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1. Group Overview 2 Global Health Resources LLC State of the art provider of business operations and outsourcing solutions to various segments of the.

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2 Group Overview 2 Global Health Resources LLC State of the art provider of business operations and outsourcing solutions to various segments of the U.S. Healthcare Industry. Golden Sun Beach Resort Golden Sun is one of the most prominent beach resorts in the region. Spread over 11 acres of shoreline bliss and has its own private beach. Pinkcity Express Pvt Ltd PCEPL is a SPV company dedicated to designing and constructing a completely modernized road network in India. RK Group is an international conglomerate with various interests in Infrastructure, Hospitality, I.T and Finance. Founded by Mr. RK Jain - 1974 Information Technology Serving over 5000 doctors, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in U.S.A and India. It currently employs about 1500 people Hospitality Golden sun on the shores of Bay of Bengal in Mahabalipuram, South India Infrastructure Construct and upgrade a 250km stretch of 4-lane highway that runs from New Delhi to Jaipur, into Six Lane Highway. Estimated project cost is $600 million. Finance The Asset manager for Infini Hedge Fund Infini Asset Management Company incorporated under the Dubai International Financial Centre and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

3 Introduction to Infini 3 Trading journey of over 20 years as a family office, all of which were spent on refining and sculpting the trading strategies and the infrastructure. Market Neutral Strategies- No chasing prices or speculating on market direction. Infini Asset Management is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority(DFSA) and acts as the fund manager for Infini Hedge fund, which is a derivatives based hedge fund. 01 02 03 A valuable hedge to an existing traditional equity and commodity portfolio. 0505 Team with 20+ years of market experience 0404

4 Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) 4 o One of the most sophisticated financial regulators in the world. o DFSA supervises regulated participants and monitors their compliance with the laws, regulations and rules that apply. o DFSA enforces the legislation that they administer. This regulation means that each and every aspect of the Fund manager’s workings will be governed and monitored full time by the risk based regulator. Benefit Of Regulation Unparalleled transparency in our workings. Creates complete trust for our investors.

5 Infini Hedge Fund 5

6 6 Identify Trading Opportunity Hold / Exit Decision Risk Control & Monitoring Fund Strategy Infini Hedge Fund o Infini Hedge fund is registered in Cayman Islands and registered with CIMA. o Infini Hedge Fund (IHF) adopts an Options Vega Based, Market Neutral Trading approach. o The primary strategy of IHF involves writing options in a range of diversified underlyings in currencies, commodities, energy, softs, stock index, and US Treasury Futures contracts. o The Fund limits its positions to medium term expiries, which not only helps it to control the risk of drawdowns, but also improves the liquidity of the fund. o Every cog of the strategy has been back tested for at least 20 years before it is launched live. o The hedging strategies and underlyings evolve and morph with every changing market scenario. o We also pay relentless attention to Liquidity and Risk Management.

7 Fund Performance 7 Year PeriodAnnualized Return 2012 2 months36.12% 2013 12 months41.72%

8 NET Asset Value (NAV) (US$) (2012-2013) 8

9 Your name company, you slogan gose here... 9 Monthly NAV breakdown (US$) (2012-2013)

10 NAV (US$) 2014 10 Closing NAV : 1023.74 Monthly Return: 2.374% Cumilative Return : 2.374% April Closing NAV: 1075.03 Monthly Return: 5.010% Cumilative Return: 7.503% May Closing NAV : 1108.02 Monthly Return: 3.068% Cumilative Return: 10.802% June Closing NAV : 1098.12 Monthly Return: –0.8068% Cumilative Return: 9.802% July Closing NAV : 1130.00 Monthly Return: 2.903% Cumilative Return: 13.000% August Closing NAV : 1076.89 Monthly Return: -4.700% Cumilative Return: 7.689% September The performance quoted relates the current active share class of the fund which commenced 1/4/2014

11 NET Asset Value (NAV) (US$) 2014 11 Infini Barclays Hedge Fund S&P GSCI

12 World Class Infrastructure 12 Asset manager regulated by the DFSA, Fund registered with CIMA. Major investments are in underlyings traded on the CME, Comex and Nymex. Audited by Ernst & Young HSBC and ADM as operational partners. Administered by Apex Fund Services.

13 Salient Features 13 Hedge in Bearish Markets Market Neutral Strategies No Chasing Trends. Fees Performance fees, with high watermark implemented. Liquid Liquidable in 2 weeks (subject to conditions in the PPM) Fair Zero Management Fees: Only performance based fees. We make money only if the investor makes money.

14 The Team 14 Roshanlal Jain Roshanlal Jain has over 18 years of experience in trading financial markets. He has spent several years in understanding the behaviour of the derivatives market and has devised several methodologies to benefit from its inefficiencies. He guides the research and innovation team and is chiefly responsible for the continuous improvement of our trading strategies and risk management.. Roshanlal Jain is seasoned Entrepreneur. He has launched several successful companies in the last 5 decades in different industries like Hospitality, Film production, IT, jewellery and finance. His strong industry name, goodwill and reputation built over faultless 50+ years also lends an incredible trust and responsibility over the workings of Infini AM. Director Vishal Jain Vishal Jain is responsible for investor relations and business development. He works closely with the HNI and Institutional investors. He is also instrumental in developing and managing offices across the globe. He is a Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent) and MBA from Hull, UK. He has a flamboyant penchant to transform companies and has built successful businesses in the past, in the field of Healthcare and IT. Director Vaibhav Jain Vaibhav Jain is a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) certified trader and fund manager, and heads the global execution team. He is responsible for deployment of the core strategies across the fund and also manages risk-liquidity modules and daily distribution modules. His experience on the trading floor gives a unique “critics edge” to the research and innovation teams which constantly challenges their methodologies. Vaibhav has also specialized in the study of black swan events. Vaibhav has an MBA degree from the University of Wollongong and regularly delivers lectures on derivatives and financial markets. He has been resident in the UAE for the last 12 years. Director

15 Risks and other Information 15 The Fund's business will involve a high degree of financial risk. Markets in which the Fund is anticipated to invest are subject to a high degree of volatility and therefore the Fund's performance may be volatile. There can be no assurance that the Fund's investment objective will be realised or that Participating Shareholders will receive any return on their investment. There are no limitations on the types of investments the Fund may make. The Investment Manager in its sole discretion may employ such investment and trading strategies and methods as it determines to adopt. The Fund may also invest in securities for which no active trading market exists and the value of any such securities shall be determined by the Investment Manager. As a result of these investment risks, an investor may lose all or a substantial amount of his investment in the Fund. The Fund's investment program may include short selling and trading in options and futures (upon the receipt of any necessary regulatory exemptions or approvals). Such investments can be extremely volatile and substantially increase the impact of adverse price movements on the sale of Participating Shares. There can be no assurance that the strategy adopted for investing in options will be profitable or that a Participating Shareholder will not lose some or all of his investment. The minimum investment into the fund is US$100,000/- The Performance Fee payable to the Investment Manager may create an incentive for the Investment Manager to make investments that are riskier or more speculative than would be the case in the absence of a Performance Fee. Prospective investors should note that the Performance Fee payable to the Investment Manager is based in part upon unrealised gains (as well as unrealised losses), and that such unrealised gains and losses may never be realised by the Fund.

16 16 IMPORTANT INFORMATION This Presentation is distributed by Infini Asset Management Limited which is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (‘DFSA’). The information in this Presentation is not intended as financial advice and is only intended for persons with appropriate investment knowledge and who meet the regulatory criteria to be classified as a ‘Professional Client’ in accordance with the DFSA rules and regulations. This Presentation is for information purposes only. Nothing contained in the Presentation constitutes investment, legal or tax advice. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in the Presentation constitutes a solicitation or offer by Infini or any fund or other entity managed directly or indirectly by Infini, to buy or sell any securities, futures, options or other financial instruments. Decisions based on information contained on the Presentation are the sole responsibility of the visitor. The information contained in this Presentation does not provide a basis for making a fully informed investment decision. Those considering investment in the Infini Hedge Fund, should request a copy of that fund’s offering documents. Also, please note that investment in markets traded by the Infini Hedge Fund involve significant risk. Furthermore, past performance does not guarantee future results. Infini Hedge Fund is not subject to any form of regulation or approval by the DFSA. The DFSA has no responsibility for reviewing or verifying this Presentation or any other documents in connection with the Fund. Accordingly, the DFSA has not approved this Presentation or any other associated documents nor taken any steps to verify the information set out in this Presentation, and has no responsibility for it. The shares in the Fund offered pursuant to this Presentation may be illiquid and/or subject to restrictions on their resale. Investors should conduct their own due diligence on the shares in the Fund offered pursuant to this Presentation. Investors who do not understand the contents of this document should consult an authorised financial adviser. Infini's services and products, including the Infini Hedge Fund, are available only to those who are financially sophisticated, are capable of evaluating the risks and merits of investing in any of the Infini Funds, can bear the economic risk of an investment in an Infini Fund for an indefinite period. It is directed only to Clients who qualify as Professional Clients under the Rules enacted by the DFSA. Infini has taken all reasonable care in preparing this Presentation, and believes that the information contained herein is accurate. However, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or thoroughness of this Infini Presentation and Infini and its affiliates will not accept any liability (including any third party liability) for any errors or omissions nor for any losses or damages from relying on its contents. Infini may post new information from time to time without prior notice, does not assume any obligation to update or correct any information and explicitly disclaims any duty to do so.

17 17 The contents of this Presentation are not intended for distribution to, or use by, any individual or entity in any jurisdiction where their distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation or which would subject Infini Asset Management or any of its fund to registration with the jurisdiction. You should be aware that any rules and/or regulations applicable to providing financial services (and the resultant investor protections that may be available), may not apply to persons who obtain information from the internet and its various applications, of which this material forms part. Infini Hedge Fund is a Private Placement Fund registered with Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and Infini Asset Management Limited were appointed as the Investment manager for the Fund effective from the 1st April 2014. Infini Asset Management Limited is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (‘DFSA’).This Presentation relates to the Fund, which is not subject to any form of regulation or approval by the DFSA. Potential conflicts of interest The Directors of Infini Hedge Fund also have a position or holding in the Fund and are also Directors / Shareholders in Infini Asset Management Limited the Investment Manager of the Fund. The Performance Fee payable to the Investment Manager may create an incentive for the Investment Manager to make investments that are riskier or more speculative than would be the case in the absence of a Performance Fee. Prospective investors should note that the Performance Fee payable to the Investment Manager is based in part upon unrealized gains (as well as unrealized losses), and that such unrealized gains and losses may never be realized by the Fund. THE FOREGOING RISK FACTORS DO NOT PURPORT TO BE A COMPLETE EXPLANATION OF THE RISKS INVOLVED IN THIS OFFERING. POTENTIAL INVESTORS MUST READ THE ENTIRE MEMORANDUM INCLUDING ALL ATTACHMENTS AND MUST CONSULT THEIR OWN PROFESSIONAL ADVISERS, BEFORE DECIDING TO INVEST IN THE FUND.

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