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Status Report: Resource Adequacy (RA) and Long Term Procurement Planning (LTPP) CPUC Energy Division Molly Tirpak Sterkel; Tel:

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1 Status Report: Resource Adequacy (RA) and Long Term Procurement Planning (LTPP) CPUC Energy Division Molly Tirpak Sterkel Email: mts @; Tel: 415-703-1873 Power Association of Northern California April 11, 2006

2 2 2004 Adopted procurement policy framework (Jan-2004) Adopted RAR Framework (Oct-2004) Approved first 10-year of Long-Term Plans (Dec-2004) 2005 Established rules for System RAR program (Oct-04) 2006 First round of System RAR compliance process underway Two New Proceedings for RA and LTPP RA: Local RAR program rules under development LTPP: Next round of 10 year plans (2007-2016) will be reviewed Key Milestones in RA and LTPP

3 April 11, 20063 System RAR Program In Place for 2006 Applicable to all LSEs under CPUC jurisdiction, including 3 IOUs + 12 ESPs LSEs must meet 15-17% planning reserve margin based on monthly peaks Based on a “top down” approach to monthly peaks Must acquire qualifying capacity that meets availability requirements “Year-Ahead” showing is for 90% of 115% of peak for a 5 month summer period “Month-Ahead” is for 100% of 115% of peak Sanctions/Penalties for LSE non-compliance

4 April 11, 20064 October 2005 RA Decision on Liquidated Damages (LD) Contracts LD Contracts phased out for RA Counting Purposes No LD contracts starting after 10-29-05 count Except DWR Contracts, LDs are limited to: 75% of an LSE’s portfolio for 2006 50% for 2007 25% for 2008, and 0% thereafter For 2006, there are ~6300 MW of LDs LD contracts (not inc. DWR) are about 14% of filed RA Capacity By 2007, most LD contracts expire By 2008, only ~2300 MW of non-DWR LD contracts

5 April 11, 20065 System RAR Compliance for 2006/2007 LSEs filed first “year-ahead” filings in Feb. 2006 Showing at least 90% of the RA requirement (115% of forecast load) is covered for 5 peak months of 2006 Preliminary analysis shows 92% covered in aggregate CPUC investigating possible compliance issues LSEs will file first “monthly” filings in May 2006 Due May 1 st for June month Monthly thereater All LSEs will file “year ahead” 2007 showings October 2, 2006 (1st business day after 9/30)

6 April 11, 20066 Phase 1 Issues Adoption of Local RA Requirement based on consideration of CAISO’s LCR Study Other Issues as-needed related to: Implementation Compliance Tradable Capacity Product Phase 2 Issues Capacity Markets & tradable capacity product Multi-year forward RA Requirement Zonal RA Requirement Other Implementation Issues/ General Order New RA Proceeding R.05-12-013

7 April 11, 20067 CAISO 2006 Local Capacity Report (LCR) - Sep-05 New Proceeding Opened - Dec-05 Parties filed Local RAR Proposals - Jan 24-06 CAISO filed supporting info on 2006 LCR - Jan-31-2006 CAISO Hosted Meet and Confer on 2007 LCR - Feb-17-06 Purpose was to lock in assumptions for 2007 study Workshops Held 2007 Local RAR – Feb 8-9/Mar-15-06 re: LCR study & program RE: Tradable Capacity Product - Mar-27-06 CPUC Staff Report Issued on Local RAR - Apr-10-06 2007 LCR expected from CAISO - Apr-21-2006 Expect CPUC decision to adopt Local RAR - Jun-2006 Local RAR Consideration Underway

8 March 9, 20058 Milestones for Local RAR 5/3 - Close of CPUC Proceediing Record 4/21 - CAISO submits 2007 LCR study 6/15 - CPUC vote on dec 10/2 - LSE submit RA filings for both 2007 System RAR (“year ahead”) and 2007 Local RAR 4/18 - Opening Comments due ~5/15 - Draft Dec issued 4/28 - Reply Comments due 1/24 - Local RAR proposals submitted 1/27 - CAISO resubmitted 2006 LCR study 2/17 - CAISO started 2007 LCR study after the “meet & confer” session

9 April 11, 20069 New Long Term Procurement Plan Proceeding R.06-02-013 Phase 1 Issue Need for Additional Policies to Support New Generation Proposals were due on March 7, 2006 Workshop on March 14, 2006 Comments on 4/7 and 4/14 Planning for a June 2006 Decision Phase 2 Issues New Long Term Procurement Plans to be filed in Summer, decision by end of year. No additional schedule details yet on plan filings

10 April 11, 200610 Proposals to Support New Generation Commission received 18 responses on 3/2 Blink: “We must intervene to ensure new generation gets built” Don’t Blink: “Give RA and LTPP policies a chance to work” (with numerous “other” fixes) Proposals that support other issues Workshop - 3/14 Discuss proposals and need numbers Intermediary Concept Presented Comments Received on 4/7 Replies due on 4/14

11 April 11, 200611 Upcoming Milestones in Procurement April ‘06PG&E Expected to file new Power Plant Application May ‘06Additional Schedule Details to be determined on LTPP Cycle June ’06CPUC will consider Local RA Decision CPUC will consider New Generation Decision Summer ‘06 Long Term Procurement Plans Filed Oct. 2 ’06LSEs file 2007 Local RAR Demonstrations LSEs file “Year Ahead” Summer 2007 RAR December ’06CPUC Decision on LTPP Spring ‘07CPUC Decision on RA Phase 2 Issues * Capacity markets * RA General Order

12 April 11, 200612 CPUC Procurement and RA Website Links to LTPP and RA key documents & proposals

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