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E-Learning Strategy and Implementation Committee Update for Faculty Senate John Savery and Wendy Lampner November 3, 2011.

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1 E-Learning Strategy and Implementation Committee Update for Faculty Senate John Savery and Wendy Lampner November 3, 2011

2 Committee History Provost’s charge to committee: – Define a set of “next steps” based on the eLearning strategy including recommendations that could be fully implemented within two years with adequate support. The recommendations will encompass market-driven prioritized focus areas; specific goals, objectives, tactics and metrics particularly as related to academic programs; projected revenues and costs; recommended organizational structure and governance processes; regional, national, and international partnerships to develop and deliver e-learning programs; constraints that must be addressed and a communications strategy and plan for faculty, students and staff. Established Mission, Vision, Goals Performed Environmental scan to identify unique institutions to interview – Arizona State University – Colorado State University-Global Campus – University of Maryland University College (UMUC) 2

3 Mission and Actions Mission: We will provide the best match among diverse student needs, world-class learning and research capabilities, and existing/emerging technologies and support through the coordinated integration of our physical and virtual campuses. Action: Issued an RFP to locate a partner who can provide the level of information technology, services, and support for our faculty and students out of the gate so we can effectively integrate our physical and virtual campuses to achieve the highest learning outcomes and to preserve the highest brand integrity. Independently scored responses, unanimously selected Pearson Learning Solutions 3

4 Communications Initiated communications with: – Faculty Senate Executive Committee: 7/21/11, 10/27/11 – Council of Deans: 8/30/11 – Complete Faculty Senate: 11/3/11 – Provost and President: Ongoing – Board of trustees: Ongoing Developed website with graphic and FAQ’s: 4


6 Proposed Team Structure 6 Executive Sponsor: M. Sherman Steering Committee: D. Cummins, C. Fey, E. Reilly, J. Sage, CCO (TBD), Faculty Senate (TBD) Project Directors: W. Lampner (UA) and A. King (Pearson) Business Case/ ContractTechnology Communication s/MarketingFaculty FocusStudent Focus Curriculum Focus M. BelskyF. BoveJ. DivokyB. JordanK. Cerrone-ArnoldC. Beneke A. GillilandG. HertzigM. GiannoneA. MahajanL. ConleyL. Chyi T. LillieJ. KelleyH. Harris-BaneB. McHenryM. EllisC. Deeds N. MortimerE. KreiderB. KropffS. RandbyJ. JevackK. Howard S. OlsonH. MothesL. MassieJ. SaveryC. Kern-SimirenkoJ. Phipps J. SageM. PetrasR. RamosA. SternsD. RaybuckL. Varonis M. ShermisS. RzyczyckiV. RostedtJ. ZippD. Steer B. Torgler ASG President Individuals may serve in mutiple roles

7 Faculty Focus Ensure that our expanded online programs include exceptional and proactive training, mentoring, and support to faculty. Raise and address faculty interests as plans related to this initiative are being developed Assess the adequacy of available support for faculty who teach online Make policy and process recommendations that will support Faculty Success during the consideration, launch and ongoing growth of this initiative. 7

8 Curriculum Focus Continually raise the quality and capacity for UA’s online courses and programs to meet the educational needs of our current and prospective students. Make policy and process recommendations for the curriculum approval of new online courses and programs. Make policy and process recommendations for the curriculum approval for the conversion of online courses and programs. Establish processes to measure the quality of our online curriculum. 8

9 Business Case/Contract Conduct value proposition analyses for new opportunities during the period of time in which UA’s enhanced online educational presence is being established. Examine the feasibility and viability of opportunities such as potential partnerships and new program development ideas Review any proposed terms and conditions Develop recommendations to key leaders and stakeholders based on a documented business case. Communications/Marketing Drive change management efforts by engaging all stakeholder constituencies through targeted communications via a range of communication channels. Coordinate engagement efforts with focused market research results and formal marketing programs designed to support the launch and growth of UA’s enhanced online presence. Technology Ensure that a scalable technology infrastructure is in place to support both current needs during the launch of this initiative Establish integration with our existing systems as well as appropriate data transfer and protection protocols during the initial launch and early growth periods of this initiative. Student Focus Create an operational definition of Student Success within the framework of this initiative. Identify relevant metrics and appropriate standards. Establish executable plans for tracking progress and performance. Generate ideas for complementary policies and initiatives to improve outcomes for online students. Evaluate the adequacy of student support processes and service levels. 9

10 Requests to Faculty Senate 1.Populate faculty focus and curriculum focus teams (in progress) 2.Add representatives to all remaining teams (in progress) 3.Help with communications strategy 4.Consider co-hosting a faculty engagement event 10

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