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APCC London Regional Forum Monday, 16 th June 2014.

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1 APCC London Regional Forum Monday, 16 th June 2014

2 13.00 – 13.30Registration, tea and coffee 13.30 – 13.40Welcome and introduction - Kevin Parkinson, Director of the APCC 13.40 – 14.20View for the Regulator - Rob Grupetta - a member of the FCA's Financial Crime Dept will provide an update on the latest views and issues that are impacting on the Regulator. This is your opportunity to learn about what challenges the Regulator and the wider financial services industry are facing daily in the fight against financial crime. 14.20– 15.00 Gordon Findlay FCA - A BRAW and regulatory review update – - Upcoming regions -Provide some updates, further ion our thematic work and perhaps some other topical/supervisory updates -Reflect on the last year of FCA/APCC cooperation -A preview of next Positive Compliance Workshops 15.00 - 15.20 Coffee break 15.20 - 15.50 - What to look for when undertaking an audit - Is there merit in following the tried and tested audit methodology? Stuart Carson LLP will provide an insight into the approach adopted for a recent audit in light of recent shifts in the financial crime arena, particularly Cyber Crime, and the questions that Senior Management and NEDs should be asking MLROs to ensure that the business is protected. 15.50 - 16.30 Irwin Mitchell, Financial Crime Lawyers - Hear the latest developments from one of the City's leading financial crime law firms. With a national Investigations and Prosecutions team, they will provide a specialist overview of cases of companies and individuals who are either at risk of or are under investigation by the FCA's Enforcement or Supervision Divisions for alleged breaches of the FCA's Financial Crime rules and regulations in. 16.30 – 17.00APCC update and open forum - Your chance to discuss the issues that are concerning you, share industry best practice and learn how the APCC Financial Crime working group can help you. Agenda

3 APCC June Southern Regional Forum Financial crime – view from the regulator Rob Gruppetta Manager, Financial Crime Specialist Supervision Financial Crime & Intelligence Department 16 June 2014 3

4 A view from the regulator Role of the FCA Expectations on regulated firms Systematic Anti-Money Laundering Programme Trade finance thematic work Current areas of focus Questions 4

5 Role of the regulator - framework FCA legal duty Financial crime: money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery & corruption, data security, sanctions & fraud FCA Handbook – SYSC Money Laundering Regulations 2007 5

6 The FCA - new style of regulation Forward looking Judgement based decisions Early intervention 6

7 Expectations on regulated firms Adequacy of controls and resources Applying the spirit of the risk-based approach Board and senior management engagement Individual accountability 7

8 AML supervision and compliance Systematic AML Programme ─ Deep dives on AML, counter terrorist financing, and financial sanctions ─ 14 major retail and investment banks Thematic work ─ Trade finance ─ Asset management Poor AML compliance is a matter of concern ─ Poor controls and questionable judgements over high risk customers and PEPs ─ Assurance too focused on process, not risk Enforcement 8

9 Areas of focus – current thematic work ABC systems and controls in smaller commercial insurance brokers AML and sanctions systems and controls in smaller banks 9

10 Areas of focus – trends and emerging risks E-money issuers Cybercrime MSBs Digital currencies 10

11 Areas of focus – future work Consumer credit Financial crime supervisory approach FATF Mutual Evaluation of UK Whistleblowing 11

12 Questions? 12

13 Gordon Findlay FCA Update

14 Areas to cover BRAW/Regulatory reviews RDR -Cycle 2 results -Cycle 3 thematic work Positive Compliance 12 months of APCC/FCA 14

15 BRAW/Regulatory reviews Current region – Wales & Severn Reg reviews – July Follow up work - January Next region – Eastern region Postcodes: CB,CO,CM,IP,NR,SS,SG BRAW sessions – September Reg reviews – October/November Follow up work – May 2015 Online reviews West Midlands region online reviews part of this region Remaining regions face to face/online to run concurrently 15

16 RDR Thematic findings for cycle 2 work now published Cycle 3 to begin July 2014 – findings around Q1 2015 Template published to assist firms 16

17 Positive Compliance Topics: RDR & CIPS Why RDR & CIPs? Starting August 2014 Covering all UK Open to both regulated and compliance firms 17

18 Last 12 months of FCA/APCC Day in life of compliance consultant Authorisations meetings/event Clive Adamson speech at annual conference Annual conference ‘launch’ for RDR cycle 2 independence findings – Rory Percival Discussions with FCA on various topics from non advised to reg reviews (GI) Recognition of ‘working group’ approach Chairman's lunch in Manchester July 2014 18


20 Planning Financial Crime Compliance Compliance with Regulations/FCA/JMLSG/FATF/etc. Appointment and role of the right MLRO Client Due Diligence – Question the standard & issues Level of Training – Induction & Ongoing Record Keeping – All Decisions or some Financial Crime Warning Signs – recognised Reporting Systems – Internal /External Compliance Plan Monitoring system and reporting Communicating Policies and Guidance (Intranet)

21 Financial Crime Reviews Include Management Support AML/CTF Compliance Policy – Review evidence Risk Assessment – H/M Reviews Documented; Approved – Test Training Programme – Targeted and Delivery Methods – Content CDD - Whole area; explained; communicated; followed Enhanced and simplified CDD – As above PEP Policy and Sanctions programmes - As above Recognising Suspicious Transactions – Test Reporting Records and Documenting Decisions – All of above Monitoring – Plan/Reports/Remediation Your Recommendations – Case Study

22 We know High on FCA agenda Issues regular guidance on expectations Financial Crime A Guide for Firms Regularly take enforcement action – successfully Repeatedly fine individuals and firms plus remediation We Risk Enforcement action or legal consequences Reputation Management time and cost of remediation Disruption to business and affect on morale

23 So how do we achieve a good state of compliance without losing business? New Financial Crime Policy – Highlights Board approval and accept responsibility Communicate throughout Client X with board support Introduce Targeted Training for key staff Train employees in Branches New process for Partners/Introducers Questions for board to ask Reduce Risks Enforcement action or legal consequences Reputation Management time and cost of remediation Disruption to business and affect on morale

24 What is new? New Financial Crime Policy Compliant with FCA; Money Laundering Regulations and POCA/TA Determines course of actions to ensure KYC/CDD at outset – in London and branches Recruited, trained and managed in AML/CTF risks – Financial Crime Team Train employees in all Branches FCT and MLRO demonstrate ownership – Train, Monitor, Guidance, Update, Report. Your Role – (the Board) Continue to develop culture Question MLRO; MI and Reports Review and approve Policies Require FCT Monitoring Reports and Compliance Audits to review Annual MLRO Report

25 What has changed? Financial Crime Policy Updated High Risk Countries and Excluded List Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Policy Sanctions Screening Better use of World-Check; Experian and Media To be delivered FCT Training and Professional Development Financial Crime Compliance Plan Financial Crime Monitoring Plan Integrating Compliance within Branches Appoint MLRO with oversight - senior, vision and find a way approach Ensure systems and controls develop to support compliance with AML/CTF Policy Embed within business Train in requirements imposed on employees – Targeted training and relevant to their work Develop and reinforce a culture of compliance

26 Complete Review

27 Update on APCC Open Forum Close Open Forum


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