owners of cinema multiplex company world-wide. This joint venture in India is now popularly known as PVR Cinemas, who have been pioneers in giving India the concept of Screen Multiplex .

5 Services ATC offers Integrated Transportation Solutions with key focus on Express Parcel Service Less then truck load service VPU service by rail Primary Transportation -Full Truck Load Service Cross Docking Services 5

6 Vision & Mission Vision Statement Mission Statement
“We will ensure that any material carried by us will be delivered safely with the utmost care and reliability anywhere in India. Let trust and reliability not be mere words but the basis of customer confidence for years to come.” To migrate from a trucking service provider to a transport solutioning company and become the industry leader by the year 2015. Mission Statement Offering the best in class integrated transport solutions that will help companies to manage the supply chain processes seamlessly Offer end to end integrated transport solutions across multiple industry verticals with a creative approach in providing innovative solutions. Service Mission is to work towards delivering the right goods , at the right time, to the right place , at the right cost, each time and every time.

7 Strategy Organic Growth Inorganic Growth
Core Management team bring together their rich experience from diverse industry verticals like Logistics , Manufacturing, IT and Banking services Focus growth on Value added transport solutions In-house IT Development and Logistics Engineering team to develop and implement best business practices in supply chain. Currently company is in the process of implementing an ERP system that will put all it offices on line. Ability to invest for creating value and visibility across supply chain Inorganic Growth In our approach to create an integrated transport solutioning company we will explore possibilities of strategic tie-ups, acquisitions and mergers such that each business arrangement will add value to our customer.

8 Amritsar Transport – A Value Creation Platform
Platform for Value Creation Clear Performance Visibility . Currently in the process of implementing an ERP system which will bring all our offices and franchisees on line by June 2011 Team Track Record Experienced team with established track record in Logistics Industry Our Access to Warehousing Portfolio – comprising of warehouses through network associates Client Network -The company has been servicing well known companies in India Strong Geographic Network across India The company has the capability to deliver to over 600 cities and towns across India and also arrange pick ups from over 90 locations across India Ability to accept shipments on COD basis and bank it for the customer at even remote locations We are able to do this at 146 locations where we have our own offices

9 End-To End Supply Chain Capability

10 Amritsar Transport Segmentation
Business Verticals Transportation – Primary (FTL ) Dedicated fleet Market Hire Cross Docking Express Freight Premium service Guaranteed by a specific time Guaranteed by a specific date Own trucks Dedicated Fleet LTL Service Deferred service Dedicated and Market Hire vehicles used Nationwide deliveries Customer specific services VPU Service Quicker than road Cheaper than airfreight Pan India coverage Primary Transportation Hub and spoke concept like a Consolidation centre Greatly decreases the quantity of transactions between suppliers and stores Allows to ship far small quantities Cross Docking Express Freight All types of Dedicated and non dedicated vehicles LTL Service VPU Service

11 Amritsar Transport World-Wide Network
Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Thailand U K USA Chez Republic Italy Japan Korea Switzerland Netherlands Poland Singapore Slovenia Spain Srilanka Sweden Taiwan Dubai France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia 11

12 Our Transportation Capability
Plan Source Vehicle Placement and Vendor/ Broker Management Managing and Monitoring Indents Advance Payments Track and Trace Claims handling POD Collection Payment Collection Handling Exceptional cases Documentation-GCN/LHPS/ Permits and Other Statutory requirements 12

13 Region wise Location Matrix
Snapshot of our Geographic spread Region No. of States No. of Cities Covered Pick-up locations Delivery locations Cross docking hubs No. of Own Trucks Express freight North 7 35 94 250 8 23 3 East 1 10 6 West 17 44 90 5 2 South 4 131 - Total 20 184 146 600 15 34 13

14 Details of owned vehicles

15 Snapshot of geographic spread
West region Own trucks 5 x 24-ft 15-ton Market trucks Average of 250 market trucks placed per month North region-34 Market trucks Average of 750 market trucks placed per month East region Own trucks 6 x 24-ft 15-ton Market trucks Average of 350 market trucks placed per month We have 146 own Transport locations for the booking of vehicles, goods storage / transfer. We can deliver to over 600 locations across India South region Market trucks Average of 150 market trucks placed per month Agency network Own offices

16 Transit times from Mumbai (FTLs)
Reachable from Mumbai within: 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days Madurai Pondicherry Chennai Cochin Trichy Hosur Bangalore Hyderabad Delhi Ballabgarh Bhopal Nabha Dharuhera Ghaziabad (UP Border) Haldia Jamshedpur Kolkatta Baroda Nagpur Goa Vapi Tuticorin Mumbai Ichapuram 3 days 2 days 1 day 4 days 5 days 6 days Rajahmundry Indore Aurangabad Pune Own Transport Hubs Through agents

17 Transit times from Mumbai
Reachable from Mumbai within: 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days Nabha Delhi Ghaziabad (UP Border) Dharuhera Ballabgarh 6 days 5 days Bhopal Kolkatta 4 days Indore Jamshedpur 3 days Baroda Haldia 2 days Nagpur 1 day Vapi Aurangabad Pune Mumbai Madurai Pondicherry Chennai Cochin Trichy Hosur Hyderabad Tuticorin Rajahmundry Ichapuram Goa Bangalore Transport Hubs

18 transit times to major Indian cities from Mumbai

19 Transit times from Delhi
7 days 6 days 8 days Reachable from Delhi within: 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 5 days 4 days 3 days Nabha 2 days 1 day Delhi Ghaziabad (UP Border) Dharuhera Ballabgarh Transport Hubs Bhopal Kolkatta Indore Jamshedpur Baroda Haldia Nagpur Vapi Aurangabad Ichapuram Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Rajahmundry Goa Chennai Bangalore Hosur Pondicherry Trichy Madurai Transport Hubs Cochin Tuticorin

20 transit times to major Indian cities from Delhi

21 Transit times from Kolkata
Madurai Pondicherry Chennai Cochin Trichy Hosur Bangalore Hyderabad Delhi Ballabgarh Bhopal Nabha Dharuhera Ghaziabad (UP Border) Haldia Jamshedpur Kolkatta Baroda Nagpur Goa Vapi Tuticorin Mumbai Ichapuram 3 days 2 days 1 day 4 days 5 days 6 days Rajahmundry Indore Aurangabad Pune 7 days Transit times from Kolkata Reachable from Kolkata within: 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days Transport Hubs

22 transit times to major Indian cities from Kolkata

23 Cross Docking and LTL Services
Own and leased facilities 23

24 Typical POD process Customer’s Customer ATC Distribution Hub Long haul delivery from Mother WH to Distribution Hub. Drivers call daily to update their location. This information is conveyed to the Booking station, transhipment hub and the Customer. Orders from Client Last Mile Delivery to Customer’s Customer using Express Service ATC’s Booking Warehouse Inform booking station of goods receipt at Distribution Hub. Customer will be updated accordingly Client Fax PoD back to Customer &Booking location within 72 hrs depending on location Original GCN / LR forwarded to Customer for billing The Process (and Transit Times) can be further compressed if Express Service is used from Source to final Destination, i.e. from ATC’s Booking Warehouse to Customer’s final delivery destination

25 Managing vendors Vendor Selection
Only vendors meeting standards of integrity, reliability and service are selected. Vendor selection criteria: Number of years in operation Possession of defined office space and telephone Possession of immovable property Membership of the local brokers association or other recognised transport associations. Vendor performance is constantly monitored. If any vendor’s service level falls below 99%, corrective and preventive actions will be taken. Vendor will be blacklisted if service level falls below 99% for 3 consecutive months. Monitoring and Evaluation ATC’s service levels are monitored according to KPIs such as : On-time placement of vehicle (Placement Reliability) Our score across all four regions – 100% Accident ratio (Safety) Claim ratio (Risk) On-time & complete delivery of consignment (Transit & Delivery Reliability) Time to return the Proof (PoD turnaround) The following are checked prior to every loading : Physically condition of truck to ensure it is road-worthy & fit to carry goods. Authenticity of Documents such as RC Book, Road Tax Challan, Insurance Copy, Permit Copy and Driving License. Any vehicle that fails these checks will not be allowed. Failure of these checks is documented and will affect the vendor’s service level.

26 Team’s Credentials Highly capable team with proven track record
Record Business Growth from Rs 10 Cr/ annum of First year start up to Rs 100 Cr with in five year only from North India. Managed 2.4 mn sq.ft. of warehousing space at 47 locations. Capability to work and optimize cost for most complex business verticals in Supply Chain Established credential in setting up benchmark in the Transportation industry for quality of service and manpower in the small parcel business segment Team Won best 3PL award from one of best agencies for managing fast moving consumer goods two years in a row in 2006 & 2007.

27 Satisfied Customers Listing Few 27 27

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