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David S. Adegboye, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Accreditation Liaison Presented at University Conference August.

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1 David S. Adegboye, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Accreditation Liaison Presented at University Conference August 12, 2013

2  Announcements  Reaffirmation Initiatives

3 DEPARTMENT CHAIR REMARKS Natural SciencesDr. Murty Kambhampati1 st 3-year term Social SciencesDr. John PennyElection scheduled March 2014 Arts & HumanitiesDr. Sudipta DasElection scheduled March 2014 Management Info. Systems Dr. Adnan OmarReappointed; 2 nd 3-year term Business Entrepre- neurship Dr. Frank MartinContinuing 1 st 3-year term Teacher EducationDr. Kimberly DickersonInterim Chair Child Development & Family StudiesDr. Pamela Wanga Continuing as Chair/Program Director 1. Chair Rotation Status

4 Dr. David Reip – Assistant Professor and Interim Director (at Dr. Sara Hollis’ request) 2. M. A. Museum Studies Directorship

5 B.S. Forensic Science – effective Fall 2013 (Ph.D. Social Work – approval process in progress) 3. New Degree Programs

6 Dr. Joseph Olubadewo – Full Professor of Biology (tenured) Dr. Amaresh Das – Full Professor of Economics (tenured) Dr. Zheng Chen – Associate Professor of Mathematics, with Tenure Dr. Delin Tan – Associate Professor of Mathematics, with Tenure Dr. Heon Kim – Associate Professor of Mathematics, with Tenure Dr. Kimberly Dickerson – Associate Professor of Elementary Education, with Tenure Dr. Racquel Ezell – Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, with Tenure 4a. Tenure and Promotion

7 Dr. Anderson Tate – Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Mr. Michael Pierce – Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Joseph Coleman – Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Christopher Linn – Assistant Professor of Psychology Mr. Charlie Johnson – Assistant Professor of Elementary Education 4b. Tenure

8 Dr. Douglas J. Marshall – Assistant Professor of Communications Ms. Pharissa Robinson, MS, JD, CPMA – Assistant Professor of Health Information Management Systems In Progress Assistant/Associate Professor & Director of Student Teaching/Field Experience (Education) Assistant/Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Associate Professor of Social Work Assistant Professor of Social Work Instructor of Communications Instructor of Biology Assistant/Associate Professor & Program Director, Forensic Science Assistant Professor of Forensic Science 5. New Faculty Hiring

9 Ms. Leatrice Latimore – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Mgmt. Dr. Donalyn Lott – Director of Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Ms. Monique Maldonado – Director of Human Resources Ms. Simone Cochran – College Connect Coordinator of Enrollment Management Ms. Melinda Everson - College Connect Financial Aid Specialist Ms. Tammy Barney - Director of Public Relations Mr. Gerald Brooks - Director of Student Activities Ms. Tracey Braden – Project Manager, Facilities Management In Progress: Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Laboratory Technician in Forensic Science 6. Staff Hiring

10 - Financial aid implication - GRAD Act implication - Faculty responsibility 7. Maintenance of Accurate Class Record in Banner

11  SACSCOC WEBSITE  New SACSOC Commission Staff for SUNO Dr. Charles Taylor Vice President SACSCOC  SUNO SACSCOC Classification Level III – Associate, Baccalaureate and Masters Track B – 4-year institution

12  Critical Timelines ◦ Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Impact Report – March 2016 ◦ Fifth Year Interim Report – March 2016 ◦ Next SACSCOC Reaffirmation Visit – Year 2020




16  The QEP Impact Report Part I: Signatures Attesting to Integrity Part II: Abbreviated Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews Part III: Fifth-Year Compliance Certification Part IV: Fifth-Year Follow Up Report(applicable only to select institutions) Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan Components of the Report

17 1. QEP Executive Summary as submitted to the Commission. 2. List of the initial goals and intended outcomes. 3. A discussion of changes made to the QEP and the reasons. 4. QEP’s impact on student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning. 5. A reflection on what the institution has learned as a result of the QEP experience. QEP Report Contents

18 The Fifth Year Interim Report Completion of the Report I. Signature Attesting to Integrity II. Institutional Summary Form III. Fifth-Year Compliance Certification IV. Fifth-Year Follow Up Report (as requested by the Board of Trustees) V. QEP Impact Report Review of off-campus instructional sites initiated since last reaffirmation but not reviewed by a committee. Components of the Report

19 1.CR 2.8 Number of full-time faculty 2.CR 2.10Student support services 3.CS 3.2.8 Qualified administrative and academic officers 4.CS Institutional effectiveness: educational programs 5.CS 3.4.3Admissions policies 6.CS 3.4.11Qualified academic program coordinators 7.CS 3.11.3Physical facilities 8.FR 4.1Student achievement 9.FR 4.2Program curriculum 10.FR 4.3Publication of policies 11.FR 4.4Program length 12.FR 4.5Student complaints 13.FR 4.6Recruitment materials 14.FR 4.7/CS 3.10.2 Title IV program responsibilities/financial aid audits 15.FR 4.8Distance and correspondence education 16.FR 4.9Definition of credit hours 17.CS 3.13.1Policy compliance Standards Reviewed

20 STRATEGIES FOR 2013 – 2014 1. Reconstitute SACSCOC Leadership Team 2. Reconstitute the Compliance Certification Committee 3. QEP Advisory Council’s role in the QEP Impact Report Preparation 4. Periodic Program Review Completion 5. Adequacy of Faculty per Program 6. Faculty Credentials

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