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Review the Effectiveness of Timetabling/Register Amendment Procedures Maureen Patton.

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1 Review the Effectiveness of Timetabling/Register Amendment Procedures Maureen Patton

2 Timetabling is a critical function for SERC Timetables Registers Student Timetables Staff Timetables Room and Staff utilisation EMA payments to students Funding Strategic planning and Decision making Factors which have impacted on Timetabling are: Enrolment numbers Changes to modules taught Induction week for full-time FE students One-year programmes for full-time FE Merging of classes to improve efficiency Restructuring of Skills for Work programmes Six-week intensive TfS Essential Skills programmes Changes to the Employability units taught To meet demands, timetabling processes must be as efficient as possible

3 Aim, Scope and Objectives The aim of this project is to review and assess the adequacy of current procedures to amend timetables and registers and make recommendations for improved efficiency and effectiveness. The scope of this project will involve a review of how amendments to timetables and registers are communicated to the Timetabling team. Objectives are: Identify issues which affect the timely production of accurate timetables and registers Examine the adequacy of the information submitted to Timetabling Make recommendations to ensure information submitted is adequate to process the amendment Make recommendations to better manage the timetabling amendment process

4 Research and Findings Questionnaire to Timetablers Emails in staff mailboxes Duplication Incomplete information Build up quickly and backlogs develop Random review of emails Various formats Lack of understanding Frustration on both sides


6 Research and Findings EMA complaints 20 complaints relating to Register issues (64%) in 2012/13 Unmarked Register report (at 22 October 2013)


8 Proposed solution for reporting Timetable and Register Amendments Develop electronic forms to replace emails requesting amendments to timetables and registers Assign an area on the College intranet where all forms relevant to Curriculum set-up, timetabling can be accessed Include links to relevant SOPs, guidelines on completing forms Provide details of who to contact if assistance is required Further development could include reports of sick cover, room bookings responses to Register Audits

9 Can be analysed to reduce future amendments Attach emails/files relating to amendment Confirmation email sent to creator Current details pulled from QL Ability to drill down to Reg ID or module Mandatory fields for essential data Forms can be centrally stored within these groups Reports written providing info by groups Each stage of the workflow will enable tracking

10 The Impact of the Project Benefits to the team Improved efficiency – quicker turnaround Shared workload Structured approach – in control Improved data quality -issues highlighted Less complaints Reduced stress, greater job satisfaction Progress monitored Effective control and management Benefits to the College Best use of resources Reduced waste (time) Improved data quality Expectations achieved Less complaints More proactive approach to Register management Timetabling amendments completed for a dept or School Check unmarked registers for this dept or School Follow up

11 In addition ….. Multi-functional roles – training ongoing Time Management Setting realistic targets - Planning tasks to be completed Scheduled meetings to set aside time without interruption Times allocated for drop-ins Support required from Curriculum Curriculum Planning Submission of accurate information Meeting deadlines

12 Potential Risks If project does not proceed: Delays in availability of accurate timetabling data Financial – Management cannot monitor progress towards meeting FLU targets, impacting on College decisions Complaints – students, EMA, tutors Unsatisfactory audits Lose trained, experienced staff



15 Any Questions

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